Sunday, August 19, 2018

Wynonna Earp, Season 3, Episode 5: Jolene

Jolene continues her campaign of mind controlling baked goods (she’s also played by Zoie Palmer so you know no-one has a chance against such concentrated awesomeness) that convinces everyone that she is the best person ever

They does mean the gang is happy to tie up Michelle in the barn and suspect her, with Jolene excellently twisting the knife (Jolene uses passive aggression and incitement as an ART form here. I am in AWE of her ability to turn people on each other with just a nice little passive aggressive dig) all convinced that Michelle is the worst and wants to kill Waverley

Michelle insists that she doesn’t - but a demon is stalking her all her life until Michelle managed to bind the demon to her in her failed exorcism… which then broke when Waverley touched her.

Waverley has some vague memories of being stalked by something toothy and awful… and Doc tells Wynonna about the demonic voice he heard on Michelle’s taped therapy notes (adding that he’s been to hell which is why he can hear it. They put a pin in that for later).

But between them they realise that maybe Michelle is right and there is a demon - so they let her go. But before she can ask “who the hell is Jolene?” Jolene is quick to stuff baked goods in her mouth and Michelle joins them all in the happy Jolene fantasy world. It’s clear if you go some time without eating Jolene’s baking, the mind control wears off and Jolene is constantly feeding them more tasty mind bending treats

We all have that friend who is a feeder (actually I think I may be that friend…)

Michelle is also introduced to Wynonna’s sorta-boyfriend Doc (and undead relic from the old west) which she seems far more able to deal with than Waverley dating a female cop - but she puts a pin in that as well.

At this point Jolene is running around throwing cakes at people and really really turning the gang against each other - and especially Waverley. She wants Waverley dead but cannot kill her herself… so she needs to set up her death in other ways

She pokes Nicole about how the Earps don’t keep her in the loop and kind of treat her as an afterthought

She pokes Doc with the idea that, as a human bartender with a probably personality disorder, just what real use is he to the gang, really? Her kiss also seems to work like baked goods for turning people against Waverley.

The gang set up to try and trap the demon but Jolene is ahead of them - she takes the Revenant warder Wynonna beheaded last episode (decapitation doesn’t kill Revenants), an apparent abusive rapist, cuts out his tongue and sends him in to be killed by the Earps - well he will not be missed but the Earps do mistake him for the demon they were hunting. Which is… not really sensible and nags at them but hey, victory

Waverley also asks about her real dad and Michelle calls him a good man called “Julian”.

Jolene also lures Waverley outside and going all demonic provokes Waverley into hitting her just as the other arrive - Jolene gets all the sympathy while Waverley is mocked and condemned - the cakes making them all go far further than they normally would.

Time to the bar to celebrate and everything is going Jolene’s way. She’s got everyone down on Waverley. She has Wynonna super furious at Doc because she just dropped the bombshell that Kate is Doc’s wife. And she’s there. And Waverley knew. And this makes Michelle pissed at Doc

But Michelle and Wynonna (who are very alike and great fun) are drinking too much whiskey to eat all the baked goods. Still Jolene continues to ramp up the tension until we have an all out bar fight with everyone punching everyone else (Wynonna and Michelle between them just punch, well, everyone and Michelle loves it and I kind of really hope she hangs around but I think she and Wynonna would seriously encourage each other to spiral.)

This ends up with Wynonna and Michelle in the cells. And Nicole is furious - and won’t even give them Jolene’s baking she sent over

Waverley is all alone and in tears since everyone has read her the riot act, especially Nicole. And Doc even thinks she may be a demon - thanks to Jolene’s baking

We do have some supernatural shenanigans: Doc visits Bobo who is still stuck down the well and reveals that Bulshar will really want his ring back - the one Nicole has. Bobo wants Waverley to visit

And Kate, with her cards, can see through at least some of Jolene and gives her a not-entirely-friendly warning that she owes someone debts and she better be wary of that… to which Jolene responds with some awesome anti-vampire insults,

Then it all starts falling apart for Jolene. Sure she gets Waverley alone and starts working on her head that she’s evil and dark and awful but everyone else is waking up

She comes on to Nicole - which goes nowhere because even pissed at Waverley, she loves her. And then Bulshar’s ring - which has magically returned to Nicole, burns Jolene and Nicole realises something is up. Jolene has to lock her in the closet

After spending all night in the cells with no Jolene cake, Michelle and Wynonna are out of Jolene’s spell and know something is up - especially when Nedry arrives to talk to them. He doesn’t know who Jolene is and when they insist they’ve known her all their lives he asks them clever questions - what’s her last name? What family is she from? What’s her phone number? If she’s a life long friend she’d have this information, they would know it, but demons don’t

Riding to the rescue time! Jolene is trying to convince Waverley to kill herself while revealing she’s the opposite of Waverley: Waverley was born in light and goodness so for the sake of balance, Jolene was also born. Not of light and goodness but with a whole lot of envy for Waverley.

Wynonna shoots her - she protests that Wynonna loves her. Yes - but she loves Weaverley more. Jolene flees but is taken by Bulshar’s scary magic foliage… protesting she meant Waverley for him. This would be the debt/fealty she owes that Kate mentioned I think

It’s a cutsey wonderful epilogue with Waverley and Nicole being so cute and loving and wonderful together though they do wonder about the ring

And Doc decides to call out Bulshar - he has the ring which Bulshar wants - but he doesn’t care about hell he’s going to fight Bulshar and fight for the Earps until his dying breath

And Wynonna speaks to Bobo to let him know that Waverley will never visit him - and he reveals that Waverley’s dad was an angel

Which i don’t exactly find shocking? I suspected something similar. What I do like about this episode is how it so excellently focuses on the bonds between these characters. They love and care for each other - and even when they’re angry with each other, even when there’s something supernaturally driving them to hate each other, that love, those bonds, still shines through

Which does kind of make Jeremy’s absence all the more blatant