Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Lucifer, Season Two,Episode Thirteen: A Good Day to Die

A Good Day to Die is absolutely Lucifer at its best.  Far too often, Lucifer gets bogged down with the case of the week but A Good day to Die, marks the finale of a three episode arc that showcases what is best about this show - the emotional drama. 

When we last saw Lucifer, he had just arrived at Chloe's after  learning from Charlotte that Chloe's birth was ordered by God.  Before Lucifer can even really come to terms with Chloe's divine conception, Lucifer learns that Chloe has been infected by the super poison.  Given that there's no known cure this, its absolutely a problem.  Lucifer's first course of action is to rush Chloe to the hospital but she stops him because everyone who went to the hospital died and therefore feels that the best course of action is to so some investigating to find out if a cure survived the death of Professor Carlisle. 

Lucifer and Chloe arrive at the police station and are greeted by Ella who reports that Carlisle destroyed the last of the antidote before he died. Ella then goes on to list exactly how horrible death by this super poison will be because she doesn't know that Chloe has been infected.  They agree to go over the remnants of the professor's lab and Lucifer excuses himself to go talk to Amenadiel, who has shown up at the precinct.

Lucifer quickly confronts his brother about Chloe's divine birth.  Amenadiel is quick to say that they are both puppets who have been manipulated. It seems that Amenadiel is resentful about his role in Chloe's conception but argues that they are all on the same side.  Lucifer is not remotely sympathetic and goes on to ask if their father is also behind Chloe's poisoning. Amenadiel is shocked  and Lucifer realises that this means Amenadiel cannot help Chloe.  They are interrupted by Chloe, who has tracked down a clue.  Burt has been released from prison on bail and so they decide to head to his place.

Burt has decided to celebrate his release by throwing a massive party.  Chloe makes nice with Burt, and he leads her towards his bedroom.  At the bedroom door, Burt suggests that they hook up another night because Chloe's nose has started to bleed. Chloe responds by turning on the sexy, opening the bedroom door and tossing Burt in.  Unfortunately for Burt, Lucifer is waiting for him.  You know damn well that Lucifer went full on devil and scared the living shit out of Burt. Burt however does provide Lucifer with a lead to the professors middle man Dave.  Before Lucifer and Chloe can check it out, Chloe collapses unconscious on the ground.

When Chloe wakes, she's not pleased to find herself in a hospital bed surrounded by Dan and Lucifer. Dan volunteers to help Lucifer with the rest of the investigation in Chloe's staid.  When they head to Dave's, Dan informs Lucifer that Dave sells his art as a cover for his illegal products because you can charge anything you want for art.  Dave is quick to hit a sour note with Dan, when he suggests that Dan should allow Chloe to die because Chloe is his ex.  Dan responds by punching Dave which leads to both he and Lucifer being handcuffed in a back room.  Lucifer watches as Dan gets beat up. It's only when Dan admits that he screwed up by getting them handcuffed that Lucifer frees himself and takes out Dave's thugs. Lucifer does his mind mojo thing on Dave, and learns that all that Dave wants is for people to buy his crappy paintings and appreciate them.  Dave hands over the list of ingredients needed to make the antidote but he doesn't have access to the formula.  This is when they learn that the only person who knows the formula is the professor, who as we know is dead. 

Lucifer is back at the hospital and who should arrive but Charlotte. In her desire to comfort Lucifer, Charlotte points out that the professor is in hell.  This turns into a light bulb moment and Lucifer makes the decision to head to hell.  

It's time for a supernatural planning session.  Charlotte, Amenadiel, Maze and Linda get together to plan what to do.  Charlotte points out that Lucifer was the lord of hell but isn't anymore and therefore he cannot be certain that his plan will work.  When Linda stands up to speak, Amenadiel is not pleased that Linda knows all about celestial beings. It turns out that Amenadiel is the only one who didn't know this. Linda is worried about Lucifer dying but he believes that there's no other way. Charlotte decides that she's not going to be a part of Lucifer going back to hell and marches out but Amenadiel decides to stay and help. 

