Thursday, March 22, 2018

iZombie, Season 4, Episode 3: Brainless in Seattle Part 1

We’re introduced to another awfulness in the world of New Seattle - people trying to be smuggled into the city for various reasons. Coyotes are there to help - but the people who do this are ruthless. It’s also very dangerous - the American military surrounding the city is shooting people on sight - I presume people leaving as I can’t imagine the excuse to shoot those trying to get in

We have Annie, a young woman trying to get into Seattle to meet the man she loves… she has paid a large amount of money to get into the city for bribes and fees

And she’s this week’s crime victim. She’s found shot, her head smashed open and most of her brain taken. This is not the kind of crime anyone wants to hit the news

Also I like Ravi and Liv making tasteless jokes over the corpse but being so very disapproving over Clive accidentally saying the wrong thing. Because I miss them tormenting him. It’s also fun to see Clive openly expressing his frustration at Liv’s brain nonsense but putting up with it for visions. Their dynamic is always fun.

So what is the brain? The brain is “hopeless romantic” as you’d expect from a woman who moved across the country to a walled zombie city to hunt down an internet romance. And it may be the most annoying brain there has ever ever been. Liv on this brain is hopelessly in love with anyone who passes her by - she fixates on Allan, the distraught, equally romantic boyfriend of Annie who is devastated. And more than a little freaked out at Liv’s not-so-subtle focus on her. They are both truly nauseating, already planning weddings, children etc etc. Clive takes the box of brain chocolates off her.

Also it’s Sam Huntington which means I can’t help but seem him as a werewolf.

Clive also reminds Liv he’s a suspect so totally not an appropriate date. Instead what they need is a coyote - and Liv realises the best person to speak to is Leone - Renegade.

And she’s not the only one interested in Renegade. While Chase Graves isn’t overly interested in Major reporting his issues with the whole zombie scratch last episode (they’re now being sued) but does demand that Major get the video back. Which isn’t easy

He has another issue - and goes to his squad with a poster from the “Darwin” group who want zombies to volunteer to leave the city to be experimented on. He is not happy and wants to stop this

To which his squad politely ask “are you out of your ever loving fecking mind, sir?” The American military can deal with zombies leaving New Seattle. What they need to worry about is the brain shortage - with few volunteers, coyotes making NEW zombies illictly, and a whole lot of brains going missing they’re months away from starvation and disaster - and it all being blamed on Chase

Looking at this, this is an excellent scene to show how much the city is on edge just by seeing how much Chase is avoiding the problems, seems more than a little overwhelmed and unable to deal, even actively seeking out distractions - and showing how little he cares about something potentially explosive like Major’s issue last episode.

Chase tries to address the issue by going to Blaine and demand he find Renegade - because Renegade is the Coyote creating the most zombies (usually people with severe health issues cured by zombieness).

And we’re reminded just how ominous Blaine can be. He menaces his brain supplier (who is clearly working with the Coyote who killed Annie since he has her brain. Donnie and Blaine know. Neither of them care) into getting a lead on Renegade. He’s scary

They find a man who was made into a zombie by her to cure his parkinsons. While he looks a bit laughable - he adamantly refuses to be intimidated even facing torture to give up Renegade. Instead Blaine uses one of his stored zombie cures - he only has 16 - to turn him human and then eats his brain. I wonder if there are side effects to eating cured brain?

Back to Liv and she decides to meet her true love at the Scratching post (Blaine’s bar) which is having a very unwise sounding but surprisingly fun human and zombie night. She wants to meet her true love and since Peyton can’t convince her it’s a bad bad idea she lures in Ravi to share the pain. This involves a Ravi fashion show and a whole lot of fun - these three are so good together

When Major appears, exhausted, frustrated and still annoyed with Liv, he is not joining in.

They go to the club and Liv is obviously stood up but the complete stranger who doesn’t know why he is being fixated on but that’s ok, she quickly falls for another complete stranger who is probably also eating Annie brains

The night is surprising fun and while Ravi abandons them to dance with all the girls, Peyton gets drunk and enjoys herself two - and I forgot how good Peyton and Ravi could be together.

Unfortunately they also see Dale kissing another man - Liv assumes this means she is cheating on Clive and becomes super passive aggressive and tries to set Clive up with other women because ROMANCE BRAIN. I’m betting that they’ve opened their relationship to deal with the libido issue.

I do think that Peyton and Ravi are probably heading back together.

Finally Liv has a vision of the Coyote for Clive which she gets the long suffering forensic artist to draw (after drawing her new true love) and she also has a visit from Renegade who identifies him as Bruce - part of a Coyote ring who murders people for money and brains. She doesn’t think there’s a way to stop them but she does insist on remembrance and mourning

I wonder if Chase would actually disapprove of this?

She and Clive follow the visions - and find many bodies. In time for a to be continued.

And again we see more of Seattle and the troubles it has - I like how we’re still focused on Liv and the crimes but the world building is definitely growing more and more. The world building is happening in the background and doing an exceptional job of setting up this city on the edge.