Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Teen Wolf Episode 9

Another week, another episode of Teen Wolf. Here we have the alpha finally revealed, a lot of action and a whole lot of excitement inter-spaced with confusing dream sequences. Like last week, Renee and Sparky chatted while watching this episode together

Sparky: oh darkened classroom with arsehole teacher
I didn't catch what was on the note?
OOOOH please do kill him!

Renee: what's up with the list of names?

Sparky: Is this a dream sequence? I'm totally lost, that was the teacher... he's involved? With the alpha, he made the alpha? What?

Renee: I guess the alpha is a science experiment gone wrong

Sparky: and Scott is playing getaway with Stiles in his car? What happened, did we miss an episode?

Renee: I am not sure what the hell is going on

Sparky: bonus no teen angst at least. I'll sit and watch in hope :)

Renee: a lot of action though

Sparky: Stiles still amuses me :)
Aye good action too. I was almost on the edge of my seat - and not just to reach for my drink
Claw marks are connected to nightmares - he passes on his memories through a scratch?
Ooookay, who's the doctor with the scary sharp things?
Ah Nightmare. Isn't this episode confusing enough?
Still, CHEST. Yummy.

Renee: okay it's a dream. No nurse gets out of her seat like that...

Sparky: yeah, when someone comes up and practically asks "hey let me have an illegal scan of your computer.
Oh threatening a werewolf you know is a werewolf... in what reality is that even close to being a good idea?

Renee: What do you expect from a teen show?

Sparky: Ooooh here's the teen angst

Renee: You knew you were not going to make it through a whole episode without that

Sparky: Ok. quota has been met. They can stop now

Renee: And how long did she date him to be this worked up?
That cafeteria food could have been cooked by Jo

Sparky: a month? Tops? Maybe...
Wow, playing with the werewolf senses! That's kinda cool and impressive tbh. I like how it's done

Renee: Yeah the stuff of undying love

Sparky: Ok, less impressive, now all kinds of skeevy. Someone's gonna get eaaaaten.

Renee: Yeah I don't like how they are using her body and her sexuality this way. It makes seem as though she is Scott's possession.

Sparky: yeah - she's again another thing that's only relevant based on how it affects Scott. Same as the whole "does it make him strong or weak" thing
Ooooh chest

Renee: Break up text

Sparky: Wow... y'know if he does get eaten? He totally deserves it. I'm going to start wishing for it - EAT HIM EAT HIM EAT HIM EAT HIM

Renee: Lydia alone is capable of ripping him in two

Sparky: I was going to say - I mean he's made an enemy of a werewolf and Lydia... I'd fear Lydia more!
Awww, almost sweeet awkward parenting moment.

Renee: Yeah proud cause your kid is playing lacrosse and not cause he is a smart kid. I so don't do the over emphasis on sports.

Sparky: Tell me about it. I liked how the whole awkward/distant parent thing was done at least.

Renee: Great Scott is breaking into the house of werewolf hunters. Male spunky agency

Sparky: Well the women can't have spunky agency in Teen Wolf - that would involve them actually DOING something.
Ooooh chest! chest chest!

Renee: Miguel is not liking the nameLOL Derek does fierce wonderfully

Sparky: I never knew Derek could do comic relief :) hee and be hot and fierce at the same time
Oooh teen angst is back.

Renee: Not just teen angst, gay teen angst

Sparky: I meant Scott crying over the receipt
That "playing for a different team yet play ball" thing was supposed to indicate a gay character... is that the Maris?

Renee: Up yeah that would be the Marris and now you know why he had to take off his shirt repeatedly

Sparky: that was supposed to be a bribe to make him co-operate? oh dear...
Oh yeah - you go running and decide to check out the spooky abandoned derelict house?

Renee: That's Derek's house

Sparky: Someone get this woman some horror films already!
I think we're going to see the recruitment pitch for the werewolf hunters

Renee: Why is Scott sitting there and putting up with the third degree. He should just get up and leave the house

Sparky: But then he couldn't be part of the manly deciding how to protect the delicate little flower
I'd have been so out of there. And have eaten him too.

Renee: This dumb ass believes in werewolves but somehow werewolf hunters are weird.

Sparky: The uncle is the alpha? oooooooooooh that's good.
Though I have to say I'm not sold on another "scarred villain" trope

Renee: I'm confused

Sparky: Fight scene! the uncle is the alpha it seems. Not sure how they guessed - but the email bringing Alison to the school was from the hospital (which apparently has A&E and long term psychiatric care)
He BECAME an alpha - ahhhh the plot and world thickens. Moooore exposition *sits back and takes notes*
Well y'know when I go out to drinking I totally discuss murders and arsons with hot strangers.

Renee: So the science teacher made the alpha with some kind of chemistry? What the hell does the necklace have to do with it

Sparky: No, the science teacher taught a woman wearing that necklace how to make untraceable arson - and the woman (Alison's aunt) went to the Hale house and burned it down.
Ooooh, instant plastic surgery.

Renee: Oh okay get it now

Sparky: and then uncle apparently healed his injuries when he became an alpha - he got promoted or something.
Aww it's over. I liked that one. Lot less teen angst, a lot more action and a ton of exposition!

Renee: Yeah it was pretty good.

Sparky: Though I could do without "Alison is only important because of how she affects Scott" and "you can make a gay man commit crimes for you if you take off your shirt." but otherwise, of the goood :) and I looove me some world building :)

Renee: I will say that even though I am irritated it was good to finally put a face to the gay Maris but it sucks that he was only brought in to be used and teased.

Sparky: Makes me both intrigued and worried as to what'll happen in the future. Not sure if I want him to go back to being a Maris, tbh. Still I score this highly.

Renee: I suppose it will depend on what else they do with character

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