The crew head back to the hospital where Lucifer tells Dan that he's about to get the formula and therefore Dan has to get the ingredients.  Lucifer stops at the door to Chloe's room.  Linda and Maze make their way to the room directly below Chloe's while upstairs Lucifer charges Amenadiel to stand watch over Chloe no matter what happens.  

Ella and Dan work together and they have all the ingredients except for one.  Ella says that all of her legal contacts are out of the ingredients but that's not the case with her illegal ones.  Ella suggests they check a chop shop she knows but since they don't have time for a warrant, this means they will have to break in.

Lucifer's in bed and the big plan is to shock him with a defibrillator to stop his heart. Linda is really conflicted about killing Lucifer but he reminds her that this is all about Chloe.  Maze picks up the defibrillator but cannot bring herself to shock Lucifer. In frustration, Lucifer grabs the defibrillator and shocks himself. 

Trixie enters Chloe's room and finds Amenadiel standing guard over Chloe.  Trixie asks why there are bad people in the world and Amendiael says that there are more good people in the world.  When Trixie asks if he is one, Amendiael responds that he's trying to be good.  

In hell, Lucifer makes his way through a door and finds the professor.  It seems that the professor has created his own personal hell of reliving the crash and then facing a mob who shames him. For a man who spent his time trying to justify what he did, this is torture. Lucifer pulls the professor away from the mob and explains to Carlisle that he is being tortured by his own guilt. Carlisle asks how to get out and Lucifer explains that he cannot until he no longer believes he deserves it. Lucifer suggests that Carlisle should make amends for his actions. Carlisle is quick to write down the formula for Lucifer but when Lucifer walks away, the mob continues to taunt Carlisle.  Lucifer makes his way to another door but when he opens it, he finds himself in what appears to be Lux.  Waiting for Lucifer is Uriel. Lucifer is shocked to see Uriel because Azreal's blade should have destroyed him and not sent him to hell. Lucifer finds a bloody knife in his hand and he is compelled to stab Uriel. That's right, Lucifer has entered his own hell. Back on earth, it's time to resuscitate Lucifer but despite Linda's best efforts, it's not working.

Ella and Dan have broken in and while Dan is in full panic mode, Ella is calm.

Lucifer keeps stabbing Uriel and apologises saying that he cannot make it stop.  Uriel taunts Lucifer about him being stuck in the hell he once built.  Uriel then brings up what he said to Lucifer before he died, "the peace is here".  Uriel reminds Lucifer that he is all about patterns and predicting the future and that he left Lucifer with a clue.  Lucifer stabs Uriel once again, as Uriel questions if Lucifer left any unfinished business on earth because Lucifer will not be returning.

Chloe has started to crash and Trixie is escorted out of the room, as medical staff rush in to help Chloe. Downstairs, Maze is now certain that Lucifer is stuck in a cell in hell. Maze says that she cannot go help because demons don't have a soul and therefore if she dies, she just dies.  Linda volunteers to go and Maze question why Linda believes she would go to hell and not heaven. Linda volunteers to Maze that there are things about her she doesn't know. Charlotte arrives and volunteers to take Linda's place, saying that all that is keeping her on earth is her own will.  Maze wastes no time in shocking Charlotte and sending her to hell.

The medical staff continue to work on Chloe but she continues to seize.  Once Chloe is stabilized, the medical they want to move her to CT but Amenadiel is adamant that Chloe cannot be moved.

It turns out that Ricardo, Ella's brother is the one holding a gun on them. It seems that Ricardo ghosted Ella to keep her safe from his illegal actions.  Ella explains that they aren't there to bust him and that the ingredient is for a friend who is going to die.  Ricardo finally relents to Ella's request.

