Friday, May 11, 2018

Shadowhunters, Season 3, Episode 8: A Heart of Darkness

Lilith is free, the queen of Edom! The biggest, scariest demon ever who no doubt has schemes that could doom us all. In the face of this the gang has decided to… obsess about Jace and Clary!

Of course, it’s not like there’s anything more important in the world!

Lillith is awfully upset by there being a daylighter running around because he can banish her and ruin all her awful plans. She decides the best thing to do about this is to go visit the Seelie queen, since she’s the one who gave Simon the mark in the first place

She goes to the Seelie realm (possibly because the previous queen, before they became sworn enemies, gave her an invitation) and kills a few of the queen’s knights before confronting the queen. From this convo we learnt that when Lillith pissed off the last queen the Seelie gifted Eve with super-beauty and that the Seelie queen probably gave the mark to Simon as some kind of long term passive aggressive way of fucking with Lillith

To which we know the Seelie are both Supremely Petty and love to fight their wars 8 steps ahead

Lillith plans to kill the queen but she buys her life by selling out where Jace is because unlike everyone else on this show she doesn’t think Jace and Clary are the centre of the universe.

Jace is being imprisoned and doing the classic, pouty possession thing lashing out ineffectually while everyone else gets all serious. Rather than deal with Lillith and her world ending plans, Izzy and Alec decide to play around in Jace’s head helped by Magnus’s magic where we get some child actors trying to play these characters without upstaging the adults which must have been damn hard given the acting quality of this series.

After many little scenes which, in another series, would serve to build and grow his personality. Not this show.

We do have a wonderful scene where Jace begs Alec to kill him, please kill him, so he stops doing bad things.

I second this plea. Alas Alec says no. So he turns to Izzy and, alas, she also says no.

Don’t tease me Shadowhunters.

At this point Lillith arrives to steal Jace away and threaten Magnus. She doesn’t kill Magnus because his demon dad may start a war. Which suggests that that demon is invested in Magnus. Think we may show that at some point? Or is what should be a major character moment and story hook going to be a brushed over?

Meanwhile Simon, Maia and Jordan are indulging in sexual tension and dealing with all their personal issues while occasionally sparing a little time tracking down Lillith. This is really the extent of how much attention they think Lillith is worth

The investigation is derailed by Jordan repeatedly making puppy-dog eyes and creeping on Maia until she nearly changes and needs hugging out of it by Simon and then she needs space and

Can SOMEONE at least pretend to care about the archdemon here. Even Maia says “Clary is what’s important here”. Oh Maia, et tu Brute?!

Meanwhile Clary completely wasted everyone’s time getting arrested by the Clave last episode for no damn good reason. She’s not on trial with the Truthy Sword so she can explain to everyone about how she was trying to cover up a murder, hide a possession and generally being awful. Oh and that wish that the Clave was keeping in case the world was actually ending and needed literal divine intervention was instead used to resurrect Jace

Yup, the Clave are really not excited about this. And plan to execute her

Oh, Shadowhunters stop teasing me.

Luke is going to ride to the rescue after getting Maryse to help him learn what’s happening by having her go to the woman her ex-husband had an affair with. And I give huge respect to actually depicting Maryse as respecting and not hating this woman. I also think that Clary owes her a cake or a tasteful fruit basket or something. Oh and Luke is going to risk his life to save Clary, of course.