Thursday, August 24, 2017

Teen Wolf, Season 6, Episode 15: Pressure Test

Tension in Beacon Hills are getting higher with the fear demon fleeing from the Wild Hunt and causing all kinds of shenanigans

Firstly we get the return of an old character, Theo. Who should have been murdered by angry hockey-playing weremoose several seasons ago. He has been captured along with two other werewolves from Saotome’s pack, Jiang and Tierenan. They’ve been captured by Schrader, a former worker at Eichenn House and brutal sadist. Honestly this may have nothing to do with the fear monster since he was pretty awful to begin with. He tortures the three of them for funsies for a while - and there’s something especially creepy about a torturer who doesn’t want money or information or a confession - just torture. Of course they’re werewolves and the bonds holding them give out before they do - we can assume this is the end of this guy

This puts Theo the Awful with Jiang and Tierenan and him offering to show them to Scott’s since Soatome is dead and they have no pack. Except on the way Sheriff Stilinski stops them and arrests them all for murder.

Murder? I mean I’m not even shocked with the bodies raining down, but this whole thing is getting very public

Theo quick gets the other two to implicate themselves on camera since they did the actual killing (hunters with lots of claw marks) getting Theo released, though Jiang and Tierenan claim self-defence.

Which is when Scott and co show up to argue for their release on the grounds that, well, basically a werewolf killing hunters is kind of the hunters getting what’s coming to them. And, y’know, not entirely wrong? Of course Sheriff Stilinski makes it clear that they’re still people and murder is still murder

And then things get worse because Tamora gathers an entire mob of people with guns to lay siege to the police station. Which is a police station so is also full of people with gun. Tamora demands the police hand over Tierenan and Jiang for murder

Scott rallies his people ready for war - and the Sheriff gets in between them along with Parrish to encourage everyone to be nice and peaceful and calm - and delay until midnight.

He could call for help being police and all but that pretty much ensures exposure for the supernatural. Sheriff Stilinski is kind of awesome through this, calm, rational, careful.

The fear demon is also working. And I’m going to say first off that the woman called Quinn who joined them is part of the fear demon - she’s too much woo-woo and too suspicious and definitely stirs the situation by saying there’s a Gerard ally among the deputies.

There’s a stand off with a whole lot of drama. Tamora has one of her students fire an arrow with Brett’s blood stained jersey on it, increasing more of the panic inside. Her other minion, Nolan, gets in the police station and tries to kill Soatome’s pack members himself which means lots of cage switching. He gets imprisoned in various places Jiang and Tiernan get released and imprisoned and released and imprisoned. Theo is generally considered the worst of the worst with everyone but hey werewolves need to stick together at the moment. Liam does smack him, of course, and he does try to hand over Jiang and Tiernan

There are flashbang and power cuts and lots of paranoia

But the fear woo-woo is definitely making things worse - Malia has several moments of near panic which is uncommon for her. The woo-woo continues to ratchet up sudden terror striking several people - driving two deputies to commit suicide.

There’s also a moral quandary for Scott - because Jiang and Tiernan did kill those hunters. And it wasn’t a clear cut case of self-defence - yes hunters killed Saotome’s entire pack but them, but they hunted down the hunters through public records and attacking their homes… and by “hunters” they mean “suspected hunters”. Scott is super conflicted about who the good guys are when Sherrif Stilinski brings to awful truth: in war there isn’t good and bad, there’s us and them.

The whole scene is well done with lots of growing tension and fear and a complete sense that something really terrible is going to happen very soon.

They try to convince Tamora that the dead cops are the werewolves she’s looking for - but she doesn’t buy it and it’s all about to fall apart… when Raphael McColl shows up

Sheriff Stilinski called him - because Scott’s dad is an FBI agent. Now I’d rather think the FBI would have Views and Options when it comes to an angry mob sieging a police station but I guess we’re going to stick to the whole exposure worry for why that mob is not now very very very very very very very dead.

Instead he has a new plan - all the supernatural agree to leave town (with Jiang and Tiernan in a prison truck) which seems to quiet things down, though it does make Mason unhappy that Corey is going to leave.

Speaking of, Deacon (who is still around!) goes to Eichenn House and faces massive fear mojo to carve away part of the wall of the cell the Hellhound was held in. There’s an image on the wall but he can’t understand it.

So that’s helpful. Thankfully Corey and Mason were also investigating and lacking all clues basically broke into the vet clinic to meet up with Deacon so Corey can use his woo-woo to stare at the wall and colour the gaps. EXPOSITION TIME! (Hey it’s what Deacon exists for)

So our monster is an Anuk-ite. Which means “random Native American mythology we’ve decided to take while having not Native American customs, people etc present”

Also it’s a fear demon.

Really? I mean this is a surprise to anyone? The fear monster is a fear monster. SHOCK SHOCK!

It also has 2 faces, one nice one awful. Huge leap to this being the two monsters working in tandem because why wouldn’t we think that? Anyway, evil. I’m saying again that Quinn is one of those faces. All be ready to congratulate me on my told you so

Oh and the gang aren’t really leaving Beacon Hills. But you all knew that, right?

Also Malia and Scott are definitely becoming a thing. That will be my mark 2 Told You So