In hell, Lucifer continues to stab Uriel, as he begs for forgiveness. Charlotte arrives and tells Lucifer that he doesn't belong down there anymore. Charlotte points out that this Uriel isn't real and is just a part of Lucifer's hell. Charlotte reminds Lucifer that he was just trying to save them when he killed Uriel and adds that this is all her fault.  Charlotte admits that she is to blame for everything because since her return, she has been manipulating Lucifer in the hope of using Lucifer against her ex. Charlotte continues saying that she has just made things worse by pushing Lucifer and Chloe together, knowing that it would crush Lucifer. This is when Lucifer remembers that he killed Uriel to save Chloe and Charlotte.  Lucifer decides that it's time to go but Charlotte is all caught up in seeing Uriel again and doesn't actually want to go. Lucifer is forced to physically remove Charlotte from hell, as Uriel begs his mother not to abandon him.  

On earth, security guards try to pull Amenadiel out of Chloe's room.  Dan gets the ingredient he needs and Linda revives Lucifer.  Charlotte is then revived by Linda.  Lucifer stumbles out of bed and makes his way to Chloe's room, relieving Amenadiel of guard duty..  

When next we see Lucifer he is at Chloe's bedside. Chloe regains consciousness and says that she heard he saved her. Lucifer calls it a team effort. Chloe then brings up their relationship and asks if they should pick up where they left off but Lucifer suggests that she focus on feeling better.  Lucifer stands to leave but doesn't promise that they will talk later.

Lucifer makes his way outside and Charlotte meets him. Charlotte asks about Chloe but it seems that Lucifer is still pissed by Chloe's divine creation. Lucifer feels like he fell for a con and Charlotte adds that her ex should be punished for this. Lucifer is worried that he can never trust anyone again because he will never know for certain what role his father played in the interaction.  Charlotte says that Lucifer can trust her but Lucifer is convinced that Charlotte only pretends to love him. Charlotte points out everything she did to free Lucifer from hell but all Lucifer can think about is that Charlotte set out to break his heart.  Lucifer no longer wants to be caught in the feud between his parents and says that he is done.  A distraught Lucifer walks off. 

Chloe is now out of the hospital and she calls Lucifer but gets no answer. It seems that she's been calling him for a while and he has not responded, so she's decides to head to Lux.  When Chloe arrives at Lux, everything is dark.  Chloe turns on the light only to find that all of Lucifer's furniture has been covered with white sheets. Lucifer has clearly moved on, not able to deal with everything he has been through. 

A Good Day to Die is the perfect balance between comedy, which Lucifer is so good at and emotional pain. Watching Dan's amazement as Lucifer freed himself and then easily took out the thugs simply had me cracking up. Then there was Linda throwing shade at Amenadiel regarding her knowledge of celestial beings.  Even Maze shocking Charlotte brought the humour and a sense of satisfaction.  Charlotte has had that coming for quite some time.

All of this is balanced Charlotte's love, which she is finally able to prove, only to be rejected to the one person she sought to prove it to.  Charlotte may not understand the value of a single human life but she does love her children, as we learned by her desire to stay in hell, a place that she absolutely loathes to be with Uriel once again.  

Lucifer's guilt at having killed Uriel jumped right off screen. Tom Ellis absolutely sold this scene and made it impossible to deny Lucifer's anguish at the death of his brother.  It is a reminder of just how complicated Lucifer actually is.  It's easy to get caught up in his antics, but Lucifer is an individual who feels guilt deeply and cannot balance his actions with his morality. Never did I think I would write a sentence about the devil having a sense of morality. 

In the end, I'm not surprised to see that Lucifer ran.  His feelings for Chloe are real.  He want back to the one place he has spent almost all of his existence trying to escape to save her, even knowing that she has been placed in his path.  I think that in the next episode we are going to see Lucifer working through his feelings for her.  

Speaking of hell, it's interesting that Lucifer now has his own punishment room. We don't know if someone has taken over rule of hell but it's now certain that Lucifer is no longer in control or the room would not exist.  I wonder what Uriel's last words meant.  Clearly, he didn't mean that he personally was at peace when he died.  Was he implying that earth is where Lucifer would find his long awaited peace?