Friday, July 28, 2017

Outcast, Season 2, Episode 9: This is How It Starts

The main storyline here is Rose and Giles. Because Rose is being utterly torn up and traumatised by the fact that she killed her best friend. Yes he was possessed but still her friend - the horror of it is eating at her, consuming her and it’s really well acted as she tries to deal with this.

All the while Giles s supportive and loving and caring and trying to help her

And then she gets sick - of course the opening symptoms of flu also resemble the opening symptoms of possession. Giles panics and calls Kyle - who can’t get there because of other plot lines - and Rose insists she be restrained. Through it all the emotion and the acting is so powerful here

Eventually she convinces him she was just ill and gets free - and she seems to have been right - but when she is apart from him she commits suicide.

When Kyle arrives and starts to blame himself for being late Giles denies it - he says that Rose killed herself not because she was possessed but because every day there was a possibility she would be. He hates what she did - but he respects her choice to make this decision

And that, everyone,is a grade A Marginalsied Swan Song. Take a marginalised character who has been pretty peripheral to the cast, suddenly put them front and centre even have a beautiful, emotional, powerful goodbye scene - and then kill them. This is not ok. No matter how beautiful and emotional and deep the bond between her and Giles is, it’s clearly being thrown in too belatedly and too shallowly to properly develop this character.

Kyle didn’t attend on account of being kidnapped by Blake who is doing his very best to be the worst character on this show. The possessed woman he questioned last episode he has now kidnapped and is assaulting, abusing and sexually assaulting her - why? I mean, he’s completely fixated on Kyle, why throw in this completely characterless (does she even have a name?) woman just for him to abuse? Do the writers think we won’t realise he’s a bad guy without him threatening a random woman with rape? This is a trope, this reduces the woman to a tool and is just unnecessary. Yes she helps Kyle escape (and then vanishes) but the man with the burning hands couldn’t finangle his own escape?

After rambling a lot Blake is apparently getting visions because why not. There’s nothing like a good vision to drag the plot along when you’re out of ideas. Anyway captured plot device frees Kyle, Blake is thoroughly beaten and he escapes to run to Dr. Park

Dr. Park had a sexy shower in the opening scene which is interrupted when he realises he has a nasty black gooey thing on his chest - a sign that he’s going through the whole gooey awful death thing Sidney is going through. This makes him even more invested in finding a cure. Blake still won’t sign up to being his guinea pig though - but he offers him someone even “more pure” who was created here.

Over to Megan, last week Blake killed the midwife who tried to kill her baby and she looks to Dakota for support… but Dakota is all team midwife. As Megan and later Anderson try to protest it becomes clear that Dakota isn’t the sensible person they thought he was

Yup, the woman living with a cult in the middle of the woods turns out to be… well… cultish. Who new?

Turns out they think the world is ending and they, the blessed chosen de-possessed ones, intend to survive and start humanity anew. Megan wants nothing to do with the cult. Anderson calls her delusional and, honestly I have to agree with Dakota when she calls him out for throwing stones from his big glass house.

Dakota didn’t even want Anderson she only lured him in so she could try to get to Kyle.

Megan declares a big nope to all of this and runs off in the night with Holly after making an emotional goodbye with Anderson. Unfortunately they’re ambushed by Blake and Dr. Park - who wants that demon created on Earth. Megan’s unborn child.

Sidney, Anderson and Kyle have been continuing wars of words until Sidney finally escapes by killing Oscar, a Black man - and Outcast do you have some kind of racial murder quota to meet this season? Again, no reason why Oscar couldn’t have been incapacitated - like, y’know, Anderson was? Unnecessary death added on to Rose’s death does not make for a goot pattern

Anderson shoots Sidney and drags him back, rants and raves at the Lighthouse people who don’t want to be in his little army. Kyle hurries in, not wanting Sidney to die before he tells him why Amber is special… but it’s too late. Really Kyle, what makes you think Sidney would talk anyway?

Simon also shows up - yes the cult leader and Kyle’s father. We don’t actually have a big reunion moment here since he’s focused more on kicking Anderson out

He goes morosely to his old church - only to find it full of people looking for a holy sign after the whole possession town meeting. Apparently Anderson is that sign. This church has some damn low standards for god.

Last storyline is Amber and Allison - and Amber keeps being intelligent and creepy. Her extreme maturity stands out next to Allison clearly trying to put her into a child box which she really doesn’t fit. They’re on the run with junkyard guy - but Allison decides to ditch him. This may be a very bad idea.