Sunday, May 13, 2018

Siren, Season 1, Episode 4: On the Road

At the ominous military base, the captured siren is now fighting back - and when they’re trying to take samples from her she manages to escape and pretty much slaughter everyone.

Having slaughtered her way through she meets up with Chris who has managed to stagger from his hospital bed. He’s injured, hurting, has no idea what a mermaid is or that this woman with legs is one. But together they manage to escape. The mermaid killed nurse Donna and stole her clothes. Also her keys and her ID badge

Hey this secure facility doesn’t use photo ID, it seems. I mean I didn’t see the badge but I can’t think of any other way Chris could mistake this Black mermaid (which points for because that’s very unusual to see) for the white nurse called Dionna whose badge she stole.

They escape, Chris having no idea that “Donna” is a siren and failing to communicate with her as she’s all lost and confused by the modern world, radios etc. He’s also still badly injured from being slashed on the boat and not really ready to leave hospital. Having to occasionally follow Donna through the woods when she wanders of is not helping

At the facility, Decker (the guy who was sort of sympathetic to the mermaid - and whose unwillingness to weaken/hurt her further may have given her the chance to escape in the first place) arrives to find everyone dead. Reviewing the tape reveals that mermaids can grow legs for the first time - and also that she’s smart enough to learn things like needing to steal clothing in order to fit in.

Big bad Admiral guy turns up and he definitely blames Decker for Donna’s escape and is super worried at the idea mermaids may be out there masquerading as humans

Meanwhile Xan and Cal have been somewhat inexpertly trying to stalk the real Donna and calls in Ben (and Maddison) who has just been interrupted in the shower by Ryn to build up this very uncomfortable and alien sorta-sexual tension thing brought on by mermaids not having boundaries and maybe having mind control songs. They’re all concerned about bringing Ryn with them since she’s getting pretty dry away from the ocean but she insists.

Helen turns out to have some medication that will help with that (and may have the same allergic reaction with more and more hints that Helen is almost certainly a mermaid herself) though she still thinks Ryn should go back to the ocean. For more Helen-is-a-mermaid proof we have her telling Ryn how silly it was to go near the surface chasing good

I suspect, since Ben’s father runs a fishing company we’re going to have messages about overfishing here.

Another complicated element for future development is Ben wanting to put a tracking necklace on Ryn so they can study her in the wild. Madison is especially leery about treating Ryn like an animal for study when she’s clearly an intelligent person. We’re definitely having a whole animal vs person debate here.

Anyway the whole gang breaks into the real Donna’s house to find suspicious military people doing suspicious stuff and when they lurk outside the military base (which you’d think would be a bit more alert than this) they see lots of body bags been loaded up.

Chris staggering around eventually finds a phone to call the gang to help and they ride to the rescue, getting him free. He needs medical attention though and they realise the military will be looking for him so they need to keep this hidden. No problem, Ben calls his doctor friend

Who is totally fine treating people who should be in hospital who instead they decide to get care for violent wounds at home, off books with no records because this doctor is the shadiest medical professional ever. I swear by the end of this series we better learn he works for the mob or something.

They’re right about needing to be off the radar because Decker is definitely tracking them. At least Ryn and Donna reunite and head to the ocean, staggering out to sea and resuming their true forms. And Ben’s little tracking necklace fails.

Through this the Sheriff, Maddie’s dad, is still trying to find Ryn and is getting suspicious after Doug (Ben’s brother) described her being at the same party as Ben and Maddie after Maddie’s denials. She keeps on denying it

In an odd way this episode feels almost like an end. Ryn wanted to find her sister and go home. She found her sister… and went home. So what now? I can only assume the hook now is the military which is definitely not going to give up.