Monday, November 20, 2017

Z Nation, Season 4, Episode 7: Warren's Wedding

Hey, you know how this season has been surprisingly mature and sensible for Z Nation generally sticking to the plot and not involving completely out there random episodes which just cause headaches?

Zombie Juggalos.

Yup, back into the weird stuff.

So after starting all mature and moving with Lucy’s funeral the gang move son - only we can see Murphy is clearly traumatised and angry. He is attacking zombies, when normally he’s the first to hide at the back of a crowd, and quick to intervene, spoiling for a fight. He’s not listening to Warren (and has a lot of seething anger towards her)

This all leads to them rescuing a woman tied to a ferris wheel just out of reach of zombies. Warren doesn’t want to intervene, but Murphy insists

On releasing her the woman talks about, well, lots of random stuff but mainly that her son is the house from which loud music is playing. Murphy is determined to charge in - rescue, revenge - whatever they’re bad people so he’s justified in hitting them and killing them

Warren desperately tries to stop him - it’s the zombie apocalypse, there are few humans left, you can’t just kill people. But lilley points out he’s acting out of trauma - and 10k and Doc as well - and they can’t be easily stopped. But she refuses to join them; she won’t be part of it, she won’t enable it. So she stays with the released woman who talks about fraygo, partying and pretty much all the drugs ever.

While Murphy & co go inside and get captured by juggalos. Or post apocalyptic zuggalos.

If you don’t know what a juggalo is, join me in joyful confusion of this apparent subculture and wonder in a kind of desperate lostness why I am watching this or why this is here.

So being captured involves some circus style torture and Warren having a drinking game/quiz with king juggalo and holding her own because she knows a surprising amount about Insane Clown Posse apparently. This impresses him enough for this to turn into a rap battle, thena  wedding to make Warren Queen  Zugalo because why not

Which is when rescued lady returns with Lilley and she’s king Zugalo’s mother and she’s all pissed off and then they both argue about zombie daddy who they keep locked in the cupboard because why not. Then they fight, Murphy decides to have a long rant about parenthood and how he wanted to be better for Lucy etc etc and then people die, there are zombies and it all gets messy.

Honestly the episode was the far side of bizarre but everyone dies except the gang

One thing that does come out of it is that Warren accepts responsibility for Lucy’s death - since they were running after her vision quest and she realises she simply can’t drag everyone else on this any more. Instead she’s going to take them all to Newmerica first and then she’s going to follow her visions alone