Monday, August 20, 2018

Killjoys, Season 4, Episode 5: Greening Pains

The gang is getting back to normality - but there is no normality

Sure, D’avin and Dutch deal with a lot of awkwardness with brief conversation, kissing and sex which seems to bury a lot between them

While Johnny spends this whole episode being adorable. He’s incredible adorable with the baby, super adorable about being healthy again and generally adorable

But there’s still a lot there - the baby for one. And Zeph isn’t entirely comfortable with Johnny over the whole Evil!Hullen!Johnny thing and he’s all apologetic about that (and looking more sexy). Johnny and dutch are back to normal and awesome together - but Dutch is still obsessed about the Story Kleine told her about she and Johnny and how it’s the key.

There’s also some shenanigans back on Westerley which has Pree leaving the group to go back home and try and address that.

Which leaves everyone else with the elephant in the room - a baby. Pip is good with kids having had several younger siblings (and the only people to look up to him). Zeph has issues with kids because in her family that’s absolutely all she was expected to care about.

Pip also snarks about how they have no drinks which aren’t alcoholic - have they been drunk the entire time he’s known them?!

This line is perfect and speaks for so many shows - I mean, The Vampire Diaries alone drank more whiskey than they ever did blood.

But there’s a problem: the child is growing rapidly due to freaky Hullen-ness and the child will likely die of old age or generally squishiness before the end of the year. The gang decide they need to head back to Westerley to get an expert in weird biology-ness but Dutch vetoes this: she assumes the many many many many missing kids in Westerley are probably the Hullen trying to find baby Hullen so they need another expert biology-type-person

Thankfully Pip is still the chancer who has many dodgy contacts and tells them he knows such a person on the space station of Utopia. Basically a Hive of Villainy and dodgy trading. And his contact is a dealer in biological weapons. Nice.

So the plan is to bribe him which doesn’t work and Kraven refuses to see them

So time for a heist! Dutch, D’avin and Johnny lay out the plan (which is hilarious and involves D’avin in a mask) and Pip decides that naaaaah he doesn’t want to earn the ire of a dealer in chemical and biological weaponry because he’s not a damn fool.

Can I say now that I quite like this about Pip? I like that he isn’t queing up to martyr himself for the people he kind of likes but isn’t really that invested in. Martyrdom for people you barely know is pretty much default for side characters in the genre and it’s nice to see a character who is willing to say “hey, no, your plan screws me other”

But they don’t really need Pip because they’ve already tricked him to case the joint so now they can put their plan into action

It doesn’t work because Kraven is actually not a human they can capture but a computer program which requires Johnny to use his skillful computer-fu to disable his nerve gas and pull him out on some flash drives before joining D’avin. D’avin has been involved in a n absolutely hilarious fight with Kraven’s minions each using combat stimulants and then taking more and more and more and more until he’s a giggling high mess of hilarity.

High hyper D’avin is hilarious.

Baby has now grown to teenager level and is eating all the things and D’avin is debating what to say to his technically-son-in-a-weird-science-way while also being utterly high as a kite while Dutch gently tries to corral him into a corner until he comes down from his anxious hyper space. It’s still cute

The Jacobi brothers are really hitting all the cuteness points this episode.

Speaking of Johnny, he plugs Kraven into Lucy’s computer while Lucy snarks at him and he begs and then she’s not talking to him and Kraven is flirting with Lucy and there’s lots of mutual praise and Johnny is put out and it is ADORABLE.

But the boy has vanished - Pip, who had one of the Lady’s Goo-Spiders crawl down his throat and possess him - so he’s gone walk about with the boy. This doesn’t really go anywhere as the gang quickly finds him, D’avin headbuts Pip and they get him tied down. Because tying random people to beds because of random tying up possessed people is a thing.

They apply the cure to the nameless boy and all is good he’s no longer dying. And they get rid of Kraven

Meanwhile on Westerly, Gared and Fancy are the worst detectives ever and while they do find the people kidnapping kids, but Gared ends up kidnapped along with them. Hopefully Pree will come to the rescue and we’ll have some more of their scenes together actually focused on each other and not other people

While Turin is on the Hullen fleet to try and figure out how to get the ships moving now all the goo has frozen. He’s working with the ex-Hullen guy that Zeph performed her science magic on. He’s slowly waking up and eventually remembers his name: Weej. he also shelters Turin when the army of Hullen zombies seems to wake up: possible new character

On Lucy Dutch is still obsessed with the story we had recapped about her and Johnny and she wants to know why Khlyen says this is the key so much. But as she compares notes with Johnny she realises they have very different memories of what happened: some of which they put down to, y’know, memory. But when Johnny insists that the assassin was a man when Dutch is sure she was a woman they realise that different memories or Johnny changing the story for it to be cooler isn’t what’s happening. Khlyen, realising the Lady was plundering Dutch’s mind, has altered her memories. They realise this could be a code if they can tease out what Dutch is remembering incorrectly

And our supreme queen, Delle Sayah, finally wakes up and is sad because she’s de-hullenised and now feeling things. Johnny sympathises but says the key is to make up for your arseholery. Which… may be hard since Delle Sayah was pretty evil even before that