Thursday, May 3, 2018

iZombie, Season 4, Episode 9: Mac-Liv-Moore

Isobel is a… fascinating character. She is dying and clearly has spent a long time getting used to the idea. She’s happy to make jokes about it (much to everyone’s discomfort) and it has clearly been her lived reality for a long time. She doesn’t want everyone checking on her and she’s happy to be a snarky, witty and generally very fun person

She also doesn’t want to leave New Seattle - Liv offers when it’s clear she’s immune to the zombie scratch - but Isobel doesn’t see the value in having a coyote risk their own lives so she can die in her bed. Similarly she doesn’t want her mother smuggling into the city for the express purpose of just dying in front of her. So it comes to passing her off as Liv’s neighbour for the time being.

Last week a bus full of dangerous prisoners was eaten by Angus’s mob - as Blaine predicted, no-one really cared much about these men dying being eaten and being torn apart.

Liv and Ravi still have a great fun snarking with the French detective.

More pressing are two dead bodies - a zombie woman and her human boyfriend which is… unusual. Detective Frenchman makes disparaging comments which annoy Clive, of course. So it’s time for Liv to eat a brain

Of a rapper


Actually, I’ll be honest, I thought this was going to be so very very very very very bad. So awful. So terribly terribly awful. But considering how many terrible obsessive brains Liv has had, this brain seemed like something she could throw off now and then. So other than her choice of clothing and the occasional random rapping Liv wasn’t that affected by this brain.

The main thing she sees in the vision is the killer - which was the easiest murder mystery ever. Except the killer was “Zombie Killer Cain” - who should have died on the bus. And is renowned for murdering many many zombies

Upon reporting this, Fillmore Graves decides to put the whole city on lockdown, curfew and institute martial law. Which has Peyton and Clive irritated that this is a thing Fillmore Graves can do now.

Chase orders Major and his little team (who are squabbling constantly because they’re kinda sorta dating. Or not. Either way they’re driving Major up the wall) to look for Cain. More disturbing is Chase himself who seems to be a little more broken and unhinged each episode. This time round he nearly destroys a locker when he hears about the priest Angus and his mob of anti-Fillmore Graves folk. He’s furious and decides someone must have been suppressing the reports he’s receiving. Truth or paranoia? Either way it’s not reassuring.

He’s also called by Ravi to bring his bag to him while patrolling because it’s super important. It’s his D&D figurine

And yes, while they’re on lockdown, Clive, Ravi, Vampire Steve and the forensic artist all play D&D which is amazing geeky fun - and Michelle joins them (the Thief of Shonadaland). And I had everything crossed that they’d just accept her and not explode into a mass of sexism… and they did accept her! It was everything I wanted

Except Clive then kisses Michelle and everything becomes AWKWARD.

Major is also super mean in pointing out to Ravi that Peyton is in the morgue and Ravi is playing D&D rather than spend time with her and he will totally tell her. I would say it’s perfectly find for couples to spend time apart, but when on a scary city wide martial law lock down due to vicious serial killers it’s probably nice to check in with your girlfriend

Unlike Ravi, Major doesn’t receive a warm welcome. Liv seems to be the only person who has no time for Major being Lieutenant Fascist. Peyton insists they love each other and should play nice. Personally I’m with Liv; he’d be dead to me.

Isobel also hangs around the morgue and impresses Ravi so much that when he realises she’s terminally ill he asks Liv to scratch her. And when she fudges he says he will do it in one of his zombie moments. Which leads to Ravi learning that Liv is the new Renegade and that Isobel is immune… being a doctor he instantly realises the potential for vaccine here. Liv and Peyton disapprove - but Isobel insists. She wants to be a guinea pig.

Major doesn’t find Cain but does find an apparent drunk and unconscious senior soldier and takes him home. Only realise the Major (an actual Major not Major) was actually knocked out, not drunk and his level 5 security clearance passes have been stolen

By Cain (who didn’t kill a helpless zombie? Really?) who has used those passes to sneak into Chase’s office, shoot him in the legs and declare Chase a mass murderer since Fillmore Graves was responsible for the mass infection. He considers all zombies dead - which is why he killed his zombie wife and child as an act of mercy. He rants, rambles and is shot by Major. Who could at least be a little torn over saving Chase Graves. Chase doesn’t want Major to kill him - but to scratch him so he can be executed zombie style. Because Chase is definitely easing over the edge here

But time for the most amusing plot lines - Blaine and Don-E and the tearful bodyguard and I don’t know when they became the funniest people here or when Don-E went from fool to fully fledged sidekick but they really work well together. Especially with Mr. Burns impressions

Blaine has Don-E eat a very very very very expensive brain - because he needs Don-E to become an ultra computer hacker. He has a plan - using the dark scary bits of the internet he’s going to sell the remaining 10 zombie cures he has. And to prove it he’s going to give a zombie one of the cures and then kill them on screen in a way that wouldn’t kill a zombie. Of course it would need to be someone who is very well known as a zombie

Enter the Mayor, currently entertained by a very reluctant and not happy Candy who is very much stuck as a sex worker working for Blaine. They drag out the mayor and give him the cure, on camera… he exclaims he’s human right before Blaine shoots him in the chest

After all that we also have the extra scary plan that Blaine wants the entire country to turn zombie - so the Seattle land he just bought cheap will soar in price again when the wall comes down

I think both he and Liv are missing the problem with brain supply here

Perhaps not as apocalyptic but certainly concerning is Blaine hacking Peyton’s email account because he’s still not over here.

The next day the mayor’s body is found and causes a conundrum - because he’s dead but human. The French detective thinks that’s simple - he’s human, he’s not his problem