Monday, July 4, 2016

12 Monkeys, Season Two, Episode Eleven: Resurrection

Apparently Resurrection is part of a three part season finale. Even this is not enough to excite me because 12 Monkeys seems to just wonder around in circles changing priorities rapidly this season. I am even more convinced that there is no real planning behind this show and that the writers are simply winging it.  This of course doesn't inspire a lot of confidence and often has me wondering about the time I have invested into 12 Monkeys to date.

They had to call this Resurrection because so many people die. Time has run out and the red forest is fast approaching  and so, what better time for coup? Cassie and Ramse are determined to track down the Witness and kill him, even if that means letting everything else go to hell.  To that end, they enlist the help of Whitley and quite unsurprisingly Dr. Adler.  Adler has made it clear that Jones's efforts to tract down the messengers and the Witness has detracted from stopping the virus.  Jones has her daughter back but Adler doesn't have his child back.  Jones hasn't even thought to seek out Adler to try and make things right and instead just assumes that she would always have his loyalty, when his entire impetus for getting involved in the splitter project in the first place was to save his child. Jones really dropped the ball on this one, especially given that she has already seen Ramse's behaviour at the loss of Sam.  It's a sign of how few people skills she actually possesses.

With shit going down, Cole is forced to turn to Deacon, who is deep in a bottle mooning over the loss of Cassie.  Who is this Deacon? I don't even recognise him. Sure, I guess it's nice to know he has a softer side but it feels like a retcon of his character and as far as I am concerned, 12 Monkeys has done enough retconning this season. Cole is forced to seek out Jennifer and her Daughters.

When Cole arrives at the camp, Jennifer is in a true funk.  It seems that though her daughters have been encouraging her to flee because the red forest is fast approaching, Jennifer remains silent.  What no one knows is that it's D Day (read: death day).  Jennifer learned the day she would die when she read it on  the Word of the Witness map.  When Cole arrives asking for help retaking the facility however she's all in, though she knows that she's riding to her death.

With the help of Deacon, Jennifer and her Daughters, Cole manage to retake the facility but it comes at the cost of Jennifer's life.  The Daughters pitch a fit when they see that their "Mother" is injured and promise to rain down hell if something isn't done about it.  Cole does a quick splintter back and brings back a younger version of Jennifer.  The two versions of Jennifer speak and it's quite touching. The Jennifer that's now an old woman is full of regret for the battles that she has lost and the courage she failed to have when the time came.  She instructs her younger self to brave and instead of running from the Witness, to seek him out with Cassie and Ramse - to end the battle for good.  Young Jennifer is of course overwhelmed with what she is being asked to do and about taking responsibility for the Daughters but she does it none the less.

Jennifer rides out with Ramse over land to get to Titan.  This is a dangerous mission but Jennifer has a safe route in her head.  Somehow, I cannot image that a Jennifer/Ramse road trip is going to end well at all.  Cassie turns back at the last minute and decides to splitter to the past with Cole in the hope of stopping the red forest altogether.  Jones warns them both that if they are not successful, she will not be able to bring them back because the facility simply will not exist anymore.  What more, since because of the rush, she could actually splitter Cole into a rock.  In the end, it's Jones in the splitter room and she is consumed by the red forest.

Once again, Jennifer Goines was the best part of this episode. I swear if they ever kill her character off I might have to quit 12 Monkeys altogether.  I love that she makes old pop culture references that no one gets and I love her absolute delight with time travel.  It's a great reminder that it's a fascinating adventure to travel to different eras.

The other notable scene for me was Jones head butting Ramse.  I love that even when confronted with a weapon which could end her life, Jones remained fearless. I also loved that she warned Ramse that this is the last time he would be pointing a gun at her.  If I were Ramse, I would take Jones at her word. Boy oh boy, is she going to do for him the first chance she gets.  Jones may not be able to read people very well but she is no wilting flower.

As for Cole and Cassie, it looks like they are no longer on the outs.  Yes they had a physical fight but Cassie was not able to shoot Cole when she had the chance.  It shows the depth of their relationship. There is something between them that they cannot deny, even if they cannot label it.  It's a mirror to Cole's earlier confrontation with Ramse, in which both sides refused to take a shot at the other.  Cole made a point about what is at stake and Ramse's only come back is that Cole doesn't understand because he doesn't have kids. I think they've played the whole Ramse as a father excuse to do the inexcusable thing long enough.  How many times is Cole going to forgive Ramse for his betrayal? Clearly, Ramse is not the same moral man that Cole used to know.  Yes, I know that giving up on Sam would be hard but Ramse is willing to sacrifice millions of people and this will be the second time he has done this.  Enough already.