Monday, September 26, 2011

Lost Girl Season Two, Episode Two: I Fought The Fae (and the fae won)

This episode begins with a prisoner exchange.  Can I just start of by saying that when you are chasing a prisoner and she tells you to stop you don't listen, thus giving her the opportunity to incapacitate you for hours on end.  I know that to some degree, you need to suspend belief when watching urban fantasy, but some things are just outright ridiculous that it makes the show laughable.

Sabine heads straight to Bo and tells her that she is to be the prey in a fae hunt. The hunt is to choose a new Ashe as the old one has yet to recover and removing his title is punishment for allowing the hit in the first place. Sabine was imprisoned for planning to escape with her love Hamish, a member of the dark fae.  She has been imprisoned for over eighty years and as a her dying wish, she wants to see Hamish one last time. Being a sucker for romance, Bo agrees to help her fulfill her wish.

This episode we were introduced to a new character - The Black Thorn. It seems that he is a member of the council from the old country.  Trick is worried that he is hear to learn more about Bo and her mother.  He is also worried that his involvement will come to light. It feels strange that a Black man was chosen as a leader from the "old country," but I am however relieved that having lost a Black leader in the Ashe, that at least another powerful Black man was chosen to become a part of the show.

After visiting Hamish, Bo decides to set Sabine free because Hamish said that he is over her.  For a woman who is neither dark or light, Bo seems to spend a lot of time involving herself in light fae business.  When she turns to Trick for help he tells her that she is going to need someone to enter the competition of The Ashe. Bo immediately thinks of Dyson but because he is not royal the vetting process will take to long.  Trick informs her that Hale is of royal blood though.

When they approach Hale, he tells them that he is not interested.  Apparently, his family is very old and they constantly interfere with his life.  Bo and Kenzi will not be take no for an answer and Bo is forced to agree to take part in the competition.  Kenzi gets excited to attend but Hale disappoints her by telling her that this is a fae only party.

At the meet and greet Dyson agrees to work as the muscle, while Bo walks around and incapacitates the other entrants. When she tries to force the contestant in the green armband to do home, he tells her that she isn't as good as she thinks she is. Bo does however manage to eliminate most of Hale's competition. When a waitress spills her tray of drinks, Bo notices an aura. She follows the aura into a back room and discovers that it is Hamish watching his beloved from afar.  Getting on her high horse she convinces Amish to fight for Sabine.  This btw happens after him telling her that he has been trying for eighty years to find a way to help her. Bo is obviously so much more invested in Sabine than Hamish. Yes, that's me rolling my eyes.

Long and short of it, when Sabine gets near the bell the green participant shoots her with an arrow but Amish manages to push our out of the way enough that the arrow misses her heart.  Dyson declares her dead and The Black Thorn declares the competition over.  Before they leave the new Ashe tells Bo that she will no longer have the freedom to do as she wants now that he is in power. As soon as they leave, Lauren comes out of the woods and revives Sabine.  Yeah, happy ending now the lovers can be together.
Back at Bo's, Dyson shows up for their long awaited chat. Bo is dressed in a very short nighty and tells him that they need to fight for them.  He tells her that wolves mate for life and that he does not regret giving her his heart but that they cannot be together. Not one for taking no for an answer, Bo tells him that she could force him to love her (uh huh, that would be rape) but when he growls, she releases him. Bo is left to wallow with Kenzi and decides that she and Dyson will just be friends.

Back at the bar, The Black Thorn tells Trick that he suspects that Trick is the blood king.  Trick protests that he just a simple bartender.  He says that he does not want to get involved in local politics and only wants to retire quietly.  He does however hope that the matter of Bo and her mother can remain undisturbed because he enjoys his retirement.  As The Black Thorn walks away he makes it clear that he does not believe Trick's story about being a simple bartender.