Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Stargate Origins, Season 1, Episode 8, 9 10

So james and Catherine have clearly been happily busy since they wake up half naked in a tent in time for Asset’s arrival with her Nazi fanpoodles and professor Langford who continues to serve as nazi translator with no objections

The people all bow and scrape before Asset, their god, and for some bizarre reason Brucke the Nazi decides that he wants one of his Nazis to fight one of Asset’s soldier in hand to hand combat to the death to prove whether their minions will die for for their leaders. Which seems… bizarre. Unsurprisingly Asset’s warrior wins because a) he has a spear vs a knife and b) Asset’s arm is armed with medieval weaponry and therefore used to hand-to-hand combat more than the Nazis who are armed with guns.. I have absolutely no idea why he would think this was remotely a good idea.

When he sees his soldier about to die, he decides to shoot the warrior to save his soldier which really annoys Asset but she decides to let it go. And then he murders his Nazi soldier.

Eva is absolutely enraged that he dare kill a Nazi soldier and servant of of Hitler. She is not behind his god claims and is a loyal Nazi. So, y’know, evil either way. She keeps snarling at him from now on and has some pretty good put downs. He’s still promising Asset lots of slaves to convince her to keep allying with him.

Watching all this Catherine does her standard thing of wanting to charge in and get herself killed and James does his thing of stopping her, as he does. This dynamic is getting old.

Asset also makes a big speech about how she can give things to people and how she can take them away - and decides to break her healing stick she had given to the people. She has a tear in her eye while doing it so clearly she does care which is very un-Goa’uldy but there’s still not a lot of explanation of why she did this rather than have it used to heal her downed warrior? Serqet, the hotpants Goa’uld tries to handwave this but it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

What it does do is convince Kasuf and all his people that the Nazi has corrupted their god which I’m assuming is not her goal but who even knows.

Catherine speaks to Kasuf and shows him Stargate symbols so he can lead her to a place where various codes and co-ordinates for the Stargate are. She copies them down - then destroys them so the Nazis can’t use them. Of course when she returns to James and Wasif she realises Asset can just dial it up for them. On the way she tries to talk Kasuf out of his gods, that they’re enslaving him - but he insists they’re free and genuinely worship the gods. It’s hard to convince people they’re slaves when they don’t believe it? That’s the advantage of calling themselves god in the first place.

Waif and James plot how to get to the Stargate - and Wasif is very very very concerned about what the Nazis can do with all the naqueda and the Stargate, while Catherine and James are mainly concerned with each other (Wasif is finally frustrated by this).

Langford finally finds something resembling a spine and doesn’t translate Asset asking if they should kill Catherine et al. Eva continues to give Bruke shit and Bruke continues to be more and more of a megalomaniac. Langford also finally tells Asset that nazis are not nice people and Langford and the Nazi fight, Asset and Sequet just watch to let the humans fight their own battles

Asset also seems to have raided Lady Gaga’s wardrobe while Sequet is still rocking her hotpants.

James and Catherine kiss before heading into battle, upon hearing that they’re kissing because they fear they wouldn’t see each other again; Motawk kisses Wasif: hey I’ll take it

And then Ra arrives in his pyramid which rather puts the cat among the pigeons and sets everyone - including Asset - to panicking.

Catherine takes the chance to confront the Nazi to save her dad - Brucke insists that she totally won’t shoot him and she does. Repeatedly. He then insists that she can’t kill him because he’s a god and whoooooa that megalomania caught on very very quickly and out of nowhere. Who needs coherent motivation? Langford decides to convince Catherine not to shoot the Nazi because Reasons; Eva does it instead. After all him declaring himself a god pretty much means he’s no longer a loyal follower of Hitler and she’s officially done with him

Serqet then kills Eva and i have no idea why (which pretty much applies to everything here) but hey, dead Nazi, no complaints.

Despite freaking out about Ra, Asset decides to take the time to erase Langford and Catherine’s memories because motherhood and she’s a soft and fluffy Goa’uld. They can now make a run for the Stargate

And Ra arrives. And he’s just pissed at everything: the forbidden baby and Asset clearly planning a rebellion. And he knows all this because Serqet is secretly on his side - he sends her to stop Catherine & co escaping through the Stargate. The mind-wiped Catherine and Langford return home - but James is caught and presumably killed to ensure canon is preserved

Kasuf escapes to the city where he will lead in time for the Stargate films, while both Wasif and Mowtak don’t get to develop a relationship and are both enslaved by Ra. He then destroys Asset’s temple, all of Kasuf’s people and even moves the Stargate because he’s pissy like that

That just leaves Catherine and professor to tell the British officials they have no idea where Wasif and James got to - and how they never even knew he existed. And lo, this is right up there with “and they all woke up” for ending a story - just more depressing

Ok, that’s over and…. Why?

I mean, I can’t see it adding particularly to the overall canon, it’s obviously not going to be renewed (ending as it did with the rather dull and depressing ending), it’s not leading into anything new and I can’t imagine it’s earned enough money to justify its creation. It doesn’t add to any real backstory and the whole motivation of the characters and plots seems… bizarre at times.

I just don’t know what the point is unless you were going to do something with the survivors we haven’t already seen - like Wasif/Mowtak as Jaffa or Serqet or Aset as Goa’uld. If you’re not you’re just adding pretty irrelevant back story to people like Catherine and Kasuf who didn’t really need it

First gay male character in the entire greater Stargate ouvre… so… I guess that’s that? But limited points for doing this reveal like 5 minutes before brainwash and presumably jaffaness. But hey it was there at last, I guess. I will allow one very half-hearted yay. I would say Wasif wasn’t amazingly developed but no-one was - not even Catherine or James who just tended to wander around and squabble. And at least with Wasif we got away from the early Stargate habit of kind of portraying POC as either uneducated primitive people needing rescuing or aliens. So let’s have a second half-hearted yay.