Saturday, June 11, 2016

Wynonna Earp, Season 1, Episode 11: Landslide

Last week we found that Willa was apparently back – and one DNA test later, it is proved. She is Willa, the elder Earp and technically he heir. So we have two

This is noted by Dolls but Wynonna is more emotionally broken by the knowledge that her sister was alive for this time and they stopped looking for her – Gus steps up for some excellent comfort for the very conflicted Wynonna.

In fact the whole emotional conflict over Willa’s return and her returning memories (which is, perhaps, awfully fast tracked) is really well done.

Waverley is somewhat excluded and self-conscious because Willa and Wynonna have a lot of history and bonding while Waverley was very young. Waverley feels definitely pushed out and isolated as Wynonna and Willa grow close together (with Dolls providing support)

While Wynonna deals with the fact that Willa was trained. Willa was prepared. Willa was taught by her dad. Wynonna had none of that and generally went through hell dealing with it since then. She’s conflicted with both resentment and imposter syndrome.

While Willa – well she gets her memories back awfully quickly and adapts even more quickly to going from hippy to revenant hunter. She also comes with disturbing revelations that seem to confirm that their dad did indeed expect the Revenant attack

He was also a bit of an arsehole when training Willa

With her new found fighting instinct Willa decides to kill a Revenant in a bar, get in a bar fight with Wynonna and rage at Dolls and Wynonna for trying to be subtle rather than all kill happy in the street. Willa sees them as hunters and Revenants as things to kill. She doesn’t see innocent bystanders at all

This is doubly clear when a group of mercenaries attack the homestead (and get shot multiple times by the Earp women and Dolls who are Not Having This). During the fight Waverley is shot (a graze) and Wynonna and stops to check on her – but Willa charges out to kill the last fleeing mercenary. She doesn’t even pause.

Oh and Bobo saves her for Reasons. And then she saves Bobo from Wynonna. This is going to get complicated.

There’s going to be lots of emotional fallout from all this.

The actual monsters of the week are a pair of evil sexy female revenants who seduce men then eat them. Really? Look, we’ve had 11 episodes of male revenants and none of them have been half dressed seducers who eat their lovers after having sex. None of them have had the powers of mystical seduction and sexual compulsion. None of them have been magically compelling. But two of the few really notable female Revenants are this? Yeah that’s ridiculous and sexist and really unnecessary especially since they were such bit parts and killed.

We also see that those mercenaries were apparently hired by the corrupt Judge because he thought Bobo wanted it – which he didn’t

I’d still like to know what the judge’s deal is to be honest. Is it money? And does Bobo really bring money? It’s all so shaky

Meanwhile Doc tries to leave town in his new car but a break down and a good Samaritan turns him round. This guys is called Juan Carlos and is clearly SOMETHING

He’s not a revenant. But he knows about them. He also has Doc’s old deputy star and seems to know a lot about him – as well as having cryptic warnings about the upcoming winter solstice

I’m going to go with angel here. Because “Eve” asked “if there are demons, are there angels.” So I think that was foreshadowing – yes there are angels. And they are cryptic and not all that helpful. But he did get Doc to head back to Wynonna

Well almost. He was hit on the head and kidnapped, but he did head back