Monday, August 1, 2011

True Blood: I Wish I Was The Moon

Spoilers Ahead

My nickname for last night's episode is rapepoloza.  In just under an hour Ball managed to use rape twice to advance the plot.  The first occurred in a flashback sequence of Luis feeding on the witch Antonia.  After his maker points out that she is not afraid of him, and that fear makes the blood sweeter, Luis viciously rapes Antonia.  The second occurs when Tommy manages to shift into Sam Merlott.  When Luna shows up at Sam's door, she bares her breasts and Tommy appearing to be Sam, has sex with her.  Luna thought that she was consenting to sex with Sam, not his brother Tommy, and that makes this scene rape by deception.  How many times is Ball going to use rape as a plot device this season?  It is bad enough that he has appropriated an event like the Spanish Inquisition and blamed it on vampires, instead of the Catholic Church, when so many women, Jews, and Muslims died, but the idea that rape can be simply used as a tool is horrific and belies the seriousness of the offense. 

 This episode Bill finally confronted Sookie about the fact that she was hiding Eric.  She rightfully told him off when he dared to bring up her deceit, saying "you have a hell of a nerve lecturing me about lying." What I did find interesting is that in the physical battle between Eric and Bill, clearly Eric came out on top because of his age.  This makes me wonder how it is that vampires so much older than Bill so easily come to heel at his command.  We saw this last season with Sophie-Ann and Eric.  It does not make sense that all of these weak vampires end up in the position of Kings and Queens. Sookie saved Bill's life by telling Eric to stop and letting him know that Bill was the king.  Bill of course took advantage of this and had Eric imprisoned and sentenced to the true death.  When Sookie suggested that he was only imprisoning Eric out of jealousy he answered saying, "believe it or not my entire existence does not revolve around what, or who, is between your legs."  I didn't expect Bill to release Eric but I knew when I saw the spike her certainly was not going to kill him.

In a holding cell together Pam tried desperately to reconnect with Eric, but he clearly wanted nothing to do with the vampire that he used to be.  I have begun to wonder if this new Eric, or should I say Eric sans his memories, is what Eric was like when he was human. Is it the vampire nature that brings out the killer instinct? 

Marnie sits in a cell by herself using her fingernails to draw blood and smothering it on body.  Suddenly, Antonia appears in the corner and inhabits Marnie's body.  Looking at her on the video feed Luis recognizes Antonia in Marnie's body and goes to the cell to intimidate her.   Luis bares his fangs but Marnie/Antonia simply waves him off and indicates that he is get down.  Luis lowers himself to his knees, helpless to move.  At this point I know that we are supposed to side with the vampires over the witches but whatever Marnie/Antonia does to Luis he has coming and then some. I have zero sympathy for rapists.

When we last left Arlene and Terry they had just finished having the most vanilla sex possible.  Look I know how rough it is to have kids and still get your groove on, but even busy parents do take off their clothes to screw - not that I want to see Terry's naked ass.  At any rate, Arlene and Terry wake to find their bedroom on fire.  Arlene looks for the baby unable to find him, and finally, Terry carries her out of the house in a fireman's only to discover the baby sitting on the front lawn.  When Arlene picks up the so-called evil baby, he looks and smiles at a Black woman that no one else can see.  Can we please stop using characters of colour for woo woo?  I am kind of sick of it now.

Speaking of woo woo, Don Bartolo has Jesus and Lafayette capture a sacrifice, which turns out to be a snake.  When they hand him the snake, he attacks Jesus with it and says to Lafayette save him, before walking out the door.  Lafayette channels Tio Luca, who says some kind of spell or prayer which saves Jesus.  I suppose all those times that Jesus told Lafayette that he was powerful, he was correct. I don't like this because the only reason Jesus seemed to be attracted to Lafayette is that he sensed his power and I highly suspect that now that he has proof, he will drag poor Lafayette to places he does not want to be.  I also highly suspect that we are going to get a good dose of magical negro in the next few seasons.

I suppose I should bring up Jason now.  The dumbass handcuffed himself to a bed, fearing that he was going to change into a werepanther. In a shift from the books, it turns out that one must be born a werepanther and being beaten actually does nothing to you.  He runs into the forest and Jessica smells his fear and finds him.  They sit down to an awkward chat and it is clear that an attraction is developing between the two of them.  Are we really going to be subjected to a love triangle between Hoyt, Jessica and Jason?  Yeah, I am not looking forward to that.

The episode ended in Merlotts' parking lot with Pam confront Tara and her girlfriend Naomi.  Tara tells her to run but foolishly Naomi argues with her and tells her that this is not her fight.  I highly suspect that Naomi is done for, but I suppose we will find out for sure next week.

I don't really have a line of the night this week, but I do have a scene of the night. I absolutely enjoyed watching Sookie get fired.  I loved when Tommy disguised as Sam says, "I don't get why everybody treats you like you're so special. You almost never show up and when you do, you're always dragging some kind of trouble with you. You figure if you shake that cute little blonde ponytail and cry some, I'd let you do anything - not today. Get your stuff and get on out of here."  So strong is my dislike of Sookie, that when anyone tells her off, it causes me to cheer.

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