Friday, July 29, 2016

Zoo, Season 2, Episode 6: Sex, Lies and Jellyfish

The gang is all united – well except Chloe who is dead. We have new hangers on, including Alison, Mitch’s mother who declares him to be boss despite a) him not wanting to be and b) her still dishing out orders. And we have Logan the thief who Jamie has focused on so we can have a love triangle of Mitch/Jaime/Logan. Honestly I have no idea why Logan is here, less idea why Jaime feels the need to defend or support him and even less patience for the whole team pretty much snarling at each other now

Jaime also hates Dariela because of Chloe’s death because everyone has to hate her. Abe gets all angsty about her. It’s tiresome to say the least.

Anyway time to recap the main plot – there are animals with a triple helix that have super powers and they need to catch ‘em all (or some of them anyway) in order to find the cure. The next step is a jellyfish that causes hurricanes

Jellyfish that causes hurricanes. Sorry, after the sloth earthquake I’m not even surprised anymore. It’s not even worth me digging out a Cersei gif.

But they track this down because all of this has happened before! In 1895! Yes, in 1895 there were also mutant world destroying super animals you just didn’t know about because they’re oh so subtle

Oh gods guys! Reiden Global has been totally vindicated! All this time we were blaming them for the Mother Cell and causing all of this! Obviously the gang is all going to say sorry for spending an entire season demonising them and… oh, they’re still bad guys? We’re not talking about the Mother Cell? Ooookay then.

So this means we have another adventure in a world that is apparently becoming a dystopian but we don’t get to see more than hints about this which is a shame because it would be far more more interesting. After playing with lots of poisonous spiders they eventually get their hands on an evil hurricane immortal jelly fish.

The aftermath of this has Dariela and Jaime kind of declaring peace. Logan is still irrelevant and is in love with Jaime. Mitch is still all torn about leading. And Abe and Dariela become more shaky when he finds out that Dariela is willing to shoot Jackson rather than let him become a monster – and Abe is infinitely protective and loyal to those he cares about. This is perfectly in character for the beautifully gentle Abe – but it means even more personal drama in a show that has far too much

He’s also posited the idea of a “ghost gene” that the Reiden Gas that kills the animals must target. He calls it that because, though he knows it must exist, he can’t find it. This means that Reiden must have a super genius since they clearly have found it!

Waaaaaaait? Mitch is such a genius that if he, on a plane (albeit an awesome plane) can’t find it, then the only way an entire company with vast resources and entire squads of scientists can find it is with an even greater genius. Wow that’s some impressive arrogance right there.

And while they discover that radiation causes the triple helix – no-one thinks to look back at 1895 and figure out how human kind managed to so effectively defeat the animal menace that most of the world completely forgot about it?