Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Librarians, Season 3, Episode 2: And the Fangs of Death

Damn I forgot how cheap the CGI was on this series.

But we’re definitely building up a whole lot of epic confrontation with Apep still running around. Which is why, with the help of an apocalyptic dream, Flynn decides they have to find Charlene

Remember Charlene? She was there right from the beginning of the series, from the films itself.  The accountant and secretary of the library. Yes that seems a little odd that she would be the key to saving the world

Well, when they find Charlene – aside here. Can we not play “girl power” because Charlene has used some artefact to mind control several hot men of colour into becoming her objectified meat puppets. Swapping the gender on the rapeyness doesn’t make rapeyness good – can we not. Apep shows up to murder everyone and run off with Charlene

This freaks out Flynn and Jenkins and everyone asks, again, why Charlene is so important… well it turns out the accountant is a Guardian. Not a Guardian – she’s the Guardian. The First Guardian alongside the now gone Judd, the first Librarian. This is pretty epic in the first place, but later Jenkins reveals an extra reason why Charlene is essential. Way back centuries ago when Apep was first on his evil rampage (so presumably back in Ancient Egypt) he did manage to unleash the ultimate evil of badness.. This was bad

But Charlene and Judd managed to put all the evil back. But they forget to leave notes on how to do this. Librarians didn’t leave notes. Seriously Librarians. Seriously, you didn’t think to catalogue or this or something?

Since Judd is missing that means The Guardian is only one who knows this information

So there follows lots of risky meddling with Jenkin’s inventions (he disapproves) to try and track down Gloria. They get separated with Jenkins and Eve walking through the woods in Canada and being totally taken in by Apep pretending to be a super nice security guard (they live because Jenkins is immortal and that’s super useful).

The rest of the gang is sucked into a science-type-place (I’m totally not even going to pretend to understand this collider or its dubious portal creating abilities) full of security and science type people who, at the same time, are surprisingly trusting of these random people who just drop in among them. Yeah, I know part of this is a joke to prove that Flynn can make the whole “I’m a Librarian” line when Jake continually fails at it, but still

So this place has been overwhelmed by werewolves because Apep arrived, possessed someone, apparently killed Charlene with possession (necessary to get round that whole pesky immortality thing) and unleash Anubis who has had all of his mythology stripped from him and turned into Alpha Werewolf. Also the CGI is awful

Flynn despairs, over Charlene and when he thinks he has utter proof of her demise he pretty much collapses into a depressed heap because she’s dead and he’s the worst person ever who kills people and woe they may as well all die in a big explosion to kill all the werewolves as one of the extras decides is best

Honestly, that extra was brave and noble and correct given the information he was working with. Respect to you pointless extra whose name I didn’t bother to remember – you were wrong but with the best of intentions.

Librarians doesn’t deal with sadness in any length of time so one quick speech from Jake has Flynn in action again, charging around with a genius plot that will banish Anubis and Apep back to the portal of Bad CGI

This episode is very much all about Flynn – not so much about him, but to lay out the plot, remind us of his relationship with Eve, remind us he’s in charge and awesome and takes ridiculous risks which work out and can even sell the whole “we’re Librarians” line – basically he takes what the team does, turns it up to 11, throws in the emotional stability of a gyroscope on crack, throws some excellent world building about the awesome Charlene (who isn’t dead, by the way).

What I like about this is it’s just a prequel to Flynn leaving again – he has decided to make it his main mission to find Charlene while everyone else… doesn’t? Despite already covering the fact that she is literally the key to stop the world ending? Ok. Anyway it’s so Flynn can say goodbye to Eve again to stop them settling into a romance and so Flynn doesn’t dominate the plot. As I’ve said repeatedly over and over again, while I don’t dislike Flynn, I prefer The Librarians when we have them as a team rather than them being the backing group to Flynn.

So I’m all for this whole episode where Flynn shows off his awesome because it’s his goodbye, and really an explanation for why he’s not going to be around for a while

We also have a great moment from Ezekiel, with him being noble, skilled, brave and self-sacrificing. It’s important for this character because he is the rogue, he is the often selfish one snarking at the background and making jokes in serious situations and generally not involving himself in any real nuanced or difficult conversations. I think the writers recognise this because this is the second time where a major part of an episode has been to highlight Ezekiel’s underlying nobility.