Friday, December 23, 2011

Being Human U.K. Season Two, Episode One: Cure and Contagion

George and Mitchell are at a bar talking.  It seems that Nina is withdrawing from him, even though she has moved in.  Mitchell tells George that he has to have compassion for Nina, because not only did she find out that he is a werewolf, she has to deal with the fact that she watched him kill someone. Frustrated, George leaves the bar and follows the sound of crying, which leads him to a woman in the alley.  It turns out that this was a ruse to draw him out on his own, and he is taunted by a male vampire. A fight ensues, and Mitchell breaks it up, as the two vampires run away.  
Back at the house, Nina asks Annie about George's condition. Nina pulls back her sleeve and shows Annie her scar.  Annie tries to assure Nina that she is fine, because George had not completely changed when he scratched her. 

Back in the alley, George tells Mitchell that he has been attacked three times since Herrick's death.  They decide to split up, and George follows the woman, while Mitchell goes after the man. The woman steps out of the shadows and says, "with a lot of vampires it's about the blood and the world domination, but me and Ivan, it's just about the tourism." The male vampire, accosts Mitchell easily and says to him, "it's true then you are clean".  When Mitchell asks how long he has been back, Ivan tells him that they have been back a couple of weeks and that Daisy is visiting family. It seems that Ivan felt compelled to attack George because he killed Herrick, though as Mitchell points out, he has never been a Herrick loyalist. Ivan tells him that anyone who wants to make a name for themselves is going to go after George. 

In another part of the garage, Daisy gets closer to George, and asks him what it was like to kill Herrick and at first he says he does not remember, but when pushed again he says it was cold.  Daisy moves even closer and kisses George. 

Back at the house, Nina tells Annie that she has been having nightmares of turning into an animal, and killing people.  Apparently, the nightmares have gotten so bad that she is afraid to go to sleep.  She says it's all that she can think about, and that she wants to scream and pull her hair out in clumps.  When Annie asks what Nina plans, Nina says that she is planning to use the room where George scratched her.  Annie promises her that she is going to be fine, and promises to go with her, because the full moon is tomorrow night.

Back at the garage, Ivan tells Mitchell that things are going to fall apart because there is a power vacuum now that Herrick is gone.  Mitchell then rises to his feet and says, "You tell everyone you meet, that an attack on him, is an attack on me and tell them to hide -- we go back to the shadows where we were before.  The revolution has been cancelled."  In another part of the garage, George and Daisy continue to make out until Ivan calls out Daisy, and announces they are leaving. As Daisy is walking away, she tells George that they are staying at the Travelodge and that he should find her.  George, Mitchell, Daisy and Ivan all meet up and Ivan tells George that they are a long way from through.  When Mitchell asks George what happened between him and Daisy, George lies and says that she attacked him and he fought her off.  Mitchell responds, "yeah, well you got lipstick on your mouth."

The next morning back at the house, Nina is sitting on George's bed when he walks in wrapped in a towel from the shower.  She stands up and tries to move around him and he blocks her path saying, "you are very pretty."  She tries to avoid him again by saying that he just had a shower, but he persists.  She tells him, that "it's a lot to take in, werewolves, vampires and ghosts," and George asks, why she is still here. "You've forgotten what it's like discovering this world. It's not exciting it's frightening. You are the only constant I have left, even if you are part of it.  I need you to seem me through this", Nina says. George gets up in frustration.

Downstairs, George complains that Annie is dunking biscuits into her tea and she tells him it's like occupational therapy.  Nina grabs her coat and kisses George before she walks out. Annie hands George tea and Mitchell coffee and she tells them she has applied for a job at a local pub.  Mitchell says that Annie can't get a job because she is not solid she is squishy.  Annie persists and walks out of the room.  George says that it is wonderful that Annie is moving on and Mitchell responds, "Oh, you're right, a disembodied dead woman is getting a job in the service industry, what could possibly go wrong with that?" George tells Mitchell that he is only upset because he does not have a purpose. He doesn't have a girlfriend, his enemy is dead, and even the bloodlust, which has been a problem for years is gone. George tells him, "You're like a piece of deadly furniture and I guess it must be disconcerting to see that purpose in other people when you don't have one yourself."

Annie shows up at the bar with a business plan, and talks to Hugh about potential changes for the bar.  He tells her that he thinks it's great that she has come so well prepared, but that his father, who owns the bar, might be a bit resistant to the changes she's outlined for the bar.  Annie asks if he could just ignore her suggestions and give her a job.

