Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Fear the Walking Dead, Season 4, Episode 9: People Like Us

We have a big storm coming with flying zombies. I’m pretty sure that Z Nation did the whole Zomnado thing first.

But the main point of this episode was to recap where everyone is currently mentally and emotionally by having Morgan visit them all

So basically I can recap the whole episode with “everyone is super super sad”. Except John because I don’t think he even understands the concept of sad.

Luciana has fallen into a deep depression. She doesn’t think anything matters any more and she spends all day listening to terrible music she’s found in a mansion Victor’s set up in. This is pretty dangerous since she listens to the music and even ignores when zombies are sneaking up on her. This is not a good survival tactic.

Victor is equally broken only he’s working through this by emptying the very very very extensive wine cellar. Again, not a great survival method.

John is still recovering from his wound and June is nursing him. He has a hope - he wants to go back to his cabin with Charlotte and June and they can live happily ever after

Until a herd arrives or some guys with guns. It’s not exactly the best thought out tactic for long term survival. June also has her own doubts. Sure she and John spent some happy times together - but that was when June wasn’t June, she’d ignored her past and was living a kind of persona. She doesn’t know if John will like her now she’s being her. Althea has some great advice for letting the past go and moving on.

And Alicia? Well she’s not doing so well. Morgan finds her out on her own collecting notes from zombies - someone is putting notes asking for help on the zombies and sending them out like very morbid carrier pigeons.

Personally I rather think the whole effort involved in pinning messages to zombies, not being eaten by said zombies then hiding from said zombies long enough for them to forget you and go wandering off means you probably have the skills and resources to help yourself…

Morgan goes with Alicia and they find they’re too late - and all of Alicia’s grief spills out

Obviously she’s doing this to distract herself. But it’s also a kind of redemption - just as Madison become the ruthless do-what-you-need-to-survive then changed and embrace hope and created the stadium, Alicia sees herself as going the other way. Since Madison’s death, hunting the vultures, she became the ruthless one. What I think is interesting is how Fear the Walking Dead recognises or presents it as an UNHEALTHY redemption attempt. This isn’t an attempt to be better or find hope, it’s self flagellation and really broken and well presented.

Morgan makes relatively brief attempts to get everyone to come with him to Alexandria but everyone says no - he plans to leave with Althea driving but is derailed by the storm when helping Alicia find her note maker

Everyone else is looking for Charlie. She managed to escape a close encounter with a zombie and then ran off - John went looking for her and recruited Victor because John is still injured (and Victor too drunk). Luciana got pulled in as she drove Charlie out of the mansion into the storm when she saw her - since Charlie shot Nick, Luciana is not a fan of the murder child - but then she saw the kid left behind the book Nick gave her… and the guilts hit

Althea and June were busy checking out weird stuff happening upriver - evidenced by the large number of zombies floating down the river.

So the whole team is now split up - during the zombnado.

Ok, Morgan wanting to back to Alexandria.

Part of me is annoyed by this - and I second Renee’s opinion that this is because Rick is going to disappear this coming season and Morgan, as witness/cautionary tale for all of Rick’s issues, needs to be there. I’m also irritated that he’s phrasing it as basically him wanting to go back to Rick to tell him he was right. Oh Morgan, of course he’s right. He’s always right. He knows this. Don’t for one second think Rick has ever entertained the idea he’s wrong!

But I do think everyone SHOULD go to Alexandria. It is a plan. And it’s very very clear none of them have a plan. Luciana and Victor have both fallen into self-destructive depressions and if that doesn’t kill them, lack of supplies or some wandering group seeing the big house and wine cellar or simple cirrhosis of the liver will kill them. John has a plan but it’s clearly more

Alexandria is a stable community, a safe community - insofar as anywhere is safe any more - with proven ability to defend itself and a clear willingness to take in new people especially with Morgan vouching for them. Going there is sensible anyway - and doubly so as a salve for the obvious ongoing issues Luciana, Victor and Alicia have giving them hope, something to live for and a sense of purpose.

What i wonder is is whether they’ll do that (oh I don’t think they’re ARRIVE as that would necessitate merging Fear the Walking Dead with Walking Dead, but they could leave) and if they don’t, how long Morgan will try to convince them. Because this whole “I have to go tomorrow” schtick doesn’t make sense. There’s no time limit. He has an injured leg and John, Victor, Luciana and Alicia are all hurting in various ways and his apparent infinite compassion would argue for some delay to at least try to convince them.

At the same time I’m not exactly thrilled with Morgan being the Magical Guide to just about everyone.