Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lost Girl, Season 2, Episode 8: Death Didn't Become Him

Lauren has sneaked Bo into her facility so Bo can meet her comatose girlfriend. I can’t think of a more awkward social situation, I mean I thought meeting the in-laws was supposed to be bad.

We have a same-sex couple! And they’re married and its casually presented as no big deal. Except that one of them is already dead. Great, the dead gays trope is established already. And now his body has been stolen. Donovan, the surviving spouse and an old friend of Trick’s wants Bo to help find the body of Christoph.

Hale again reports for sidekick duty to fill in for Dyson while he goes off to help Trick. He’s babysitting some fae bigwig’s daughter. I wish Hale would have his own separate plot lines, or, y’know existence but I’ve given up hoping. Get the guy a cape, he’s a perpetual side-kick.

Of course his life is complicated because a) the girl is extremely annoying and b) she meets Kenzi. Yes, Kenzi is not a great influence. And yes, this is a side-kick party. I think this is supposed to be the first steps towards Kenzi and Hale getting together as evidenced by Kenzi admiring the guy’s naked chest (to which I most heartily approve). But in general this whole storyline is just kind of superfluous. Though we did have an interesting insight into the fae society again when she offers to try and buy Kenzi.

So Bo and Dyson go seeking and find a corpse – one with the sweetbreads removed for tasty treats. They go to see a local Chino, Gary, who cuts up and butchers human flesh for fae. And yes, he’s well and truly nasty. They get information from him by threatening him with tofu which leads them to the culprit

A Lich. An ancient immortal Egyptian fae who eats human flesh to stay alive – while collecting intellectual stimulation. He raises brilliant and talented people from the dead and turns them into slaves to serve him. He took Christoph’s body because he’s a brilliant dancer. This means he gets to be bioth the rescued victim AND dead at the same time. I’m impressed. But the lich also represents an opportunity for Lauren – he has lived for so long and constantly sought knowledge, he could have the key to understanding the cure for Lauren’s girlfriend, Nadia.

Of course Bo gets herself and Lauren captured. It wouldn’t be Lost Girl if Bo didn’t get captured. But for once she doesn’t need rescuing – she rescues herself by pulling a whole new super power out on the air (she is now officially Anita Blake).  I have to say this is a direction I didn’t anticipate at all. I also have to say it could have been way more impressive if they’d being willing to invest in more than some interesting lighting. C’mon, when someone virtually declares themselves a god you need more than back lighting and an echo-reverb!

Super power defeats the lich, restore the entourage (well for 3 days – I mean if he lived we would lose our tragic dead gays trope) and the secret to curing Nadia. Go shiny new powers!

And we finish on relationship drama with Lauren kissing Bo. So the question remains, will Lauren go for Bo, Nadia or both?

 Well, it was pretty dull in the middle but picked up with new twists and new possibilities. The review's pretty short because I'm trying not to give a blow by blow account and the plot was pretty linear. I do wonder where it will go from here, though