Thursday, December 1, 2016

Teen Wolf, Season 6, Episode 3: Sundowning

The Wild Hunt is still up to their shenanigans, making another student disappear. Phoebe is gone and no-one remembers she ever existed except her sister – Gwen. Her sister who saw the Wild Hunt.

Which means she is next – unless the gang manages to save her. Which isn’t especially easily to do because even though Gwen lives in Beacon Hills she doesn’t believe in the supernatural and certainly not invisible memory erasing hunters.

How do they keep her safe? Follow her around constantly. And the people doing the following is the B team – Hayden, Liam, Mason and Corey. This will definitely not end well. Malia suggests they kidnap her. Scott says no. She insists. Scott says no. Scott ruins all her fun.

So why does this poor woman’s life rest on the B team? Because everyone else is much more involved with Stiles. His absence continues to leave ripples – especially as Malia is increasingly losing control and turns into a werecoyote during a test, much to poor Natalie’s concern who is so very much trying with all this supernatural stuff. Sherriff Stilinski deals with a coyote at school by encouraging Scott to growl at her. While Lydia much more sensibly suggests they get out of her territory and giving her chance to turn back. Lydia always talk sense

As they talk about Stiles in front of Sheriff Stilinsky, he fills in some gaps. Stiles is a family nickname, last used by the Sheriff’s dad. Of course, Scott & co want to speak to him and the Sheriff is vehemently opposed. Viciously, furiously opposed, quite surprisingly so.

Despite the normally very calm sheriff’s vehemence and talk about the fact he hasn’t even seen his dad in years, of course the gang decides to break in. And Malia decides to punch a nurse

Because she’s Malia. And so much fun.

They do find Stilinski senior who has advance dementia. And isn’t that nice. Questioning him isn’t very productive but Lydia pulls some useful tricks which if they were this consistently useful would be revolutionary for all the people suffering from this terrible condition. Using this very convenient clarity they discover… that Stilinski senior is actually a really really really really horrible person.

At which point the Sheriff turns up, he’s furious, disgusted and outraged and gives the gang their marching orders. The Sheriff ignores his father who tells him “go back to your dead wife and loser sun.”

Uh-huh – Claudia is currently alive and Stiles doesn’t exist. The Sheriff is disturbed by this, obviously.

But before we follow that, let’s catch up with the B team. Through various not very sensible decisions the gang decides the best way to save Gwen by having a party at Scott’s house with the whole school, pissing off another guy who they have to pay off because he had another party planned. It’s not like they can even get drunk because they’re drinking what Americans, in their ignorance, call beer werewolves can’t get drunk


The wild hunt then arrives at the party and the gang desperately try to fight it. How? It turns out Corey can not only see the Wild Hunt, but if he touches the Wild Hunt he makes them visible to everyone. This doesn’t actually make it possible to kill them or win – but apparently Parrish with a gun can drive it off. Did he lose his whole hellhound thing? And why did it win? He just shot the guy 3 times and did very little.

Oh and remember how the Wild Hunt then targets everyone who has seen them? Which is now the entire school and Parrish pretty much? Uh-huh, and this is why you guys are the B Team. You should have kidnapped Gwen, Malia was right

On top of that they’ve trashed Scott’s house. He is not amused. But we get a much more moving scene with Sheriff Stilinski who arrives to explain his hostility towards the gang visiting his father (you need to explain this? And without Stiles, exactly what connection does Scott and the Sherriff even have?). He shows Scott a scar he has – a scar he got when his dad threw him through a glass table to get at his mother. Well there’s some completely unexpected back story for the Stilinski story

The Sheriff is also very disturbed by a dream he had – a dream he had of talking to Claudia about a child they were going to have; a child he wanted to name after his Claudia’s father, despite that name being so very terrible no-one ever says it aloud. His own father was so terrible he completely respects Claudia’s. And while Claudia hates the name she knows it won’t matter as he’ll be called Stiles anyway. Obviously this is a memory, not a dream, explaining The Name, the greatest mystery in the history of this show (except for where Danny and Kira have gone. They better show up with the Wild Hunt).

Time for some more plot elements – Chris Argent shows up at Melissa’s house (and, for the record, he can show up at my house while I’m in my nightclothes) to ask her help in poking the new body in the morgue (remember the murder). Turns out this guy has had his head bitten into, apparently by some super werewolf. He’s eating pineal glands. Apparently.

Also Melissa is awesome.

So who is the murderer? Hey remember that new hot teacher? Well he’s making ominous speeches about power and electricity to his class. He keeps turning up the volts despite each time making him cough terribly until he flees to a cupboard to huff helium

Ok, that random word salad? Actually true. We also get what I assume is a flashback to him escaping from a tank of green goo – which makes me think about the Dread Doctors. In the tank he was missing skin, but he see

He also has glowy red eyes – which suggests he’s not just eating brain meats but is also an Alpha Werewolf

But clearly has no idea about ethically sourced food. I mean, killing a whole human and only eating a pea-sized gland?! Look at the waste! Has this man not heard of sausages?