Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Wynonna Earp, Season 3, Episode 4: No Cure for Crazy

Hunting a Revenant, Doc and Wynonna are helped by rather unexpected moving tree. Which is unusual but helpful. Unhelpful is Peacemaker glitching and not firing

“Don’t embarrass me in front of the bad man.” - Wynonna

This is a bad sign. Another bad sign is that they are running out of money. Dolls gave the legitimacy, funds and some level of authority. Without him they have no funds, no quasi federal status as marshalls and the new City Manager (is this a thing? I mean it kind of sounds like “mayor” got all corporate?) is cutting them off. Which is bad when you’re now searching behind sofa cushions for bullets

The lack of legitimacy is also not helpeful, with Nedry also clearly being utterly worn down by the job and the struggle. Which is super sad because I love him. Wynonna does suggest that he should step down for Nicole. Which will also be good.

We also have Wynonna and Nicole kinda sorta circling about the secrets each kept (about the massacre in Nicole’s youth - and she decides to throw away a ring connected to it this episode? - and Wynonna and her hidden mother in a secure mental institution). Still because this is Wynonna Earp they still respect each other when they still have issues. And Waverley demands a group hug.

We also have a new character, Robin - and he’s gay. And we know this because the show actually, after 2 seasons of playing coy with Jeremy, calls him gay. There are some dubious elements in his introduction - he runs from a tree which has an eye and is literally bleeding, and runs into Waverley and says “hey girl bangs”. Yeah, because even when running from a demonic evil tree, a gay man will notice and comment on a woman’s hair. But after that things get better - sure Waverley (noting that Jeremy is lonely in this very rural, conservative small town and that he kind of thinks Waverley and Nicole got the super rare unicorn relationship there) wants to instantly squish Jeremy and Robin together. But Jeremy is quick to say that that’s not ok or reasonable. Even if she does do it. She also dumps the whole “there’s a bleeding tree with a person inside” on Jeremy which… this could be actually something important rather than an excuse to hook Jeremy up. Waverley should be better than this

This results in Jeremy and Robin trawling through the forest. And getting lost. Robin is a park ranger - unfortunately he’s a park ranger because it’s the only job he could find after coming home to look after his sick father and he actually hates the outdoors, trees et al. These two are not outdoorsmen and woefully unsuitable for the task. They don’t find a bleeding tree but do find a spooky ominous staircase - and then lose that as well. Even the pictures they took just show spooky ominous mist. This does not bode well.

Doc and Wynonna are now flirting a whooole lot which is fun - but Doc also made a crib for Alice which is like ALL THE FEELS. When he goes out to rescue Jeremy and Robin he runs into Balshur… maybe. And Balshur offers him a reprieve from the terrible memories he has of hell - and Doc seems he may accept

I say “maybe” because between the tree and the stairs and all there seems to be a lot of hallucinating going on here.

Waverley continues to research her mother and with the help of Nicole finds the file on her arrest - and Nedry arrives to tell her about it. Her mother was locked up for burning down the barn - with Waverley in it. Nedry locked her up because his boss, Earp, Wynonna’s dead dad, told him to. He was torn because he clearly thinks Michelle was a wonderful amazing woman who was done and injustice

Except when Waverley goes to visit her mother, her mother promptly screams angrily about demons and apparently tries to kill her before being tased by a very trigger happy guard. We also get flashbacks from Wynonna visiting that Michelle wasn’t very rational and clearly has issues with Waverley.

This obviously upsets Waverley and Wynonna goes to have it out with Michelle - only to have Michelle then escape and steal Wynonna’s gun. And use it as a bludgeon. Wynonna would follow by the Warden decides to detain her for helping a mistake (which is dubious) and faking being a Marshall (which, without Blackbadge… is… umm… kind of not wrong). He hands her over to one of his guards to be literally murdered: said guard is a Revenant and Wynonna rips off his head and delivers it to the Warden.

I am… somewhat bemused by how blase the Warden is at Wynonna dropping a severed head in his office. I mean does this happen every day? Is he just that super chill?

Waverley was spending the evening listening to Michelle’s treatment which seems like a lot of hearing voices. Except when Doc listens he hears some ominous terrible voice.

Michelle has made it to the barn to paint some occult symbols  - there found by Waverley. Michelle says she’s killing a demon and Waverley, hurt and terrified, asks if she’s the demon. Michelle says no -but the demon is after her.

And behind her

When Wynonna arrives whom she finds Doc, Nicole and Waverley all super super happy and calm eating a huge amount of cake. Jolene, good ol’ Jolene, offers Wynonna some of said sweet treats and Wynonna is now also super happy and just loves Jolene. Jolene is the best

A demon that bakes would probably own my soul. It is known.

And Robin is captured by his foliage.

I have hope. I think the relationship between Jeremy and Robin has potential. Assuming Robin lives. I think the bounce really really well off each other. I think they’re cute together, fun and are building a level of connection beyond Waverley’s “hey two gay guys” level. But i also want to see competence - ok this may be a hard sell with Robin the Jazz Historian which isn’t exactly a relevant skill set. But Jeremy is supposed to be a Black Badge scientist but largely is depicted as comic relief: if these two hang around the fringes being funny and useless it will be annoying.