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Fangs For The Fantasy First Give Away: A signed Copy of Kevin Hearne's Hammered

Hello everyone, I am very excited to announce the very first giveaway on Fangs for the Fantasy.  Regular readers know that the crew here are Kevin Hearne fan poodles.  I can tell you that once you get lost in this series, you will fight the urge to fly to Arizona and ensure that Kevin is seated at his computer writing.  The following is a brief look at the Fangs for Fantasy review of the series.
Hammered is the third book in The Iron Druid chronicles. You can find the review for book one here and book two here.  Paul, Tami and I have officially declared ourselves fan poodles of The Hearne (as my children have come to call him) with good reason.  The Iron Druid Chronicles are the kind of books that you stay up late to finish, and mourn sadly when you reach the last page.  I waited anxiously to get my hands on Hammered, and even stalked Kevin on twitter begging for some sort of spoiler. Yes, I am one of those fans.

Hammered once again centers on Hearne's protagonist Atticus, a 2000+ year old druid and his interactions with various creatures from mythology, Jesus, vampires and werewolves.  In Hexed Atticus met with the Virgin Mary and asked her to tell Jesus that they should get together for a beer and in Hounded that is exactly what they do.  Jesus appears wearing a tie dyed T-shirt in predominately reds, yellows, and greens, with a white peace sign screen-printed on the front of it.  He also wore a pair of relaxed fit blue jeans and classically black Chuck Taylors. Hearne even went as far as to suggest that "Jesus looked like the guy from the Old Spice bodywash commercials".  I dare you to tell me one single place that you can find Jesus described in this way?  What ensues is an irreverent exchange, with Jesus providing fish and chips to a crowded bar, explaining that "miracles are so much more fun when people are expecting them of you," while pounding back 60 year old whiskey. I laughed until my tears poured from my eyes.  

As usual, Atticus' forever naked druid behind is in deep trouble.  To keep a promise he made to Lakasha, he has to go to Asgard to steal an apple.  If that were not enough trouble, he has to return to help Leif and Gunnar kill Thor, who seems universally to be thought of as an asshole of epic proportions.  Despite a warning from the Morrigan and Jesus, that this is a path destined to result in  tragedy, and most likely end of his life, being of the iron age, Atticus finds it impossible not to keep his word.  If I tell you any more than this, I risk ruining the story for you, and The Hearne is far too good to receive that kind of treatment.
Read the rest of the review here

Are you excited?  I am very excited.  I bet you are wondering what you have to do to win this signed copy of Kevin Hearne's Hammered.  Well, it's really very simply.  All you have to do to enter is to follow us on Good Reads, Facebook or Blogger.  Please leave your contact information (gmail) in the comment section and let us know where you followed us.  The contest is open to residents of Canada and the U.S.  The contest closes on August 10th and the winner will be chosen at random.

To Clarify because there seems to be some confusion: To enter this competition you need to Follow us on Goodreads, Facebook or Blogger not 'like'. On facebook click the link and see "follow" at the top - on the main page click on "blog" and then "follow" at the top of the screen. For blogger we have follow options on the right pannel and for Good Reads you need to click on our profile and click the button marked "follow reviews"

This Giveaway Is Now Closed

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