Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lost Girl Season One, Episode Two: Where There's a Will, There's a Fae

In this episode, Bo is approached by Will a wood sprite, after his jewels are stolen.  He promises to tell her about seeing her as a babe in the woods if she will retrieve his treasures. It seems that wood sprites spend their time tracking precious jewels in the forest, that is when they are not busy setting things on fire.  Kenzi tries to negotiate for a percentage of the returned jewels but Bo stops her because she believes that the information is far more valuable than any sort of monetary gain.  Bo leaves her with a backpack and tells that is all he knows about the thief.

Upon opening the backpack, she finds a gun and of course takes it right to Dyson to have him do a search on the weapon because his cover is a cop in the human world.  I don't know about you but I am not really buying Dyson as a cop, perhaps that's because his acting leaves so much to be desired.The writers seem intent on creating some kind of relationship between Dyson and Bo, but for me they have long way to go before the reach anything resembling chemistry.

While they are waiting for the trace to finish on the gun Dyson takes her to the fae bar The Dahl which doubles as a way station.  Inside the bar is considered neutral territory, and it is run by what appears to be elf named Trig. When Bo is asked to sign in and reveal her parentage she names her adoptive parents.  Trig tells her that if she does not know her fae parents that she has to sign in as herself.  He tells her that to have powers, both her mother and her father had to be fae but when she tries to press him for more information, he tells her that asking to many questions can be dangerous -- you see -- the fae have been at the brink of war for nearly one thousand years.  If the war actually did start, this would mean not only the end of all of the fae, but the end of humanity as well.

Dyson gets a call revealing a trace to the owner of the weapon.  When Bo and Kenzi arrive at the address, the door is triggered to cause a shot gun to let lost a round.  Bo pushes Kenzi out the way but still manages to get shot herself.  When a neighbour shows up armed attempting to find out what two women are doing in her neighbour's trailer, Bo kisses her even as she is protesting that she has never kissed a woman before.  So far all of the same sex scenes have occurred as an act of feeding for Bo and are starting to have a very predatory feel to them however, I know that for Bo -- sex cannot occur without a transfer of energy and it is balanced to show that women are equally attracted to her. Kenzi has to break up the feeding to save the woman's life, and Bo thanks her for the "cock block".  I really wish that the authors had chosen another word because it implies a male/female binary to Bo feeding off the trailer park woman.

Once they find the jewel thief, it turns out that all he wants to do his meet Will because, Will is his father.  He tells Bo that if she arranges a meeting that he will return the jewels.  Luckily for him he manages to get this out before a headless fae enters the room and attempts to kill them both.  Bo killes teh headless fae and hands him over to Dyson for disposal.  She learns that essentially the headless fae is a paid assassin and very rarely fails.

In a case of all that's well ends well, Will meets his son and he apologizes for abandoning him.  He tells Bo that when he saw her in the forest she was with a nursemaid who said she was trying to save Bo's life because someone was determined to kill her.

Okay, that's pretty much all the significant occurrences in this episode.  We learned that Bo can heal herself through feeding and that her life has been in danger since she was a small child.  The more I learn about this world the more fascinated I become.  We still do not know why exactly the light and the dark fae are on the verge of war and what role Bo will play on all of this.  Bo has chosen not to declare an allegiance to either side and this makes other fae uncomfortable around her but this is exactly the reason why Will came to her for help.  Will Bo be the person in the middle that both side manipulate and or trust because of her lack of allegiance?

My one issue with this episode was the continued fat shaming of Will by Kenzi.  She is constantly making comments about his weight to ridicule him and he admits that he is a big sprite.  Finally he explains to her that when he is depressed he eats and that is the reason for his size.  Instead of showing any kind of empathy, Kenzi asks him about a fae version of weight watchers.  She knows nothing about this man or the fae except that they are all far more powerful than she is but Kenzi is not afraid to use her thin privilege as a weapon.  I wonder if the writers thought that throwing in this fat shaming would be funny, because if that is the case, it failed miserably. Really, the story would have been fine without Kenzi's constant fat shaming, but I suppose an ism free episode would have been too much to ask for from any television show.