Monday, August 13, 2018

Killjoys, Season 4, Episode 4: What to Expect When You're Expecting... an Alien Parasite

So everything is super bad and D’avin recounts all this to Dutch while trying to give it a positive spin. There is no real spin here

But can I say this episode seems to have an awful lot of recapping in this episode which I don’t think it actually all that useful or necessary? Most of what is being recapped happened last episode and we don’t need this much fill in the blanks.

Delle Sayah is giving birth. And she is awesome. Her snark at D’avin, the father, at Zeph who is being the attending doctor is all priceless. I especially like her reading a magazine, totally phoning in lamaze breathing, examining Zeph’s nails and asking “is it out yet” while being unwilling to push. She’s Qreshi.

She also demands hard drugs or hard booze, bar keep. She and Pree has some nice exchanges with him passive aggressively offering her ice chips and reminding her that she’s actually an enemy and she knocks him out with his bowl of ice

Honestly Delle Sayah never ceases to be made of awesome. And these two have to be enemies or the world would end.

The problem is that we have Hullen baby issues. The Hullen baby is growing super fast and can’t be born vaginally because it’s too big. Unfortunately a C-section isn’t possible because of Delle Saya’s ultra healing powers close any incision before they can get the baby out. This is a problem and their one solution - to use D’avin’s anti-Hullen powers seems likely to kill her and the baby.

Meanwhile Johnny is now doing well. Reunion with Dutch doesn’t go well as Johnny is going through all the pain, trying to bang his head on a wall and generally falling apart. He can barely look at Dutch and she is determined to save him so heads to the planet with the nearest source of goo which derails everyone else’s plan to try and get to the Armada - which is somewhere.

Except the goo there has also turned to crystal. In fact all the goo everywhere in the Quad has turned to crystal - that means there’s no goo to complete Johnny’s turn to Hullen or to cleanse the goo from him. There’s also no goo to help Delle Sayah with her giving birth. Which is all unfortunate

In particular this is bad for Johnny because he is half-human and half-Hullen. That means He is alternating between caring for and loving his friends and family and then not giving a shit and then caring again. He’s constantly losing them, getting them back and then losing them again - and Johnny adamantly refuses to live like that. Being pure human or pure Hullen would be tolerable but not this

And he breaks his own neck. Which is worrisome. They call Zeph and she looks at healing him and realises neck breaking may be the answer! If the Hullen parasite isn’t connected to the Hullen body is dies quickly - more quickly than the actual human body. So they de-Hullen Johnny by stabbing him in the neck and then using sci-fi technology to heal that stabbed spinal chord. Yay, Johnny is stabbed to health!

This also means they can use spinal stabbing to help Delle Sayah not heal the c-section. Of course the consequences of that is that Delle Sayah is no longer Hullen which she’s not a fan of. But the choice is being de-hullenised or die from exploding baby. When the baby is born Delle Sayah feels everything again… and isn’t thrilled about it

I liked Hullen Delle Sayah… but I think human Delle Sayah will still have a whole lot of snark under her belt.

Johnny is wrestling with guilt over the fact he did terrible things while Hullenised which Dutch addresses - and I like it because the bond between these two is amazing. But she’s also eager to move on to issues from the green… it just… it feels like Dutch kind of  fast-forwarded past Johnny’s feelings here as she had other shit to deal with.

So in the green Dutch was told a story by Khlyen about Johnny and Dutch’s early days and this intrigues The Lady. The Lady catches up with Dutch disguised as Aneela and Khlyen which doesn’t trick Dutch for long as she’s not that stupid. She’s also utterly powerless in the face of the Lady who can use all her memories and previous emotions she’s ever felt as weapons against her which is ultra ultra ultra horrific. The Lady reveals she’s older and far mighter than Hullen and Hullen are just toys and tools to her. She wants out of the Green and is convinced Dutch - and the story Khlyen told is the key to that. Somehow

Important knowledge must always be cryptic

Dutch is saved by Aneela who also manages to pull out some really nice connections with Dutch - she didn’t create Dutch for her to sacrifice herself and it’s about time Dutch stopped trying to be everyone else’s saviour

And lo Dutch returned to reality with Aneela desperately fighting the Lady and Dutch having an ominous image if the future in which Johnny kills everyone and doesn’t remember his own name. This is a bad plan

While Delle Sayah insists that they absolutely must must must must get Aneela back as she’s the only one who can protect her new weird alien baby: who the Lady is after.

I feel there’s also issues with Dutch and D’avin that are going to need resolving in the next few episodes. After all recently they were moderately in the “will they” of the Will-they-won’t-they-two-opposite-sex-people-are-in-the-same-universe of TVlandia and now D’avin has a Hullen alien monster baby and Dutch just slapped D’avin for Hullenising Johnny while he growled at her for abandoning her and then judging him for the decisions he had to make to survive. So this will need poking

Also more and more people are calling Dutch Yaleena and I’m beginning to think I should