Saturday, February 11, 2017

Colony, Season One, Episode Five: Company Man

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Now that the Bowman's know that they are being recorded, it's time for Will to check in and see just how much trouble his family is in and what kind of damage control he can do. The issue is that if the government is indeed looking for him because of Katie's involvement with the resistance, he is walking right into their hands.  It's quite possible that Will will immediately be locked up, sent to a work camp, or even the factory.   Katie, of course bristles in her new role as housewife, though she promises Will that she will keep things above bar for the sake of their family. We know that promise is going to last a New York minute.

Will is immediately taken aside once he shows up at work and placed in a room to wait for Bennett. Yes, Jennifer's boss finally has a name. Fortunately for will, Jennifer committed suicide, taking his secrets to the grave, so he is able to convince Bennett that he had nothing to do with Bram trying to under the wall, that he doesn't know why Beau left, or if he had any involvement with with resistance and finally, that without his help Broussard will not be found.  To accomplish this, Will leans shamelessly on the fact that it was his help which led to the acquisition of the kidnapped host. Will makes it clear that it wasn't his job to look for a leak or plug it. Given Bennett's desire to capture Broussard, Will played his cards well.

Burke is in charge of Will and decides that Will is to investigate the Red Hand attack on the recruitment center.  Burke doesn't really believe that Broussard is behind the attack but believes that if they can make the public turn against Broussard it will make it easier to catch him. Will is handed a dossier but doesn't get right down to work because an explosion goes off, sending everyone scurrying for the exit. Will sees this as his chance to head to surveillance to get in contact with Jennifer.  Will is shocked when he sees just how much surveillance has escalated in his absence.

That night, having not found Jennifer at work, he decides to head to her home.  When Will arrives, he finds Jennifer's door unlocked. Okay, I was totally expecting him to find Jennifer's body given that the last time we saw her, she was knocking back wine and taking pills.  After a thorough search of Jennifer's place, Will leaves, only to find Burke outside leaning on his car. Burke informs Will that Jennifer wasn't cut out for this kind of work.  Does this mean that Jennifer isn't really dead and just tucked away somewhere?  Whatever the case, Burke is absolutely using her absence to send a chilling message to Will. 

As aforementioned, Katie isn't at all pleased with being the dutiful wife and mother even though she knows what is at stake. Lindsay is back to continue her brainwashing of Gracie about the government cult.  After Gracie's little talk with Katie, Gracie is no longer simply buying what Lindsay is selling, though Lindsay argues that unlike other religions, the Greatest Day has visible reasons to believe in the faith, like the wall.  Lindsay is so determined to cement her work with Gracie that she sends Charlie to his room. When Katie catches wind of this, she looses her shit and orders Lindsay out of the house. 

Katie quickly realises that while Lindsay deserved to be thrown out, her family position is precarious and therefore she has to find a way to make things right.  Katie heads to see her sister, whose first suggestion is that Katie apologise to Lindsay. As you might well imagine, this does not go down well Katie, particularly when she realises that her sister has become a Greatest Day convert. Maddie's revelation is enough for Katie wonder if she was told the truth about Bram being in a work camp. Maddie is very upset by this allegation and so she opens up Nolan's computer to prove where Bram is.  Katie immediately starts asking questions about what the different columns on the file means. Maddie is then called away by an employee so that she can be present for Nolan's speech.  It takes a New York minute for Katie to begin searching Nolan's desk for a flashdrive to save the information on the screen. So much for flying under the radar. 

Bram, like the rest of his family has his own set of problems that he's trying to work around. After an explosion at the work camp, Snyder is desperate for some information.  Snyder, despite supposedly being in control, only has a very tenuous hold on power.  The inmates are forced to stand in the hot sun and when this produces no answers, Jenkins sets about using his billy club to take a woman out at the knees.  When Jenkins moves on to take out Bram, Snyder calls a halt to the beating, pointing out that they need healthy workers in order to continue to produce. The inmates are ordered on the bus but Bram is pulled off to have a little chat with Snyder, who makes it clear that if he cannot get things under control, the whole camp will be cleansed.  Bram is adamant that he doesn't know anything yet.

