Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lost Girl Season Two, Episode One: Something Wicked This Fae Comes

Now that we know a little bit about Bo's mother Aoife, of course there needs to be a new big bad to carry us through season two.  The answers that Bo sought came at a high cost of those around her.  Trick is still filled with worry as he waits to see the after effect of using his blood to intervene, and Dyson, who has lost his passion for Bo must try and tell her the price for his aid.  Lauren is overwhelmed with the stress of monitoring The Ashe, now that he is in a coma as result of a suicide bomber.  

The episode begins with Bo, Hale and Kenzi hunting down fae that are out of control now that the Ashe's strong influence is missing. Of course, Bo has to whine about this and Hale has to remind her that it was Aoife who caused all the havoc to begin with.

When she is injured, Kenzi tells Hale that Dyson needs to come back because she is getting tired of hunting down snacks for Bo.  They arrive at a gas station and Bo takes the attendant into the bathroom to feed.  This scene really disturbed me because he says that things are moving to fast and that they should start with dinner.  Bo who is hungry doesn't care what he says and continues to feed off of him.  Throughout the episode Kenzi is called meat, and food and Bo seems to offer some sympathy but when it comes to her need she quickly places herself above the human.  Because Bo feeds sexually, her refusal to stop when specifically asked amounts to rape.  I wonder if the writers felt that because Bo is a woman and her victim is a man felt that such a connection would not be made?  Anytime you force someone into a sex act against their will for whatever reason it is rape but such acknowledgement would make it difficult to continue to cast Bo as the hero.

When Dyson does finally return, he is brought to the police station in handcuffs after being arrested in a bar brawl.  Hale makes a point of telling him that he was bleeding from all of the singing that he was doing, and Dyson only responds with, "I didn't ask you to". Really?  Apparently, it's okay that he didn't bother to contact Hale, because an animal likes to lick their wounds alone.  In most urban fantasy series, there is one sidekick, however in Lost Girl, there are two. Hale never makes decisions, and Dyson treats him like a useful tool, so that he can be discarded when Dyson feels he is not needed. He absolutely sacrificed to find his friend, but Dyson cannot be arsed to even apologize for making him worry. Hale seems to have no reason to exist outside of doing Dyson's bidding. The fact that both sidekicks are socially marginalized bodies has not escaped my notice.

This episode is spent largely dealing with the threat that the wandering dead create when they seek to break The Ashe's connection with the earth.  The connection means longer lasting infrastructure and less crime. Without the bond, the light fae would be forced into exile thereby abandoning the city to the dark fae.  The wandering dead want this to happen so that they can finally find a place to rest.  The other supernatural creature that we are introduced to is once again from Asian legends.  It seems to me that a lot of fae are based in Asian mythos, but we have yet to see a single Asian character on this show. This is beginning to stink of appropriation.

Each time that Bo reaches out to Dyson he backs away from her. Bo tells Dyson that they need to work as a team and that they can handle their personal business later.  I found myself thankful that she was finally acknowledging that she needs a support staff.  Seriously Bo is so inept that I am starting to wonder how she crosses the street by herself. 

Finally fulfilling his role as mystical negro, Hale tells him that he should simply tell Bo what happened and that until he interacts with her, he will never know for sure whether the crone did indeed steal his ability to feel passion for Bo. When they head to a rave to stop the wondering dead from mating with the earth, Dyson kisses Bo passionately.  He then sends her on her way and wishes her luck.

When Bo catches up with Zale he is about to have sex with the corporeal representation of the earth.  She sends the earth on her way as Zale begs her to understand the predicament that he is in. She tells him to understands but that he cannot have this land because this land belongs to her, just before she kills him.  I can see why the area is so important to Bo because she has spent most of her adult years on the run due to her succubus nature.

Back at the Dahl, Bo decides to confront Dyson about the fact that he has completely withdrawn from her.  He tells her that the crone demanded that he no longer feel passion for her and that the kiss that they shared will be their last.  Part of me is happy because that leaves room for Bo to end up with Lauren, but somehow I suspect that one way or another the writers will find a way to give Dyson back his lust.  

When Dyson leaves, Bo is confronted by Nain Rouge. At first Bo has no patience for her believing that she is there to take something from her. Nain Rouge tells Bo that her nature draws her impending disaster to bare witness.  Nain Rouge does not know the specifics but something old and terrible has awoken and it's coming straight for Bo.  I am assuming that this old thing that is headed into town is going to be this season's big bad that they will have to battle.  I wonder if we should start a drinking game for every time that someone is forced to save Bo in the meantime?