Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Lucifer, Season 3, Episode 18: The Last Heartbreak

This episode has a lot of flashbacks of Pierce back in 1958 where he was also a detective and…

Hey this is a really bad way to be low key. I mean I thought he tried to hide who he was, even this episode he makes the point that he moved around a lot. Coming back to the same city and the same profession (hey which may have elimination prints on file even) may not be the best bet

Back then he was investigating a serial killer - the broken hearts killer - who killed couples (where one party was cheating) in a particularly gruesome and heart squishing manner. He decides to do all his work in a bar because who cares about crime scene photos being seen by all and sundry with a bevy of women all coming on to him and him ignoring all of them

Except the bar tender who has him pegged exactly - how he wants company (so he works in a bar) but doesn’t think he deserves it so he sits alone and drives people off and how he never let’s people in.   

In the present we have a copycat killer - the broken hearts killer was found (possibly by Pierce - but the credit taken by Ray his partner) and died recently in prison - only now we have a string of similar murders

We also have Pierce and Chloe. They had an excellent time together at the concert and Ella makes a big point of the chemistry they have together in case we missed it.and so Lucifer can be super jealous of Pierce having a relationship with Chloe

Yes, this is Lucifer’s issue of the week with jhim continually being jealous and pouty about Pierce and Chloe. Especially when Pierce joins the investigation because he has so much insider knowledge about the crime which makes him a genuine asset.

Best thing? Chloe telling Lucifer they have no time for his issues when there’s a damn serial killer on the loose. Amen Chloe, no more Lucifer shenanigans when people are dying.

They follow some red herrings - the wife who was being cheated on (now in therapy and dealing with her… excessive reactions), a guy who fanpoodled the original murders and did tours (had insider knowledge but from a cop he was paying to get info for his tours). Pierce manages to find his old bar and the granddaughter of the old bar tender: and she has all the old notes of the previous case as well. Turns out the original murderer used a radio show to find cheating spouses.

So time for a modern version with Lucifer playing the cheated on partner, Chloe his cheating partner and Pierce her new love. Because this show is subtle. This leads to some more red herrings with more people from the radio station deciding to post all the information of the victims of the show for more drama. This does open up the suspects again but luckily the murderer (a rather random guy) tries to murder Chloe and Pierce anyway at Pierce’s house (great view complete with rocks of the many many many places he’s visited).

Lucifer saves them and has something of a revelation from both Dan and this guy’s ranting - he doesn’t get to define who Chloe has relationships with and, shock horror, Chloe can actually have relationships with more than one man without him being replaced.

Things aren’t all good though - while Pierce is definitely making romantic moves on Chloe, we see from his flashbacks that he rejected the bar tender because he was afraid of connecting and wouldn’t let anyone in. He seems willing to do that with Chloe - even tells her he is willing to let her in. Except when granddaughter bartender asks him about his new love he says he’s getting what he always wanted - alongside his romanticism of her grandparents dying together after a long life it looks like Cain is still on his quest to die: and intends to use Chloe. I suspect this will not end well

At least Lucifer’s annoyingness ended rather maturely this episode

Another twist comes with Amenadiel running into Charlotte and, shocked, greeting her as “mom” and rambling about burning swords before realising his mother isn’t in that head. Oops. He tries to brush it off and runs to Linda to learn, obviously, that she knows all about Charlotte and just kind of thought he knew as well, which is fairly reasonable. Amenadiel thinks they should tell her the truth as Charlotte begged him to tell her - but Linda is against it. The truth nearly broke Linda and she’s much more stable than Charlotte, a deeply fragile woman who has literally gone to hell and back

Despite this advice he continues to follow Charlotte and, unsurprisingly, is caught… and he seems to tell her everything. I suspect this will not end well.

Last storyline is Maze - who is continuing to lash out and pout. One element that is interesting is she tells Dan, who is trying to get her to quit her shenanigans (sleeping with rockers in Trixie’s bed, giving pot brownies to her teacher) is that people are trying to change her: I assume this is her reasserting her demon-ness. Her tantrums lead to her saying something hurtful about Trixie - in Trixie’s hearing…. awww… Trixie

I don’t know if she’s reasserting her demon nature - and if so to who? Dan and Chloe? Or herself? Or whether she’s provoking Dan and Chloe into kicking her out so she doesn’t have to be the one to leave