Monday, October 16, 2017

3% Season One, Episode Seven: Capítulo 07: Cápsula

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The contestants are about to partake in a celebration dinner because all that's left for them to go through is the purification ceremony.  In last episode, we saw Michele dig something out of her hip and in Cápsula we learn that it's a capsule containing poison. For much of this season, Michele, while not as cool as Joana, has been able to pretty much keep her emotions hidden while thinking quickly on her feet. But one can only subsume rage for so long.

At the celebration dinner, Michele watches Ezequiel intently, waiting for her opportunity to strike.  Fernando tries to take the time to pull Michele aside to let her know that Raphael told him about her membership in the cause but Michele is so fixated on Ezequiel that she won't take the time out to speak to Fernando.  Michele watches as candidate after candidate approaches Ezequiel to thank him and realising that this is the only way to get close to him, Michele approaches Ezequiel and hugs him, using the hug to cover for her dropping poison in his drink. Michele moves off to the side and waits patiently for  Ezequiel to drink the poison. After some time passes, Ezequiel lifts his glass, making a toast to the new recruits and seconds later Cesar, one of the testers, falls to the ground. A horrified Michele watches as Cesar is rushed away for medical treatment.

Now that she's accidentally killed Cesar, Michele suddenly has time to speak with Fernando.  At this point, Fernando is so in love with Michele he doesn't care that she's murdered someone or is a member of the resistance.  How long have these two known each other exactly?  Michele is freaking out and tells Fernando to stay out of it but he's all in.

Cesar dies as a result of a poison which sets off a murder investigation. Ezequiel promises the council that he will get to the bottom of what happened to Cesar and get back to them shortly.

The candidates are isolated in the dining room.  Michele hands the empty capsule to Raphael and asks him to get rid of it for her. Michele doesn't want to do this herself because she knows that the candidates are being watched by CCTV. When Ezequiel enters the room, to avoid discovery, Raphael drops the capsule behind him. One by one, the candidates are brought in for questioning. When it's Fernando's turn, despite being told that he will be eliminated for collusion if he knows something but remains quiet, he lies and says that he knows nothing.  Raphael, who is also a member of the resistance lies.  When Michele is brought in, Ezequiel shows her Cesar's wife mourning over her dead husband. The guilt is clear on Michele's face but she denies murdering Cesar or knowing anything about his poisoning.

Rather than arresting Michele, whom Ezequiel clearly believes is guilty, Ezequiel arrests Aline and blames Cesar's murder on her.  Ezequiel even gets the resistance member who committed the first murder on the offshore to claim that Aline is a sleeper resistance agent whose job it was to infiltrate the offshore and get the leadership of the offshore to trust her, until she found an opportunity to act. Ezequiel argues to the council that Aline didn't actually mean to kill Cesar but was attempting to kill him because she wanted his position.

Aline isn't going to go down without a fight.  When Matheus asks to hear Aline's side of the story, she explains that Ezequeil is accusing her of murder to get her out of the way.  It's Nair who reminds Aline that she just finished a glowing review of Ezequeil.  Yeah, that review came back to haunt her.  Aline reveals  that she has proof that Ezequeil was visiting an inland child and uses her ring to try and send the councilors the file but unfortunately for Aline, Nair intercepts it and all the councilors see is a copy of Aline's review of Ezequiel. With no proof that she's being framed, Aline is informed that she will be sent back to the offshore to be tried.

The candidates are informed that they are free to go and that the murderer has been found.  Fernando suggests that Michele can not only relax but celebrate. The news of an arrest is no comfort for Michele because now, not only has she killed Cesar, an innocent person is going to be held responsible for her crime. The candidates all head back to their room and Michele tells Fernando that she's tired and wants to be alone. When Michele enters her room she finds Ezequiel waiting for her.

Michele clearly let her emotions get the best of her when she tried to kill Ezequiel. Forcing Michele to tell Bruna's parents to sign up their younger child for the test and recounting the loss of her brother broke something inside of her. It's clear that Ezequeil knows that Michele is guilty but getting rid of Aline proved to be far more convenient.  I don't believe for one minute however that Ezequeil is going to let Michele get away with killing Cesar.

I understand completely why Raphael decided to lie for Michele but why did Fernando? Fernando has made Michele his entire life, claiming that if she leaves the process he will as well. Fernando may have difficulty with the process now that he sees how this all works, but he's known Michele for a New York minute. By lying to Ezequiel, he's not only jeopardizing his role in the process, Fernando is jeopardizing his life.  Fernando is capable in so many ways and yet the writers have created him as this emotionally needy creature who just latches on. Fernando didn't even listen when Michele warned him that he has no idea of who she is.

Aline may not have been able to successfully defend herself against the charges Ezequiel lodged against her but I don't believe for one minute that we've seen the last of her.  I am convinced that she's going to regain the upper hand somehow. A showdown between Aline and Ezequeil should be interesting.