Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Lucifer, Season 3, Episode 24: A Devil of My Word

Charlotte is dead and everyone is stunned, Dan bereft, Ella sad and Lucifer moved that he will never see her again as he is never going to heaven, unlike Chloe

This episode, more than any other, Lucifer is super open about who he is to Chloe… and she thinks it’s all a metaphor, becoming ever more frustrated but trying to understand as she cuts through his metaphorical language.

One surprising element is Pierce is rather quickly exposed to the dream team. Dan, grieving, goes to Charlotte’s apartment and realises that she was investigating him as the Sinnerman. Lucifer confirms this - much to Dan and Chloe’s outrage because he never told them. But they’re focusing on getting Pierce right now and are willing to address his avoiding the answer (though he claims he did tell them a lot - but in “metaphor” speech)

Chloe doesn’t jump on board but when Pierce addresses the department, she knows that this level of emotion is just alien to Pierce. She knows he’s lying. So now they have to prove it.

Pierce is resurrecting his Sinnerman guise, including his network of criminals and people who owe him favours. And he’s got his best men doing something vitally important.

Guarding Maze

Humans, guarding Maze

Despite being drugged and chained up, Maze escapes and murders all of them - she then runs four miles across town to traumatise one of Linda’s patients to collapse on her sofar after being sure Linda is ok. Before she was drugged, Pierce said he had someone pointing a gun at Linda and Maze was terrified she was going to be killed

Maze and Linda have a beautiful re-establishment of their friendship; with Linda awed that Maze would carve through 12 men and run four miles to get to her side; saying that these actions speak louder than any words. But to Maze, actions are easy but words are hard - so she needs to say that she’s sorry. As does Linda and they hug and are best friends forever. Maze worries that being around humans makes her weak but Linda is clear that the emotion of people around her makes people strong and Maze has never been stronger

This whole scene is so perfect and bitter - bitter because this beautiful awesome scene is the last time we will ever see these two characters. Aaargh…

Chloe et al also realise that Pierce will have resurrected his network so decide to track down the person Pierce is clearly framing for Charlotte’s murder (I kind of love the scene where they find the gun and the suspect says “it’s not mine!” and they’re all “we know, you’re being framed, pay attention.”). They’re at a charity gala for the rich and suspicious but realise the sinnerman is so good at favours that they need to track down the least suspicious man there.

They manage this - and we have an awesome moment where Chloe outright acknowledges Lucifer‘s strange, supernatural power.

Despite all this, Pierce is still cunning. Bringing Ella into the know they use her to set up Lucifer and Pierce having a big confrontation. And Pierce realises he’s alone with no Chloe to make him vulnerable and he is no longer immortal. He does confess all to Lucifer about how he tried to get his mark back by trying to kill Amenadiel. While Lucifer explains Amenadiel’s theory of how your own belief changes you - he now is coming to believe that Amenadiel was right. That he gained his devil face because after his failed rebellion against god he thought he was a monster and hated himself - so changed. While he thinks Pierce gave up his mark because, in loving Chloe, he finally did something unselfish and decided that he deserved to get what he wanted.

Pierce doesn’t buy that - but he has figured out Lucifer’s weakness: wanting to be good. So when he screams out for cops to help, Lucifer is attacking, Lucifer isn’t willing to slaughter a bunch of cops.

Time for everyone to gather for plan B, but first Ella and Lucifer talk faith and god and Lucifer actually defends god, thinking they’re all far more responsible for their own actions than they like to believe. I don’t think Ella entirely believes it, calling her relationship with god “rocky”

Personally, as I said with the nature of good, evil, guilt and hell, I think this makes for a very dangerous and worrisome morality system. There are a lot of very good people who feel guilty for being unable to do more or over minor crimes. And a whole lot of truly reprehensible, vile, orange-tinted people who feel no guilt at all, no matter how many pussies they grab.

