Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Preacher, Season 3, Episode 8: The Tom/Brady

Jesse has been delivered by the All Father with Starr pretending to change sides while secretly on Jesse’s side. But still overwhelmingly in awe of the Allfather and his fascist power that he can’t bring himself to actively fight him, even while helping Jesse

Jesse does kill the first wave of Grail minions, quite easily, in the lift before shooting the Allfather. Who is, of course, too fat to be hurt by bullets. Because “fat” is pretty much all the Allfather is

Jesse is captured and strapped to a gurney so Genesis can be extracted. Starr puts a gun in his pocket to shoot the Allfather in the head which sounds good… but he’s tied up. Starr kind of needs to do more - but Starr continually bottles it. Jesse makes an epic speech about faith and how he is sure God chose him to have Genesis, that everyone else splatters and he has been tested over and over and proving his worth.

The Allfather wants to extract Genesis and put it into Humperdoo, the Christchild. Who  promptly explodes into a huge splatter of guts and blood and Genesis returns to Jesse

Let me say again how utterly awful the Allfather (fat man of fatness) and Humperdoo (disabled man who doesn’t even get a name, watch him explode!) is.

Jesse is smug. But it doesn’t do to underestimate the vast resources of the Grail: they are not foolish; they’re an ancient powerful organisation of vast wealth and knowledge and it would be a mistake to underestimate them. Though it’s understandable that you would given we have Allfather and Humperdoo crushing this at every turn with their ridiculousness. It can make it hard to understand that they are at least All Powerful Adjacent

One of the Grail’s clever scientists has an army of Christchild clones. Genesis, as the product of an angel and a demon, is a mix of good and bad. So they just need to inject the clone with a mix of genetics from two human to hit the perfect balance which Jessee coincidentally has (can’t they just use Jesse’s DNA? If we’re going to run with DNA = good or evil and can change things via injection).

Starr assumes this won’t work - because he’s a misogynist and the scientist is a woman so he doesn’t believe she could possibly succeed

And because his misogyny is utterly wrong, he is wrong. And she does succeed with a genetic mix of Wayne Brady and Thomas Jefferson: the Tom/Brady. Humperdoo manages to hold and control genersis, is shot in the head and the Real Christchild is to be brought in.

This cannot end well. But this is a good challenge of misogyny - or any prejudice - you can have a misogynist character but have his misogyny explicitly displayed as so self-sabotagingly awful.

Meanwhile Hoover is hunting the vampires again - and not doing a great job of it. He’s quickly captured and the vampires try to ransom him to Starr for sanctuary for Cassidy

This is Starr

Starr does not care about Hoover. Or much of anything. He repeatedly texts them to just kill Hoover already, damn it.

This leaves the vampires with a choice of what to do so they decide to kill Hoover and crowdsource how to do it. They come up with bees (which is hilarious) until Eccarius steps in. Don’t kill him - change him and recruit him

So they run with that - after a brief discussion on sunlight and umbrellas - and lots of misses at the neck, Cassidy turns Hoover. It’s time for Hoover to get his plane flight with his murder plans

But Cassidy is somewhat suspicious - because this is three people he’s turned and he has no super powers like Eccarius. He goes looking and finds a bloodstained airplane pillow (side point: I LOVE THESE THINGS) and realises something is up. And catches Eccarius just about to murder Hoover.

Eccarius briefly tries to talk his way out of it before knocking Cassidy out.

Damn… no… can we not have this? Please I want it! I can ignore some murders. So many murders. He can kill Arkansas, that’ll be fine. Please?

So Marie has sent Jesse off with Starr and relying on Jody, Featherstone and Tulip to steal souls in Osaka. She is now worried and having worrisome dreams about the fact she’s old, dying and possibly going to die soon which is worrisome because all those eaten souls may catch up with her

She makes a call. To Satan. He turns up in his rubber suited used-car awesomeness to remind her she made a deal to eat souls for longevity but when she dies she’s his. She acknowledges this but wants a new deal; Jesse and Genesis in exchange for Satan hunting down Tulip. He dispatches the Angel of Death (utterly disinterested and barely capable of recognising a human let alone a distinct one)

So to Osaka. And we have the heist

This is Preacher, do we have to say that this isn’t exactly the most positive or none-cringeworthy portrayal of Japan?

This involves Featherstone and Tulip loathing each other and snarking soooo much. Sooo much. And it’s glorious. They do manage to infiltrate and steal the souls using a faking sexual harassment seminar (those branch is notorious apparently), chewing gum, computers and awesomeness and a fair amount of violence from Jody

By the end after both showing their skills and capability… Tulip and Featherstone still hate each other. Yup, none of that mutual; respect nonsense. These women loathe each other down to their very very very bones. So when the Angel of Death stops Tulip on the plane to take her to hell, she’s looking for “brown haired woman coming from Osaka.” Tulip being duly smart, points to Featherstone who is… a brown haired woman coming from Osaka

Tulip is fine with this.

Except she realises she’s picked up Featherstone’s briefcase by mistake… so now they have to go get it back before it ends up in hell

Oopsie. While this could be fun I also kind of think that it’s convoluted. We know Tulip is an awesome thief. Losing track of the loot… doesn’t feel like Tulip.

The Angel of Death drags Featherstone to a bus stop with the Saint of Killers, Eugene and Hitler