Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Between, Season Two, Episode One:

Pretty Lake is very much still reeling from the government's attempt to murder it's surviving citizens as it deals with hunger from lack of food. Outside the walls, people are starting to worry that things aren't as they have been told.  A set of parents arrive at the gate asking to be let into Pretty Lake to be with their son.  They contend that their child isn't actually a resident and was only in Pretty Lake to visit family.  Despite how sad and worried they look, the government soldiers won't let them in.  The parents don't realise that their lives have just been saved because they would have died of the virus shortly after entering the quarantine.  The parents however will not be stopped and decide to force their way into Pretty Lake only to be stopped by a missile. Yep, no one's getting in or out of Pretty Lake.

Wiley returns to Adam's to find that he has shaved his head and come up with a plan to escape Pretty Lake.  Wiley of course points out that they are infectious and that people will die if they do but Adam simply brushes this off. Adam points out that they are running out of food and that the government can come any day and finish them off.  Wiley says no and so Adam plays his trump card and points out that Jason isn't eating enough. Yeah, Adam has no problem playing dirty.

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Mark returns to the bar to find some kid casually strolling away with the booze. The kid plays possum and then stabs Mark in the leg.  When the kid moves to strike again, Adam pushes him aside causing the kid to land on his own knife and collapse. Adam looks around but unbeknownst to him he is being watched. When Mark checks the kid's bag, he finds a can of soup and then puts on his guilty face.

Adam, Wiley and Jason start to make their escape.

The next day Mark is confronted by Melissa about what happened to the kid and he explains that it was an accident.  Mark questions what she wants and Melissa demands the return of her bar which Mark doesn't mind agreeing to since they are now low on booze, the bar is worthless. It seems that the death of a kid is a good opener for them to get into some relationship drama and for Mark to get all emo about how good he is at wrecking things. man woman emotions bright

Gord and Frannie show up at the orphanage to deliver food. She's clearly reluctant to hand over food as Gord is greeted like a conquering hero.  On her way in, Frannie notices the back pack the dead kid dropped and she finds it full of food.  Fannie decides to take it and her box of food back to the truck while Gord heads inside to give Samantha the food.  Samantha is quick to point out that the food he has delivered isn't enough and Gord makes it clear that things are going to be tough for awhile. Samantha argues that the kids don't understand enough to survive but Gord argues that heading into next week's rations is a slippery slope while they are trying to make it through the winter.

Chuck comes across Harrison, who is in a fight on which he gambled 3 thousand dollars.  Harrison emerges victorious and Chuck is quick to point out that money is useless inside the fence.  Harrison says that money is useless to Chuck.

Ronnie is very much still mourning the loss of his brother.  He even hallucinates him.  Ronnie's hallucination is cut short when Renee arrives claiming that she is looking for food.  Ronnie invites Renee back to his place to warm up. Ronnie plays host and makes some hot chocolate to which Renee adds a shot of rum.

Wiley and Adam make it outside and though Wiley doesn't think this feels right, Adam is determined to keep going because they are finally past the minefield.

Harrison and another kid approach the fence as from a distance Chuck watches.  They toss over a bag filled with money and the soldier throws over a bag in return.

Ronnie questions Renee as to why he hasn't seen her before and she names an area of Pretty Lake he is unfamiliar with. Renee silences Ronnie's question with a kiss. The kiss ends when Tracy enters the house and tells Renee that she doesn't have to worry cause she is Ronnie's sister.  Ronnie takes Tracy into the other room to give her the don't cock block speech.

Ronnie begs and Tracy agrees to leave but when they head back to the main room, Renee is gone, along with Ronnie's gun. Yeah cause Renee taking off totally wasn't predictable right?

Gord and Frannie decide to get the last stash of food, only to find that it's already been taken except for a can of peaches.

Outside the fence, Wiley again says that they shouldn't do this and questions why her life is more important than the person who lives in the house. What they don't realise is that they've walked past a tree which has a camera attached to it. Adam asserts that this isn't just about them because if they aren't really contagious then everyone inside Pretty Lake could be free.

Chuck heads to see Harrison about the little exchange he has going on with the guards.  Chuck offers ten thousand saying that he wants in and Harrison reluctantly agrees.  Chuck points out that there's a bigger play here and brings up freedom.

