Monday, September 12, 2011

Lost Girl Season One: It's A Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World

I know that season two of Lost Girl has already started but since I just learned about the show, you will have to have patience with me while I catch up.  I am not surprised that the series opener was absolutely awesome, it was after all filmed in Canada. 

Bo is a bartender in a bar and witness a man trying to pick up anything female after the man slips Kenzi a roofie he follows her into an elevator and forces himself on her.  As a person with a history of sexual assault I was extremely worried that this would extend beyond forced kissing and so I was relieved when Bo showed up and kissed him thereby sucking him dry.  You could say that it was justice.  Kenzi of course uses her cell phone to video tape the whole incident, with the plan of putting it on youtube.  Bo begins to leave but when she realizes how incapacitated Kenzi really is, she throws Kenzi over her shoulder and take her back to her apartment.

A succubus is certainly not a creature that we see as heroic and Bo's actions clearly can be understood this way.  A woman saving a fellow woman from sexual assault is also something that is not common in the media.  I loved that there was no shaming Kenzi for the actions of her attacker. He was clearly in the wrong and the audience was meant to see it that way.

Upon waking, Kenzi suggests that they team up because Bo is clearly not taking advantage of her powers.  Not only can Bo kill with a kiss, she can also plant suggestions in people's minds.  The problem is that Bo has no idea who she is, until she is unceremoniously kidnapped. Once there she learns that she is fae and in particular a succubus.  Unfortunately for Bo, she then finds herself in the middle of fae war and is told that she must choose sides but first she must past a test to prove herself worthy. Before entering battle, Dyson another fae offers her some of his power.  She is stunned to realize that she does not kill and feels wonderful after taking his power.  During the test she is told that she is an abomination and is shown the bodies of all whom she has killed.  Bo seriously considers ending her life, until she hears Kenzi calling for her.  Bo manages to break loose and tells all assembled that she chooses neither side in the fae war.  Bo's choice is humanity.

It is clear to both the light and dark fae that Bo has her purpose.  Until they discovered her kill, they had no idea of her existence.  Instead of killing Bo outright, they decide to watch over her to discover who had reason to keep her hidden and what her true agenda really is. When Bo and Kenzi are released they decide to team up, though Kenzi makes sure to let her know that she is not a lesbian. I am not thrilled with this particular line as so far we have not been told when there are actually any gay characters on the show.

In terms of racial diversity, I noticed that there are a few Black characters and fact, the leader of the light fae is Black.  I was actually quite impressed to see Black fae because they are most often described in books as White.  I suppose the fact that the show is filmed in Toronto necessitated the racial diversity to make it realistic.  At this point in the show, all I can say is that the characters of color seem to be the equal of the White characters but it really is too early in the show to make a real determination on Lost Girl's treatment of race.

For a season opener, this was powerful and interesting.  The idea that there is diversity amongst the fae means that we could potentially be treated to a very large word.  The special effects were not really anything to write home about but considering how little is spent on the average True Blood episode, this in and of itself is not necessarily bad thing.  I was instantly drawn in and I want to know what challenges await Bo.  Thus far unlike many protagonists in urban fantasy she is likeable. She is willing to take risks and seems to have a strong sense of self. I can only hope that as the show continues, this is not ruined.