Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Teen Wolf's Dylan O'Brien "In real life, I'm the werewolf."

Dylan O'Brien in "Teen Wolf." | MTV
Dylan O'Brien in "Teen Wolf."

Dylan O'Brien recently sat down to do interview at Teen Television so I thought I would get you started and then you can read the rest of the interview over there.  What I did find interesting about the interview is that comedic element is a tribute to the original 1985 Teen Wolf movie starring Michael. J. Fox.  It is nice to know a little bit behind the decisions that have gone into producing this show.

On “Teen Wolf”, Cute Dylan O’Brien, yet another star who got his start on YouTube, plays Stiles, the smart buddy who tries to keep werewolf Scott (Tyler Posey) from chewing up his friends and enemies.  When we were in L.A. dishing with the rest of the cast, Dylan was off shooting his first film, a funny teen romance called (for now) The First Time.
Dylan defends the comedy/drama mix in the show that some fans are loving and others, not so much.

TeenTelevision: What is your comeback to the fan critics who are saying they don’t know what the show is yet.  Is it funny or scary? I say, why can’t it be both?
Dylan: Yeah. We get criticized for being too “Twilight-looking” when we’re advertising the show then the show is on and now they are criticizing our comedic element. We put a little bit in the show for everybody. We have that forbidden love and that “Twilight-esque” romance. We’ve got that dark factor; that action-packed thrill and we also pay homage to the original movie by adding that comedic factor, that fun, quirky element.

It’s cool to add that to this supernatural genre that’s been a craze over the last five to ten years. A lot of it has been done without that comedy element; like “Vampire Diaries”, Twilight and “True Blood”. Those are very drama-oriented shows. It’s cool to implement that comedic factor. It gives the show a sense of humor about itself and makes it more relatable and more real. A character like Stiles grounds the show, I think.

TeenTelevision: What is your favorite werewolf film or just general horror film?
Dylan: American Werewolf in London. It was funny and scary and you were totally relating to these guys every second of the way.

TeenTelevision: I love that movie! Ever snuck into a buddy’s room at night only to be caught by their parents (like in episode 3)?
Dylan: (laughs) No, never.

TeenTelevision: Sneaking into a girlfriend’s room?
Dylan: Uh (pause)…no comment.

TeenTelevision: Uh huh. ‘Nuf said.  How did you get into show biz and how did you get the part as Stiles?

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