Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Between, Season Two, Episode Two: Us vs. Them

Having escaped Pretty Lake, Harrison and his sister start pushing Chuck for whatever plan he has now that they have escaped.  Then tension is high but they don't get to argue for long because a military van shows up in the middle of the road and a sniper shoots Sam in the head, causing her body to collapse on the horn.  Chuck is quick to push Sam's body in the back with Harrison, turn the van around and head back to Pretty Lake.

The exit Wiley and Adam used to escape Pretty Lake is closed over.  Liam Cullen shows them his license and says that he took a vaccination to prevent him from getting sick.  It seems that Liam's goal is to come up with a cure for the residents of Pretty Lake.

Chuck drives back into Pretty Lake, apologising to Harrison repeatedly for the death of his sister.

Adam decides to search Liam's bag and Liam explains that the must take a vaccine twice a day. Adam is immediately suspicious at the very idea that they might have to take an injection, given that the last shots they were offered were deadly. When Adam hears helicopters, Wiley, Adam and Liam rush outside.  Chuck also sees the helicopters and increases his speed once he realises that they are headed to Pretty Lake. The helicopters drop off packages at the center of the town just as Chuck, Adam, Wiley, and Liam arrive.  Liam is quick to claim ownership of the packages and this naturally raises the distrust of everyone.  Adam in particular is concerned that the package could contain a bomb. Against Chuck's advice, Harrison decides to open the package because with the death of Sam, he's seen where Chuck's leadership leads to but Chuck stops him. Chuck refuses to give in until Wiley and Adam explain that they both got out and are contagious.  Liam argues that he's the only reason that everyone is still alive and tells them to trust him.

Ronnie wakes up when Renee throws the gun she stole from him along with some food on his bed. Ronnie isn't particularly welcoming and asks Renee to go and she explains that it was a crime of convenience.  To smooth things over, Renee offers up sex which Ronnie is more than happy to accept.

With Adam holding a gun to him, Liam opens the package which contains his lab equipment.

It seems that Ronnie has forgiven Renee, so she uses his goodwill for information about her missing brother Eric.  Renee thinks that Eric may have wandered into town and since Ronnie knows people, he would be able to get answers.  On the back of the picture of Eric, is a map Ronnie is to use if he finds Eric. With that, Renee takes her leave.

Gord stares at the carcass of the dead cow. Gord gets to work butchering the cow and hanging it up to blees. He packs the meet up in blue coolers and stores them in his truck. While he's in the kitchen washing the blood off his hands, the truck is stolen. Gord chases after his truck with a rifle but doesn't shoot.

Harrison has clearly gone over the edge and is playing paintball in the house.  Luke tries to talk him down but Harrison is only stopped by the arrival of Frannie.

Ronnie makes his way to the bar to ask about Eric.  He hands Mark and Melissa a picture of Eric but of course neither of them claim to have seen him.  Melissa suggests that Ronnie check out Harrison's crew. The minute Ronnie leaves, Melissa tells Mark to ensure that he's cleaned up his mess.

Liam is ready to run tests and so Adam is quick to volunteer but Liam needs someone who is actually infected. This is news to Riley and Chuck, who learn for the first time that Adam is immune to the virus because his father ensured he would be. Chuck gives a small blood sample and Liam compares it to his own. Yes, it's Liam the Science Guy Time.

This is all really amounts to filler on what is already a boring episode. The whole thing is implausible anyway so way ram in some pseduo science? Liam then asks for volunteers for the first shot and Adam grabs the needle and injects Liam with it. An angry Liam calls it a mistake, saying that the vial represents a single life which Adam wasted.  Adam is not convinced, pointing out that the last cure they were offered killed people.

Ronnie drives into town with a picture of Eric and once again hallucinates his brother. Ronnie refers to Renee as his friend and says that he wants to help someone who may have lost their brother. Imaginary Pat however is not convinced, causing Ronnie to get upset and pull over to get his emotions under control.

Wiley is not pleased that Adam didn't say that he was immune and accuses him of making the decision about leaving Pretty Lake for her because he risked nothing.  Wiley realises that this means that she is the one who killed Sandra.  Wiley questions why Adam even came back and he says that he couldn't leave her.

