Thursday, September 29, 2016

Colony, Season 1, Episode 9: Zero Day

We see more tension with respectful grieving gatherings to remember the arrival and the people they lost

Gatherings that turned violent when the authority has its usual over the top suppression reaction.

This all contributes to more and more of Snyder’s paranoia – which sets him up perfectly for Beau and Will to manipulate him into thinking there’s a scary terrorist cell working outside the Wall and able to sneak in and cause mayhem. They continue the ruse excellently, getting more and more backing from him to investigate all so they can set up an escape plan. This plan involves Will, his family and Beau all leaving the Colony and going to live in Beau’s cabin

We’re assuming it’s still there? I guess

But Kate is pursuing her own plan – work with Broussard and her new cell with Eckhart, BB and Morgan to attack the train bringing the bigwig into town – hoping to kidnap them.

Running away out of the city and attacking a train are not compatible plans. And it all comes to a head when Will reveals his to Kate and they argue

She’s pissed that he has AGAIN, made a big decision without talking to her about it first

He’s pissed that she put the family at risk working for the Resistance – yes the secret’s out

She’s furious he’s working for the Authorty which is now brainwashing their daughter

He’s furious she’s working for butchers (REALLY?!) she points out that the people’s he’s working for are far more evil and murderous. She throws the body of her friend strung up as a traitor along with children. And he throws Phylis at her – Phylis?! You have to be one hell of a collaborator to think Phylis was not a viable target?! He also blames her for the deaths by being part of the Resistance rather than… compliant? He wants her to think of her kids – while she says the same because she wants to protect their future.

They both point out they’ve been saving the lives of each other.

Needless to say, Kate isn’t running away to hide. She also asks how they exactly plan to live outside the wall? Kate begs him to work with her – but he isn’t doing that

I’m glad this is out in the open but dear gods Will is being an immense apologist for the Authority. Focusing on the family, on his kids? I can buy that. But “your resistance kills people” a few short days after peaceful grieving people were brutally murdered? Yeah… this I do not buy.

Will does encourage Beau to run – but Beau wants to remain in the city because now his life has purpose


What fecking purpose?

The purpose of protecting Will’s family? Why is that his purpose
The purpose of working for the Authority? Clearly not
The purpose of fighting the Authority? But he’s not!
Where is this purpose?! Being a white guy’s sidekick is not a purpose!

Meanwhile Snyder’s paranoia is also focusing his eyes on Nolan – demanding he dig up dirt on people who may be plotting against him. And Snyder’s willing to play hardball to ensure Nolan complies

Aided by Maddy. See she is tired of being sniped and turned into a maid and humiliated by Charlotte because her husband Nolan is such a creepy letch, she decides to “earn” Charlotte’s trust back by revealing an amazing cache of art, some of which, of course, Charlotte keeps a painting for herself. At Maddy’s suggestion

And lo Snyder realises Charlotte was hiding art – naughty naughty how could he have found out (ok the show doesn’t expressly say Maddy is responsible… but it seems convenient). Nolan is happy to throw his wife under the bus – but is now clearly beholden and menaced by Snyder

Back to Kate – her cell goes forwards to raid the train depot which the VIP visitor is using to arrive in the city. They follow the plan, killing the guards (including Kate outright shooting guards in the face) and derail the train with a bomb

Or that’s the plan

The bomb’s a biiiiit too big

Everyone on the train is dead… and the VIP appears to be an alien. Yes, we’re going to actually see an alien.