Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lost Girl Season One Episode Three: Oh Kappa My Kappa

I am really starting to get into this show.  This episode of Lost Girl begins with Bo and Dyson waking up in bed together.  She unsurprisingly is thrilled to wake up after a night of sex, with a live partner.  When Kenzie walks into the bathroom and finds Dyson brushing his teeth she is excited.  Bo tries to calm her by saying, "we had sex, it doesn't have to mean anything more."  Kenzie's excitement however cannot be calmed that easily because she answers back, "sex doesn't but sleeping over does."  I loved that Bo is more than capable of just having a one stand and not feeling shamed by it in the least.  Too often when it comes to female characters unless sex happens in a well defined relationship there is tons and tons of slut shaming.

Because Bo wants to earn her money honestly, instead of glamoring people out of things that she needs, Kenzie hands her fliers that she created advertising her as a private investigator. I am not in the least bit surprised by the chosen occupation but I am pleased because it would be nice to see a woman saving the day on a regular basis rather than waiting for her knight in shining armor to rescue her.

Their first assignment is to find a missing college girl. At first, I was not pleased when Esther approached them to find her missing daughter Gina but as she pleaded saying that a mother would know if there is something wrong with her daughter, I started to warm up to the idea.  Granted, a woman of color going to a White woman to be saved is filled with a history of racial problems but watching as Esther used her motherhood to bolster her case really rang a bell with me, simply because the motherhood of woman of color is historically not respected or even in many cases acknowledged in the same way that the motherhood of a White woman is.

Dysan gets Bo a job on campus security and Kenzie becomes a co-ed to pledge at the sorority that Gina was pledging to. She makes it clear that she is not pleased with her roll in this investigation and says that Gina owes her one.  She says to Bo, "I can handle scary monsters but privilege freaks me out."  I thought that this was a great commentary on class.  It is clear that Kenzie has had a lot of struggles in her life and going into a situation like this has to be unnerving.  When she meets the fellow sorority girls they are all perky with large smiles and almost like living barbie dolls.
In the meantime, Bo tried to get some information from the Dean of the school.  When she is told that her job is to protect the reputation of the school, Bo decides to glamor her.  I am starting to feel that Bo's ability to glamor is just an excuse to show some hot girl on girl action.  Thus far, she has yet to glamor a man at all and the only time she has any kind of sexual interaction with a woman is to either force her to perform a specific task or to garner information from her.  I am really hoping that this selective glamoring stops to be quite honest.

Bo and Kenzie both begin to suspect that the sorority itself is responsible for Gina's death when they discover a cave and tunnels on campus directly leading to their sorority house.  When Dyson tells them that there are actually a string of missing girls on campus that they cannot connect to any one murder because their bodies have largely been discovered off campus this cements their belief that something untoward is definitely going on.

While at the fae bar, a waitress clearly makes her interest in Dyson known and Bo laughingly calls him a ladies man. When she asks him what kind of fae he is, he declines to ask her claiming that it's a personal question and that the response would let her know what his weaknesses are.  After Bo leaves, Dyson chats with Trick who tells him that he has to end the relationship that is starting to develop with Bo.  It seems as though the two of them are trying to enlist her on the side of the white fae.  Dyson and Trick both reveal that they know far more about Bo than they have told her so far and are worried that if she finds this out that it will anger her enough to turn to the dark fae.

On pledge night, Kenzie is finally taken into the basement and learns that it is nothing more than a party.  When she calls Bo to tell her the call is abruptly cut short when Wayne tazers Bo.  When Bo awakes she finds that she is tied up and Gina is across the room.  Wayne tells her that he brought her down to the caves to feed her to a monster that he discovered in the forties.  It seems that Wayne has been feeding this monster in order to be able to drink the vitality from the girls he leaves behind.  This causes him not to change and to remain young.

Kenzie finds Dyson and running through the forest he tells her that he believes he knows what kind of fae has Bo and to tell Bo when they find her that she must cut off the tea kettle looking thing on its head.  When Kenzie asks why Dyson can't tell her himself he says because he cannot follow Bo's scent in his present form and quickly shifts to a werewolf.  I must admit that I suspected that Dyson was a were from the first episode when his teeth were revealed; however, I don't think I like the idea of a were being considered a fae.  It seems that in this world that fae is sort of a catch all for all supernatural creatures.

Unfortunately though it is Bo who is supposed to be the hero of this story because she was hired to save Gina, it is Dyson who ends up saving them all.  I was a touch disappointed with this.  Back at home, Bo admits to Kenzie that she does indeed have a thing for Dyson.  Kenzie advises her to tell him and she heads off to the bar to do so.  Unfortunately for Bo, when she gets there, she sees Dyson making out with a waitress in the back room.  He chases after her and asks her if she is upset.  He tells her that they never really defined the other night what was between them but promises to be there for her and to help her heal whenever she needs it.  Bo tells him that they had defined what went on, but she is clear where she stands now and storms out.