Saturday, May 28, 2016

Wynonna Earp, Season 1, Episode 9: Bury Me With My Guns On

A lot happens this episode, we have some major changes and a whole lot of shifting.

Wynonna processes some emotional turmoil from last week. While some of it touches on her ongoing trauma from the death of her father to say nothing of her recent kidnapping at the hands of a serial killer. Yet they also cling to that whole idea of Revenge being so very unsatisfying.

She parties as her own form of therapy but she also has her review with Doll’s unit. Which is less a therapeutic review and more a brutal, invasive interrogation (really, they’re either not a therapist or the worst therapist ever). Wynonna is pissed – and she’s pissed at Dolls who watched this (he watched her therapy session?) and didn’t intervene.

As she points out dealing with this, she doesn’t want Dolls to ride to the rescue. She wants to know Dolls has her back and I think that’s an excellent point to make. Many shows get this wrong and either have the independent woman as a complete island because any kind of help is weakness OR they have the most powerful women completely damselled. She makes a clear point:

“You left me alone with a bureaucratic sadist and I was alone and scared”

He redeems himself with her by faking a second psych eval to get her reinstated

In the meantime, Wynonna spends some fraught time with Doc. He recognises she’s vulnerable and fragile and this is not a good time to have sex with her – but does it anyway. Recognising it and going ahead earns no points. Seriously this habit of saying “hey this is problematic” and then deciding to go ahead is an annoying habit to try and have their cake and eat it. You can’t say “oh hey, this is kind of dodgy” and then do it anyway. You just show you KNOW you’re doing it wrong.

More conflict follows since Constance has resurrected, briefly, one of her evil demon children (wiping out her magic for a time in the process) using a melange of bones from both her kids. The finished result doesn’t look really healthy with it – but they make a run to leave the area and deal with it later

Bobo is not amused with this. Bobo wants what Constance promised – the key to getting them out of Purgatory. Only she can’t deliver (she’s also not a fan of Bobo not delivering both of her sons intact either) and he responds by killing her son. Constance is not happy – and even less when Doc shows up, sensing her pain. He demands Bobo deliver on his bargain – he wants Constance. Bobo doesn’t want to give her up but Doc points out that Bobo has made some pretty big promises to his minions – promises he hasn’t delivered on. Bobo could do without a reputation for breaking his promises

And I could do without Doc referring to Wynonna with “his woman”

Wynonna referring to Bobo’s coat as something “Lady Gaga deemed as a bit much”. Points Wynonna. Many many points.

With Constance imprisoned using some woo-woo from the sadly dead Blacksmith, Doc plots his evil vengeance (which will kill him since anything that happens to Constance happens to him) while Wynonna is pissed at Doc’s obsession and her newly twee-life lesson that vengeance is totally not going to make you feel better. After much back and forth doc agrees to let Wynonna questioning Constance learning that a) the Earps were cursed by Constance’s demon lover for killing their demon kids and that b) Doc was cursed with his immortality by Constance for the same reason. Yes, Doc’s curse wasn’t even about him – it was about Earp

They then bury her in a salt plane where her magic won’t work and she’s stuck forever and ever… or until she can wriggle free… I mean, she’s immortal? How many years does she have? And if she’s not immortal she’ll die of thirst and, presumably, Doc will die anyway. I’m not sure this is thought through

I’m also kind of saddened by how quickly this plot line was resolved. I mean we had demons, demon kids, resurrection and evidence of scary scary magic and it’s just all been destroyed in one episode. It seems… pretty anti-climactic. There was a whole lot more potential here. At least she has a good chance of escaping very soon.

Dolls also has a bonding moment with the Sheriff – yes the awful sheriff. It turns out he may not be so much of an arsehole nor clueless about the supernatural. But he recognises he needs to keep that quiet and he needs to fit in in the town. See, the sheriff isn’t an arsehole, he just thinks most of the town is. Considering everything, he may not be wrong. And he’s willing to work will Dolls more. This should be interesting

Now the big one!

Nicole Haut has presented her report to the sheriff (who promptly suppressed it because this whole public acknowledgement of magic is bad). This leaves Nicole really torn and she desperately wants to talk to Waverley about the supernatural

Which is all confused and mixed messagey because Waverley wants to talk about being attracted to Nicole! After the confusion Waverley starts to back off – until Gus gives her some excellent advice about going for what she wants, and even selling the bar to give Waverley the money to pursue her dreams

Which includes Nicole – and after kissing in the sheriff’s office, this is definitely happening. Waverley confirmed as bisexual and in a relationship with Nicole, a lesbian. Actual LGBT inclusion of a major character!

I didn’t expect this to happen so soon –if at all. I expected a whole lot of teasing, a lot of hinting and if any real reveal it would be on the last episode or close to it. Possibly followed by death (especially after the previous predictable gaydeath. I’m hopeful – Waverley is unlikely to die and this can only bring Nicole further into the story since she’s now openly questioning and pushing to learn more about the supernatural. This has a huge amount of good potential – please don’t screw thus up!

Oh, one more point – Gus sold the bar to Bobo. Oops. And in that bar is apparently the thing which will let them escape Purgatory. Maybe Wynonna should have killed that estate agent.