Sunday, July 23, 2017

Wynonna Earp, Season 2, Episode 7: Everybody Knows

Tying up some loose ends from last week, the gang is definitely suspicious of the Widows - Mercedes and her sister. And Wynonna is certainly not playing nice or coy about it.

They’re also conscious that their plans have gone somewhat awry but they only need to break one more seal and then “out love burns bright and true”. Whoever that is. I’m going to say most likely not good.

There’s a moment here where Wynonna and Mercedes use the word “bitch” a lot to refer to each other - which is certainly more of a slur than we like to see on a show - but there’s an interesting moment where Dolls tries to join in with Wynonna’s repeated useage and Wynonna steps in with a “you can’t say that, that’s our..” It’s nice to see her making this point about reclaiming and who is allowed to call her and her friend that - but less nice that she has a pregnancy fainting thing to interrupt her.

There’s also another random weirdness this week - immortal ghostly deputies who have returned from their deep, dusty slumber to hunt down their mark - Doc Holliday - for terribad crimes he committed way back when. They let him know about this with a boy and a brand just so he can spend the whole episode on edge and give everyone the wrong idea. No, really, this whole plot line seems to be about giving people chance to bond and lecture people.

Dolls manages to get a doctor to examine Wynonna (once she confirms that Wynonna isn’t being held against her will): among other things she wants blood tests from both parents to check if anything’s up. That would be Wynonna and Doc.

Or Wynonna and someone anyway… because there’s another candidate for the father position. There’s lots of emotion, Wynonna being torn and Waverley completely freaking out which is really not helpful and to make it worse Doc is being all kind and understanding and saying he just wants Wynonna to be happy which means Wynonna bails telling Doc (especially after Waverley runs for the hills despite her pledge to support).

Points to Waverley on Doc’s emotions: “The more he feels, the less he says. Like a masseuse.”

Instead Waverley has Nicole follow Wynonna around until she can rejoin her. This seems convoluted but hey who cares because they are AWESOME together!

Poor Wynonna now has to be sober since she’s pregnant and she and Nicole are going to go find the man she slept with. Which mean going to a strip club and Nicole drinking for both of them.

Nicole is a hilarious drunk.

The strip club is where Wynonna used to dance - when she was alone in town and friendless with no money and generally hated by everyone she had few other places to turn. Nicole seems taken aback to which Wynonna says “pace yourself, there’s so much more to judge.”

At the strip club they see the man Wynonna slept with when she was very very drunk. It was after she killed the last of the seven - and it was a deeply traumatic time for her. She responded by drinking a lot - her standard coping mechanism and ended up at this strip club and having sex.

Her plan is to steal her possible father - Jonas’s glass - and then extract saliva to test with science. Science will tell them if he’s the dad and then they murder science to keep it’s fucking mouth shut

This episode has some really amazing lines in it.

Then there’s a complication: Jonas is a revenant.

Yes Wynonna may be carrying a Revenant/Earp heir hybrid

Also Waverley calls and Nicole can’t lie to her and is drunk and it’s absolutely hilarious. It’s thankful because when they have a brief fire fight and end up outside with Jonas, Waverley arrives in time to accidently incapacitate him so they can kidnap him and decide what to do next.

There’s some question because he is the father of Wynonna’s child (or may be) and they’ve been debating recently on whether all revenants are inherently evil. But if it gets out that Wynonna is pregnant with the next heir, let alone if the next heir is a hybrid - well, that could be a problem.

So they talk to him to see if he has an idea. Instead he repeatedly slut shames her over and over again at how quickly she had sex (of course, it’s the height of hypocrisy since it was he she had sex with)

It does make the decision to kill him way easier. If him having sex with her when she’s so drunk she couldn’t consent wasn’t proof enough

While we have a whole lot of horrendous sexism here, Waverley openly calls it out as sexist and Wynonna dismisses him as a “boring cliche” because this level of misogyny is exactly that. He’s terrible but he’s called out for being just that - and shot for it

They kill the revenant and Wynonna makes it clear this child is going to be good and strong and everything Jonas isn’t. She’s going to be an Earp

This is something Wynonna and Waverley maintain as they go home and are alone together. The child will be an Earp, their child, regardless of who the father is. Which suddenly hits Waverley because she’s still not sure if she is an Earp or not - and she tells Wynonna.

Meanwhile the guys have been having their own adventure.

After a stakeout in which Jeremy is super cute and super annoying, they decide to do an experiment on some Widow veil Jeremy has managed to hold onto. They rope in Doc despite his obvious distraction with the deputies hunting him

This leads to a series of takedowns from Dolls - he thinks Doc is selfish, reckless, utterly self indulgent with little idea of how his actions affect or hurt others, just out for what he wants and constantly trying to play lone ranger - which he cannot keep doing now he’s going to be a father. Sure I think part of this is frustration that he’s not the father of Wynonna’s baby, but it still hits home.

Jeremy continues to be this show’s comic relief and source of endless ineptitude by trying to use the Widow’s veil to lure the widows, bind them and have Dolls and Doc kill them. This fails miserably and ends up with the three of them bound to stand within about 6 feet of each other

Which only becomes a complete mess when the deputies show up to execute Doc for sleeping with a judge’s wife in the 19th century. Twice.

So bound and after much ineptitude (in which Jeremy is useless and inept and cowardly) and bumbling in which they find Dolls is the only person who can actually hurt then, the three of them are captured and taken to the scaffold

At which point Dolls makes a dramatic speech about brotherhood and honour and how he totally trusts Doc (whether this is sincere or not…) and then realises that as a marshall/deputy/black badge whatever he technically outranks the deputy ghosts including his own law enforcement hero Reevs and pardons Doc.

Easiest. Resolve. Ever. I’m not entirely sure what this whole part is for to be honest beyond seeing Doc and Dolls address some issues