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Wiley, Adam and Jason finally make it to a little farm house outside of Pretty Lake. Adam lies and claims that their car broke down and need to use a phone.

An angry Gord heads to the bar to confront Mark and Melissa about the missing food for the orphanage. Melissa is quick to point out how ridiculous it was of Gord to hide food in an abandoned house. I gotta give it to Melissa there.  Mark points out that Gord has cows and Gord reveals that he only has one left. Mark points out that it's easy for Gord to be generous because he has the cow as a stop gap. Gord storms out and Melissa immediately asks if Mark took the food.

At the farm house, Sandra offers up food on which Wiley and Adam chow down.  The soldiers show up at the door with a picture of Wiley and Adam and Sandra lies to the soldiers, saying that she hasn't seen them.  When the soldiers leave Sandra says that she believes that the government has been lying about bringing in supplies and that the residents of Pretty Lake aren't having all of their needs taken care of.

Harrison heads to the fence with a bag containing two hundred thousand.

At the farm house, Wiley is confused by the fact that the government is lying about what is going on in Pretty Lake and is informed that people have been protesting and demanding access to the town. Sandra informs them that they've been told that communications have been cut from the inside and has the hallmarks of an act of terrorism. The people are being told that nothing can be done inside Pretty Lake without infecting the entire world.  Sandra offers to get food for little Jason but is stopped by Adam in case she is infected now.

Sam heads to see Chuck and lets him know that not only is she aware of his plan to leave Pretty Lake, she's coming with him. Chuck is stunned but Sam says that if they get out, they can get help and food. Chuck has acquired a military van and gets Sam to agree to drive it.

Alone, Wiley and Adam talk about how sainted Sandra is with Adam of course pointing out that Sandra hates the government as much as they do.  Adam is thrilled that they've made it outside of Pretty Lake and the fact that they've been around Sandra for five hours and she's still alive.  Adam puts the moves on Wiley in celebration.

Frannie is cooking dinner when Gord returns home.  Gord questions where the food came from and Frannie lies and says that she found it.  Gord is adamant that they cannot be hoarding food, adding that since there's enough there for five meals, they'll take their share and bring the rest to the orphanage.

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 Frannie is not down with this at all, claiming the food as hers.  Frannie believes it's time for them to start taking care of themselves.  Gord tries to go all moral but Frannie is determined to sit down and fill her stomach damn it.

Wiley wakes in the middle of the night in pain.

The next day, Frannie tries to stop Gord from killing their last remaining cow but a determined Gord calls her selfish.  Gord makes his way into the barn saying that they need to lead by example as Frannie continue to beg.  Gord shoots the cow and walks away.

Wiley heads to check on Sandra and finds her dead on the kitchen floor. Well, I suppose that means that Wiley and Jason are contagious. An upset Wiley walks away from Sandra's home crying about killing an innocent person.  Adam is adamant that he isn't going back to Pretty Lake because it's a death sentence and Wiley argues back that if they don't, it's a death sentence for the rest of the planet.

Frannie packs up the bag from the dead kid.

Harrison is back at the fence with another bag of money.

Wiley and Adam head back to Pretty Lake but are forced to pause when they see a helicopter flying overhead.

 At the fence, Harrison is instructed to throw the bag over  the fence but argues that it's too heavy and that the soldier needs to open the gate.  A few meters away, Chuck loads his weapon.  The soldier opens the gate and then grabs a puppy from the guard house as Chuck takes aim.

Wiley and Adam are back in the tunnel they used to escape when they run into a man named Liam, who claims that he is trying to get into Pretty Lake because he has a cure for the virus.

The soldier orders Harrison to step back and then he opens the gate.  He places the puppy on the ground and is quickly shot by Chuck.  The soldier notifies his superiors that there's been a breach and then promptly passes out. Harrison opens the gate up the rest of the way and Sam pulls up in the van. They drag the soldier off the road and Harrison orders the dog put back in the guard house. Everyone gets into the van and Sam takes off.

Adam holds a gun on Liam certain that he is lying otherwise the quarantine would be over.  Liam explains that he does have a cure and that he works with Adam's dad.  Before Adam can shoot an explosion occurs in the tunnel.