Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Fades, Season 1, Episode 3

The dead can’t touch people, in fact being touched hurts them, maybe even kills them. So now they’re eating human flesh so they can fight back. And mac sums this up? “So far so pacman”. That line alone is worth a standing ovation.

In other news, strip rock, paper scissors. Y’know it’s novel and it’s quick but I don’t think it’ll catch on. But that’s a new side-effect to masturbation. Not quite as menacing as the hairy palms threat really.  It certainly beats A Wonderful Life’s method in giving an angel wings.

Other than angelic ejaculation, Paul is becoming so quickly wrapped up with Jay that he is ignoring other people – including Mac and Neil. I’d much rather have more of the main plot rather than kisses that kill the thought-brain. And Jay’s favourite film is Twilight alas, now I want a Fade to eat her. Then Anna got involved and I was cringing – but another angelic power kicks in – the power to silence extremely annoying siblings! Which leads to him being adorkably cute in convincing Jay he’s not scary weird. And yes, he is adorkable.

In more pressing news, Paul has to deal with powers that are obviously beyond his control and understanding and more ashy apocalyptic visions including future Paul saying how inevitable it is. Now we know why Sarah is so cheerful

Neil is badly hurt after fighting the Fades and Helen insists he brings in more Angelics – actual live ones – before she ascend. So we have a new crew arrive, including another black man and a woman with a speech impediment  – I’ll give them props for diversity. They naturally don’t trust Paul as a saviour that much but he pulls out the miracle healing and can even heal Neil’s eye – which Helen couldn’t. Personally I think the orgasm angel wings would have been a better revelation.

The Angelics hatrch a new plan – the old “let’s hang around and be picked off one by one” being declared to be a bad idea. They want to kidnap a young, weak Fade – Natalie. She’s captured and already shows more power – screaming when she used to be silent. 

Meanwhile it’s Mac’s birthday and everyone seems to have forgotten. He’s been taken for granted a lot by Paul and somewhat ignored. Sadly this is really common when it comes to token POC sidekicks in the genre. But one of the good things is that while he’s neglected and taken for granted he openly calls it out. For once a token black side-kick who turns round and says “what about me?! What about my life?!” and has Paul apologise for being self-centred et al. Bonnie, Melissa please take notes!

Paul and Jay’s relationship continues and doesn’t interest me a lot. But Paul and Mac? That is a perfect relationship, a real one – their banter and their conversations are amazing and just, well, perfect. And the moment when he gave Mac the key? Yeah, a great relationship.

Mark is still bothering Detective Armstrong about his wife’s (Sarah, an Angelic) disappearance and Detective Armstrong (Mac’s father) is still taking heat for not solving the murders of all the people who have become Fade snack food. And Sarah’s ghost is still pushing to have Neil tell Mark she loves him (because that would be a fun conversation, really. And they totally don’t have other priorities right now). Neil does show up to play medium for Mark with Sarah’s ghost. I really don’t know about this storyline. Detective Armstrong is also focusing on Mark as the murders of Sarah, Helen and the kids to add some more drama – something of a distraction still. The evidence against him is… tenuous.

We also have Detective Armstrong’s problem with his racist boss. I did not even remotely like his “affirmative action” bullshit and I dearly hope he gets eaten by a Fade. Again, just because the character is presented as an arsehole doesn’t make it ok.

Paul’s mum amuses me immensely though. And we even see some character growth with the incredibly unpleasant Anna – she wants her mum to worry about her as well. Which is understandable, since Paul is the one with problems and Anna is popular and seems happy I can see Anna feeling neglected since their mum’s attention is focused on Paul.

And then we end with a dramatic cliffhanger. Didn’t see this coming. And there’s something… in a cocoon that’s just hatched.