When Bram rejoins the other inmates, Angelica is quick to accuse him of being Snyder's mole. It seems that it didn't go unnoticed that Bram was centered out twice in one day. Bram plays the only card he has and claims that he is still on the side of the resistance, reminding them all that he's there for the crime of climbing under the wall. Bram suggests that he work as a double agent but warns that he's got to give Snyder a name in order for Snyder to continue to trust him. Bram is given the names Pinto and Lyons to give to Snyder, because they are apparently down with making the sacrifice.

A swaggering Snyder walks on the floor and calls out for Pinto and Lyons but before he can arrange for them to be questioned, Jenkins shoots both men dead. Bram clearly expected that the two men would be sent to the factory and not killed and so is gutted.  Bram joins Snyder in his office and Snyder is pissed that he wasn't given a chance to question the men.  Snyder is called away to meet a big delivery.  When Bram returns to the other inmates, he informs them about the delivery, though he doesn't have much information beyond that. Angelica is just as upset about the loss of her compatriots but she's determined to keep going in the belief that once other humans understand that they can indeed beat the aliens that they will join the fight.  Angelica tells Bram that they just have to hold on and keep moving forward.

Speaking of the resistance, Broussard has been hiding underground since the escapade with Katie went sideways. Broussard's cell manages to capture a drone but once put to sleep, they are unable to move it and therefore have to content themselves by planting a camera on it. Once they return to their hideout, Broussard informs them all that he's not impressed that they didn't back off when he said. This comment leads to some challenge, as some members question why it is that Broussard is in charge. Before the argument can escalate, they learn that the drone is done its shift for the day. The drone returns to a cave like place that is filled with countless other drones. It's Broussard who picks up on the communication between the drones, the same sort of communication that the aliens first used to contact humanity. 

Broussard heads above ground to pass off a recording of the communication to an audio engineer that he knows. Broussard is well aware that there are more than enough drones to kill everyone on the block but feels that if they can at least learn how they communicate, it might give them a leg up in the fight. The trip above ground also gives Broussard the chance to visit with a lady friend. 

It seems that all of the Bowman's have a role to play at this point.  Katie despite her promises to Will is going to find herself right back in bed with the resistance.  There can be no other reason why she decided to make a copy of Nathan's files.  Will this be the key that she uses to get back in touch with Broussard? It is however worth pointing out that it was absolutely ridiculous of Maddie to simply leave Katie alone in Nathan's office. Clearly, the writers wanted Katie to have the information on Nathan's computer but they could have gone about it in a more realistic way.

I really think that we are going to see the rift between Katie and Will enlarge over time. He clearly hasn't forgiven her for joining the resistance in the first place and putting their family at risk.  He absolutely is not going to like what Katie has done and where it will lead to.  At this point, Will sees himself as cleaning up Katie's mess. He's not wrong given that Katie not only made a copy of the file, she threw Lindsay out of the house.  I do however have to admit that I got some satisfaction by Kate's blow up with Lindsay, who gets on my last nerve. 

Will is playing a game of chess at work with Burke, who unlike Jennifer, will not be pliable.  Things are going to get seriously tense between these two before long, as Will works to protect Kate from the disaster she is sure to get herself involved in. I predict that Burke won't make it to the end of the season before being killed by Will. The writers however will probably drag it out to make it as tension filled as possible. 

Bram playing both sides with the resistance and his interactions Snyder are absolutely going to blow up in his face. On one hand, a part of me is shocked that he agreed, given that his first foray into the resistance landed him in a work camp. We all know that given Snyder's interactions with Will, he will only follow through on his promise to free Bram if his back is against the wall.  The whole help me and I'll help you isn't something that Bram can really count on.