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Good ole dependable Gord finds his truck right outside of Harrison's and arrives to find the kids barbecuing the meat.  Harrison tells Gord that the food is theirs now but Gord is insistent that the food is for everyone - the orphanage and the whole town.  Harrison however is certain that it's every man for himself.  Frannie steps forward to tell Gord that the meat didn't belong to him and that she wants to be a part of a family that protects each other.  Gord moves to take the meat and things go hairy with the kids.  He's ordered to leave and tells Frannie that she didn't have to do this as the kids taunt him.

Wiley is still in some serious pain as Liam announces that it's been 2.5 hours since he was injected. Neither Chuck or Adam are convinced but Wiley steps forward and volunteers. Wiley is determined that no one can decide for her and that she is choosing to live.

Gord is driving back and stops when he sees Ronnie snacking on peaches at the side of the road. Gord of course wants to know where Ronnie got the food and accuses him of hording. Ronnie however says that he will eat when he pleases.  Gord gets aggressive and a fight breaks out and Ronnie starts to laugh, explaining that he doesn't have any food and only has peaches. Gord calls off the fight and asks Ronnie for his help.

Liam injects Wiley, saying that she should start to see results in twenty-four hours.

Gord tells Ronnie not to hurt anyone when they get to Harrison's. The barbecue is going strong so Ronnie shoots the stereo to get attention. Ronnie goes to pick up the meat but Harrison is insistent that they are not taking anything but he does eventually back down, causing Ronnie to taunt him. Gord makes eye contact with Frannie, as he picks up another cooler of meat.

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Wiley is in a lot of pain and trying to hide it from everyone.  When the pain gets to be too much, Wiley asks Adam to watch Jason but doesn't get far before collapsing.

Mark returns to the bar and Melissa questions whether or not he cleaned up the mess because she is worried about Ronnie finding out.  Mark is not cool with being questioned, causing Melissa to suggest that the just stop the tough guy routine. Mark has to angst about not knowing how to do a normal relationship and Melissa rewards him with a kiss.

sex excited

I think these two should just drop the constant emotional drama and have sex all the time.  They are barely relevant to the plot and neither one of them can act.

Adam is quick to accuse Liam of hurting Wiley, and is adamant that he won't be going anywhere near Wiley.  Liam asserts that the cure cannot hurt Wiley and that this must be something else. Liam pulls his trump card, pointing out that he is the only doctor in the room. Liam wants an ultrasound machine to discover why Wiley has some internal swelling.

Gord heads to see the Amish with Ronnie and John immediately orders Hannah to go inside.

Liam is doing the ultrasound on Wiley and Adam is full of threats.  Liam discovers a tumor.

John is not impressed that Gord was courting Hannah.  Ronnie points a gun at John demanding food but Gord is quick to intercede saying that there's other ways of handling things.  Gord explains that kids are going to die if John doesn't help. John of courses refuses, so Gord pleads, pointing out that they are all in this together. Finally, Gord promises that if John helps through this winter, they'll help through the next. Hannah argues that not helping is against their ways but John says that if it's God's will, they will survive. Hannah pleads again.

Liam reports that Wiley's heart is racing and her kidneys are starting to fail.  Adam demands that Liam fix Wiley and blames him for Wiley be sick.  Liam points out the damage Wiley has and says that the tumor has been growing inside Wiley for awhile now. Gotta say that I love the snark Liam dishes out to Adam.

The Amish hand over food and Ronnie shows a picture of Eric.  Hannah reports seeing Eric in the field but it's John who reveals that Eric was murdered. Apparently, they found Eric while cremating a baby that hadn't survived. John of course saw Eric's death as God's doing - punishing all of them. With the help of the Amish, Eric's body is loaded into the back of the truck. John asks them to leave and never return but not before going all fire and brimstone about God's punishment.

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Harrison holds Sam's body as the kids dig a grave for her body. Later, Harrison takes a seat on the couch next to Frannie.  Frannie offers Harrison her hand and he accepts.

Gord drops and the food off at the orphanage. From the bar, Melissa can see Eric's body in the back if Ronnie's truck and so immediately calls Mark.

Liam gives Wiley something for the pain and an antibiotic in case of infection. Liam asks Adam what happened to his father but Adam points out that Wiley is fighting for her life.  Wiley regains consciousness and admits that she's been in pain since before giving birth to Jason. Wiley asks for food for Jason and instead, Chuck and Adam ask Liam to leave the room.  Adam and chuck tell Wiley about the tumor.

Now that he's alone, Liam injects himself and then pulls out a SAT phone. He texts that thus far he has injected one person and that people are starting to believe him. Great, this of course makes that dofus Adam right.