They do manage to find Pierce’s sinnerman assistant when he’s set up to kill Dan for suspecting Pierce is responsible for Charlotte’s death. They capture him when he tries to shoot Dan in the head and then question him: he’s very reluctant to tell them anything but Dan calls on his dark side. He reminds us who he was before he was a bumbling comic relief. Dan was a dirty cop. Dan was a man who hid evidence. Dan was a man who actually murdered someone. Dan, despite all the goofiness, is not a nice person

It suitably terrifies the man to… lead them into a trap. So not that effective

Lucifer and Chloe walk into that trap and Chloe steps in front of Lucifer when it’s clear he’s who Pierce is after. Pierce knows Lucifer won’t rest, Lucifer will chase him to the ends of the Earth - and he can die now so he’d rather not have the devil chase him down

Chloe tries to stand in the way, appealing in the name of the love he had for her - but it’s clear he cares more about living than Chloe. And she cares more about Lucifer than Pierce - she shoots at him, his minions shoots at her (and hits... but she has a bullet proof vest). With everyone else pulling gun he covers her - and shields them with his wings, yelling in pain as his wings are torn and shredded by multiple bullets

It’s an epic scene.

As the bullet smoke clears, Lucifer vanishes with Chloe. And either she wasn’t hit or he heals her. She’s lost and confused but he leaves her on a distant roof to return to confront Pierce and his men

And I think the whole angels can’t kill people is awfully… stretched… as Lucifer carves a path through the men with his wings and confronts Pierce. Pierce has an ace held back… he has one of Maze’s knives. And hellforged blades can kill even him.

Or could if Pierce wasn’t human and Lucifer wasn’t the devil. They fight and Lucifer wins the upper hand unsurprisingly (we’ve seen Lucifer throw people through walls) stabs Pierce with a hellblade. Pierce boasts about going to heaven. Oh. No. Not happening.

Lucifer crouches next to his dying body and reminds him of killing Charlotte. His choice. His decision. His guilty guilty GUILTY decision. As Lucifer drives the guilt home, his eyes turn red, his face turns devilish…. Until his full devil face is restored and Pierce dies

And Chloe arrives. She sees his devil face. And she says “it’s all true.”

And it ends….

And that was the last episode of the season

And this was the last season.

It. Ends. HERE?!

This… this has to be one of the worst endings to a show ever?! You set everything up to be awesome, everything we’ve wanted from this show for so long, for a season that won’t exist

What, did Fox think too many people had moved on from Firefly and it was time to enrage another set of fans?

Chloe knows who Lucifer is, Lucifer is finally moving on from his daddy issues, Dan confronting his dark past, Amenadiel with his wings back, Chloe and Lucifer facing a whole new relationship, Maze and Linda reconciled in awesome friendship AND YOU END NOW?!

I am so immensely frustrated because this is what we’ve needed all season and if we did maybe this season wouldn’t have been so poor. And it’s been a very poor season. It’s been poor because Lucifer himself has been so terrible which is a crying shame because Tom Ellis is AWESOME in this role (anyone who endured the tripe that was Miranda - who knew he could pull this off?!). But all season we’ve had the same pattern - Lucifer gets some idea in his head (God hates hats) and then obsesses on this (loves hat wearers, tries to make everyone wear hats) all seasons. Crime is coincidentally solved. Other characters have far more interesting storylines but we don’t really develop because we’re focused far more on Lucifer and hats. But the core was always there - Lucifer was awesome and far more so in previous seasons when we saw him at his sexy, sinister best. Maze and her conflicts over humanity was awesome. Linda, the whole concept of Linda, was awesome. Charlotte and her battle for redemption and her fears was very powerful. Ella was fun. Amenadiel looking for reason could have been awesome. Even, as we saw this episode, Dan could have been good.

All of this also leads me to the cover of minority characters - because between Dan, Amenadiel, Maze and Ella we had 4 main characters who were POC, we had a number of excellent female characters. All of these characters were excellent, their storylines were good but everything needed more but Lucifer kept getting in the way. All of them deserved more but at the same time they couldn’t have more without exposing how hollow Lucifer’s characterisation is

For LGBTQ representation, Lucifer is the very essence of a blink-and-you-miss-it-portrayal. Lucifer is the only LGBTQ character and despite having lots and lots of casual sex, despite lots and lots and lots of flirting, despite lots and lots and lots and lots of innuendo there are, at best, two vanishingly brief scenes that give a nod to his attraction to men. This near-invisible form of representation is depressing because people will try to sell the LGBTQ protagonist - but if you happen to have gone to the bathroom or put the kettle on or sneezed at the wrong time you’d completely miss it. We deserve representation better than can be disguised by a single sneeze