Sunday, May 22, 2016

Grimm, Season Five Finale: The Beginning of the End: Part 1 and 2

"It is better to die on your feet
than to live on your knees."

I really feel as though the finale was a long time in coming.  One of my ongoing complaints with Grimm, is that it too often forgets the meta to focus on Wesen of the week stories.  This week however, Grimm was all in and it brought, death, action, creepiness and mega plot advancement. Just freaking wow.  It almost makes up for how slowly this season moved at times.

With Renard now officially the mayor of Portland, Black Claw is beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The big plan is to get Wesen into low level seats of power and then have them advance. Black Claw's dream is for Wesen to live openly.  I know I am supposed to be team Nick; however, the writers of Grimm simply didn't give me enough reason to see Black Claw as bad.  Yes, Black Claw kills people and they go after Nick and everyone he cares about but to me, it read like an uprising of an oppressed group. All of the Grimm tales that we have been introduced to into the books tend to talk about the Grimm hunting down Wesen and killing them on sight whether or not they've done something wrong and this in fact is what makes Nick so unique.  Nick follows the law, doesn't play judge jury and executioner and is simply content to allow Wesen to go about their lives as long as they stay within the law. Given that Grimm have even killed Wesen children without cause, why exactly is it that I am supposed to hate Black Claw?  The writers really didn't do a good job with this at all. There is no such thing as a bloodless revolution and if anything, the actions of Black Claw are measured in comparison to what they've been put through over the centuries.

You name the Wesen and we saw it these last two episodes.  The most impressive was obviously the Zauberbiest Bonaparte (couldn't the writers have chosen a less cliche name?) Up until this point, I had believed that Hexenbiest were the most powerful Wesen but it seems that there's always a bigger dog.  I suppose Bonaparte found that out in the end thanks to Diana.  Bonaparte's death was pretty much foreshadowed throughout both episodes.  What I want to know is how a Wesen smart enough to orchestrate the various things that he did, didn't see Diana as a threat, particularly after Diana killed Renard's lover?

Speaking of Renard, thanks for the shirtless Renard Grimm.   I have very much been disappointed with the treatment of Renard this season.  He seemed to just be so easily manipulated by Black Claw which felt very contrary to the relationships he's built up over five seasons, particularly with Nick, Hank and Wu.  Even when Bonaparte threatened Meisner, the best that Renard could come up with was to kill Meisner quickly so he didn't suffer.  Even this wasn't enough for Renard to reconsider his decision and he actually had the nerve to be upset that Nick would want Kelly and Adalind back. By the end of The Beginning of the End Part 2, I didn't even recognize Renard. Would he have just stood by and allowed Bonaparte to kill Nick?  Renard defended his actions as pragmatism and suggested that he wasn't really taking a side but I really don't think that this is the case at all. Renard was pretty much onside even before Diana became involved, so he doesn't even have the same excuse as Adalind.

Speaking of Diana, (oh she of the creepy violet eyes) only one thing can be said.

kill it with fire hank scorpio

This episode we saw Diana use her dolls to get her parents to kiss.  Whatever happened to dimming the lights and putting on a little Luther (big Luther not skinny Luther)? Being a child, Diana had no idea that forcing to people to be intimate is an extreme violation but then with Adalind the rapist as her mother, is it really surprising that she doesn't know the basics regarding consent? Renard actually had to suggest they teach Diana that killing people isn't nice.  At any rate, Diana is determined to get her parents together and if that means she has to force them to kiss and hold hands, or kill the woman she views as her mother's competition, she's all in.   The only death I don't really blame Diana for is Bonaparte's and not because he is supposed to be the avatar of evil. Bonaparte signed his own death warrant when he decided to lay hands on Adalind.

Adalind, she really doesn't hold up well to pressure does she?  I do like that she tried on two separate occasions to get a message to Nick. That being said, it looks like Eve is going to turn into Juliet permanently and that just sets the stage for a love triangle between Nick, Juliet and Adalind.  Grimm has been dropping crumbs about this for a long time and the season finale is clearly setting the stage for that.  I really am going to miss Eve if this turns out to be the case and it will also amount to yet another instance of de-powering women on Grimm. It sends the message that to be a good woman, or a woman worthy of love, one must be weak. They even drove home the message by having Monroe as the affronted husband question a subject and inspire fear rather than Rosealee.

Speaking of Rosaelee, how excited are you that she's pregnant. A baby Wesen, a baby Wesen! That being said, if Rosealee's pregnancy is anything like Adalind, it will be yet another excuse to paint her as fragile and place her on the sidelines.

Because of his transformation, for the first time in years, Wu is off the bench and in play.  Now, not only does Wu know all about Wesen and Grimms, he actually has a unique power all of his own. I loved watching Wu take out two Wesen.  I hope that this is a sign that we are going to see him more active in what is going on rather than just sitting there waiting to be called in.  Also, Wu is the damn boss!

The best part of this episode was watching everyone work together on a combined goal.  When Hank got taken, Nick and Wu kicked over every possible stone to ensure that they got him back.  When HW was attacked, everyone raced back in the hope of saving Meisner.  When Nick thought that Monroe and Rosealee where in trouble he sent Truble.  It's a great reminder that this is a loyal group, willing to sacrifice for each other.  The bonds of friendship and love were great to see.  Even Nick sending everyone ahead and staying behind to fight of Black Claw is a sign of how much he cares. The magical stick of course made it all that much easier for Nick. It seems that a Grimm cannot die while it's on his/her person.  This is a handy little thing to have. I do however wonder what the drawbacks of the stick are? This stick was hidden away for centuries for a reason.

So by the end of the episode, though HW was in shatters, Meisner dead, and Eve well on the way to becoming Juliet again, Grimm found a way to set up season Six. When Renard and Bonaparte enter Nick's place, Bonaparte is determined to kill Nick.  At the most opportune moment, Diana decides it's time to take out the bad man who hurt her mommy and to do this, she uses Renard to stab Bonaparte. Both men are shocked when Bonaparte is dies and Nick in particular has no idea what this means. It's clear that in the coming season, they are going to have to get HW up and running again and deal with the threat that Diana poses.  Will Renard admit that it was actually Diana responsible for the death of Bonaparte? If they decide to go after Diana, will that put Nick and Adalind back on opposing sides?  This is obviously going to be a tricky situation to negotiate and I cannot believe we have to wait until the fall to see what the writers have in store for us.