Monday, July 25, 2011

True Blood: Me And The Devil

Am I the only who thought that True Blood was absolutely awesome last night?  Okay, first let's start with Tommy committing parenticide.  I know that it was violent but honestly it really gave me a sense of relief.  I really, really, really, did not want to see Joe-Lee in those yellow drawers again.  The story line with Sam's parents was irrelevant last season, and I am so glad that it was nipped in the bud early in this season.  From this event, we also learned that Sam is a murderer twice over.  I am unsure of where this dark side is leading to, because Ball created a back story for Sam, that is completely the opposite of the books.

Arlene and Terry decide to have their home blessed to scare away the evil. I for one am sick of the sins of the father routine that they have been using with the baby.  I was also upset to see that the house was blessed with sage, because this is a direct appropriation from First Nations culture. When we consider the harm that Christianity has done to Native Americans, this appropriation was absolutely horrible.  If that were not enough, Arlene called Lettie Mae and her new husband, "you people."  When they asked what she meant, she answered that she was referring to their religion.  Their easy acceptance of Arlene's response made them look ridiculous.  I really think that Ball could have taken this scene so much further, but maybe this is a sign that at least in the case of Arlene, he intends to follow the books and have her involved in a religious anti-vampire cult he decided to let it go.  

There Tara sat on the couch pouring her heart out to Sookie, and yet in Sookie's basement Eric was asleep for the day.  I am so glad that Tara told Sookie off. With the exception of organizing Egg's funeral, what has Sookie ever done for Tara?  This is a one sided relationship if ever I saw one.  Instead of going after Tara, Sookie stayed to soothe Eric.  As much as I love my kick ass Nordic vampire, the truth of the matter is that he has done terrible things to Sookie and her friends.  When she said to him that she always saw good in Eric, I have to admit that I gagged.  It's amazing what one can convince oneself of when hormones are involved.  I will say that I appreciated the kiss between Sookie and Eric, as well as Eric's low hanging shorts.  You're a tease Allan Ball, a super tease.

Eric is only gentle and sweet because he had his memory erased. If we are to believe what Sookie's grandmother said when Marlee channeled her.  This week it was confirmed that Marlee is not in control of the spirit that erased Eric's memory and is currently causing Pam to rot.  I understand the need to insert vampires into human history, but I absolutely disagree with placing the blame for the inquisition on them.  This fault lies squarely with a greedy, sexist, anti-woman Catholic church.  I think this appropriation of a tragic anti-woman historical event minimizes the women that were slaughtered and all those who died.  The Inquisition was about acquiring wealth and silencing women, and it was absolutely effective.  Ball could have created any reason for the spirit to loathe vampires, especially because vampires are not warm and cuddly entities, but to center in on a social war against women, obscures the true meaning of historical events for the sake of entertainment.

It seems that the new authoritative Jason disappeared with the rape. Sitting in Merlottes with Hoyt he was all to willing to blame his problems on his previous sexual escapades.  This of course neatly lines up with Ball's assertion that the rape was Jason's comeuppance.  It is upsetting because it means that Jason is internalizing the social meme that the rape victim is to blame for their assault.The sexual dream with Jessica not withstanding, rape is never the fault of the victim, nor should it ever be a source of amusement.  When it comes to sexual assault, Ball has proven that he is not only insensitive but he doesn't have a clue.

For all of the faults of this episode, I really enjoyed it.  I am very curious to know what will happen with Jesus' grandfather.  We have already been told that he will be pivotal to the show, though I wary of the whole people of colour on being special because of woo woo. 

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