Monday, September 26, 2011

The Vampire Diaries Season Three, Episode Two: The Hybrid

I should have known that bad ass Stefan wouldn't last long.  He is supposedly blood drunk and has become Stefan the ripper, but somehow he cannot stop mooning over Elena. The girl has some long lasting musty effect on men.  
When we last left Klaus and Stefan, they were torturing a werewolf to force him to hand over the location of his pack.  They return with him to the Tennessee mountains and see his camp backpacking so that they can enjoy the freedom of letting their wolves run wild.  One by one, Klaus attempts to turn them into vampires.

Tyler wakes up and his mother lectures him on letting his prostitutes sneak out in the middle of the night. Funny how the slut shaming was reserved for Caroline, though Tyler took part in the sex as well.  I don't expect much from the WB, because it targets a youth audience, but with that in mind you would think that they would at least attempt not to fill their program with so many anti-woman themes for their young female viewers to internalize, but I suppose he's a stud, she's a slut plays well in the ratings.  Tyler does correct his mother, but it was still disturbing that the line was used period.  He pours himself some coffee, but tells her that it tastes funny and heads out.

At the bar, 'cause none of these kids go to school -- though they are officially in high school -- Elena asks Tyler about where werewolves go during the full moon.  He admits that Stefan would not be in the situation that he is in, if he hadn't bitten Damon.  Never mind that Damon spent a lot of time goading him.  He uses her phone to pull up a map.

Jeremy, who is looking hotter and more muscular this season approaches Matt asking for his help to contact Vicki.  When Matt asks why he just doesn't ask Bonnie for help, he makes some crack about it not being appropriate to ask Bonnie for help with his ex girlfriend.  Speaking of Bonnie, is she going to make more than a two second appearance this season? It's starting to feel like they can only have one WOC per episode, and they did after all let Anna say one sentence this episode.

Tyler decides to stick around and have a coffee.  Yeah, why not relax, it's not like he should be heading to school?  When Matt brings him a coffee, he takes a sip and complains that his taste buds are off today.  Matt tells him that as per the Liz's instructions, he occasionally puts vervain in the coffee.  He was surprised that Matt could taste the vervain, because coffee normally masks the taste. You could almost see a light bulb flash over Tyler's head.

Carol Lockwood calls a mysterious man to inform him of her little vampire problem.  She's conflicted because she has known Caroline since she was little, but the man assures her that they must handle the situation.  When Tyler returns home, he asks his mother why she slipped vervain into his drink.  He specifically wants to know if she thinks he's a vampire, and she admits that because he was spending so much time around Caroline that she was nervous.  Carol then goes on to call Caroline a monster, and tells Tyler that she does not want him hanging around Caroline.  Tyler walks towards his mother telling her that Caroline is not a monster and says, "you don't know about me do you?" 

Elena heads over to Alaric's house and drags him on her ill fated Stefan hunt. In the car she gives him her family ring, and tells him that because she is doppelganger that the ring won't work on her.  As they begin walking, Damon shows up and shoves Elena into a lake.  Alaric admits that he ratted her out to Damon, because he wasn't going to walk into a dangerous situation without backup.  I cannot blame him. What sense does it make to walk into a pack of werewolves on the night of the full moon to search for the hybrid and a blood drunk vampire?  I am used to Elena making ridiculous decisions, but this is a whole new level of stupidity. For the life of me, I don't understand why Damon didn't just throw her over his shoulder and head down the mountain. Why are grown ass men deferring to this ridiculous young woman?

Klaus turns the werewolves into vampires one by one, but one of the werewolves disappears and Stefan is forced to follow him into the woods. When he catches him they wrestle and Stefan is bitten.  As the werewolf gets away. he hears Elena's voice in the woods. Klaus approaches him and he tells him that the were got away, and that he has been bitten. Klaus tells him that if he wants to be healed, he has to bring the werewolf back.

Back at Matt's place, Matt and Jeremy go through his Vicky's things, but Matt is overwhelmed with memories.  Tears gather in his eyes, as he tells Jeremy that he just can't do this.  When Jeremy leaves the picture of Matt and Vicki that Matt had turned over is suddenly face up again.

Tyler takes his mother to the old property that Lockwood plantation was on.  He forced her behind bars and chains her up.  He tells her that he wants her to see who he really is, and that there is a curse on their family. As he begins to turn into a were, his mother begins to scream.

Back on the mountain Alaric, Damon and Elena run into the werewolf that Stefan was chasing.  They tie him to tree in the hope of questioning him but he is just too strong and begins to turn into a werewolf.  They leave him and start running.  When Elena trips, Damon tells her not to move because she is face to face with a wolf.  I think at this point it is worth mentioning that this is one of the few things that The Vampire Diaries does better than True Blood.  I actually believe that these wolves constitute a real threat. Damon attracts the attention of the wolf, and goes running further into the woods leading it away from Elena.  Alaric tells Elena that it is time to go, but Elena wants to stay because she is worried about Damon.  Yeah, now that he has risked his life to save her again, she is worried.  Of course the seriousness of what she was doing didn't occur to her until after she almost got her face bitten off.  Is it wrong for me to wish that the wolf had just bitten her already and put her out of her misery?

Damon begins to fight the wolf and wrestle back and forth for dominance, as the werewolf attempts to bite him. Just when it looks as though the werewolf has gotten the upper hand, Stefan rips his heart out from behind.  Stefan asks him what part of leave him alone did he not get, and Damon answers that if he wants to be alone. that he needs to stop calling Elena.  Damon tells Stefan that Elena is not going to stop looking for him.  Damon meets Elena and Alaric at the car/ and hurries Elena in.  From above, Stefan is watching them, but Elena cannot see him. 

Stefan carries the dead werewolf back to Klaus and tells him that he had to kill him.  Klaus is despondent, because he had to put down some of the other hybrids he made, and that the others just bled out. He is frustrated because he did everything that he was told i.e. broke the curse, but was still unable to make more hybrids.  He keeps saying that he killed Elena, which means that Elena is still in danger because Klaus cannot follow through on his plans to make a hybrid crew without her blood. Realizing that Stefan is all he has, Klaus gives him his blood and walks into the forest.

Back at Elena's Damon is waiting in her room.  He wants to know why she insisted that they leave when she had him at her beck and call and Alaric had the ring. She tells him that she was worried about him.  Damon responds telling her that he wants her to remember this when he finally gets Stefan back from Klaus. It looks like she will love them both just as Katherine predicted, unfortunately, I don't care.

Matt shows up at Jeremy's and tells him that he is sorry about flaking out earlier.  Vicki appears and tells Jeremy that he can bring her back, while Matt stands there asking what is going on.  Vicki disappears and then a window breaks and Ana appears.  She tell Jeremy not to trust Vicki.

In the morning Tyler awakens still chained up, and his mother promises to make everything right with Caroline, but when she calls the mystery man that she handed Caroline over to, he tells her that he is doing what has to be done, and that she does not understand, because she married into the legacy -- rather than being born into it.

Caroline is chained to a chair calling out for help, when in walks the mystery man.  She looks up at him and calls him daddy.  I know that the ending is supposed to be suspenseful, but does anyone really believe that Caroline Forbes is going to die?