At the hospital, Mitchell goes to clean the bathroom and a woman is sitting on the toilet.  He tells her that she will comeback but she starts to cry.  She tells him that she gave up her life and  moved here with her goldfish,  where the doctors have an acronym for unattractive patients IWEJIHF - I wouldn't even jizz in her face because it was a promotion.  To make matters worse when she got home, her goldfish was gone.  Mitchell asks if she has a cat assuming that a cat must have eaten a goldfish.  She tells him that if she had a cat she would have made a connection and closes the door in his face.  Mitchell responds, "As my best friend kindly pointed out this morning, I don't have a girlfriend, all my family are dead and I mop up puke and pee and shit for five quid an hour, so as much as I sympathize, before comparing isolation and disappointment, I think I win."

At the house, George gathers the supplies that he needs for the change that night and kisses Nina goodbye. Annie and Nina leave together and Mitchell watches them go through a window. 

In the lab, the same man from the season finale who spoke to Owen, is talking to a werewolf named Galvin, who is trapped in some kind of machine.  He tells Galvin that the chamber is pressurized to ensure that he won't change.

Nina asks Annie if she could be hurt, being in the same room with her after she changes and Annie says no, because she is already dead.  Nina then goes on to question what George does to prepare, and asks if he gets frightened.  She begins taking off her clothes and Annie tells Nina that she doesn't even know if she is going to shift. 

In the lab, they slip up and the man discovers that they have tried this before. He bangs on the door asking if he cured the first patient.  Nina begins to scream, as the change starts take hold, and in the forest, George's change begins as well.  Galvin, who is in the chamber is not experiencing anything, he is thrilled until he notices that his veins are starting to thicken, and blood begins seeping through his skin.  He bangs on the door screaming, "let me change," but the man only tells the technician to increase the pressure. Galvin bangs on the door in desperation, and then falls dead covered in copious amounts of blood. 

In the morning, Nina shifts back and says, "we should go soon, George will be wondering where I am."  Annie asks when she is going to tell George, and Nina says "this isn't about my vanity, it will destroy your friend, it will destroy him. I didn't choose this. You don't get a say, nobody gets a say." George wakes up to find Daisy waiting on him.  She tosses him the bag he packed.  He is upset with her because he believes that vampires area always trying to make werewolves enjoy the change and he hates that because he feels like he is being robbed. Daisy, tells him that she doesn't believe him, because he killed Herrick and that is like opening a door.  They end up having sex in the forest with Ivan watching from a distance.

When Nina and Annie get home, Mitchell is waiting for them.  He tells her, "when I changed I lost myself and I did things, and George and Annie hid.  This is a different life, but it is a life".  Nina says, "I think this about your conscience. You encouraged me and George, you loaded a gun, and you fired it into a crowd." George walks in and he senses that something is wrong, but both Mitchell and Nina tell him that it is nothing.

George goes upstairs and asks what he is going on, and Nina tries to deflect the conversation.  She tells him "have a shower, your covered in blood and you're disgusting," and George charges at her in anger. Nina stands her ground, and tells him that she is not scared of him.  While George does not actually hit her, it is the mark of an abusive relationship for a man to use his size to try to intimidate a woman. He even screams in her face, and tells her that this is not about her.  In frustration, Nina starts packing her bag, but when he accuses her of having a thing for Mitchell, she tells him that she is a werewolf.  Nina collapses on the bed and starts to cry, and George walks out of the room without saying a word.

Mitchell puts a goldfish in a jar and gives it to the woman he met in the bathroom. She asks his name and if they have joint custody of the goldfish.  She tells him that she just got out of a thing with a guy and that she just got there and Mitchell says, "It's cool, these things take time, and it's the one thing that I've got."

At the bar, Annie is all set up to go and a man walks in and asks for a cocktail.  Annie tells him that is her first day. Annie over does it with the welcoming and is actually quite irritating.

At the hospital, George gets a glimpse of Daisy, and he follows her to a room where she has climbed on top on an elderly woman whilst holding a pair of sharp scissors. When George asks her what she is doing, Daisy says, that she is just visiting family.  Daisy tells George that the woman is her daughter, and that she met Ivan just after he had her. Daisy holds the scissors to the woman's throat and says that she is the last thread. Apparently, this isn't the first time she tried to kill the woman, and so George says, "don't hurt her anymore, let her sleep. She's the last person who needed you.  She wanted you, and Ivan just wanted a portable fuck. It must hurt. It's not her fault."  George goes to leave the room and Daisy swears that she will cut the woman's throat because she is not like George and can't be like George but he leaves anyway.

In the hallway, George approaches Nina and says, "Not you, don't let me have done this to you." He falls in a heap at her feet and she moves forward slowly and holds him as he cries. 

At the bar, Annie is laughing and flirting with Saul, the man who came in for a drink.  He says that he left his jacket in his friends car and needs to make a call.  Annie offers to allow him to use the phone at her place, because it is only just up the street.  At the apartment, Annie goes to make him a cup of tea when George and Nina come in and Mitchell walks in shortly afterwards.  They gather in the kitchen, and when Nina and Annie go on about how handsome Saul is, George asks for a change in subject, so Nina simply says, "I'm a werewolf. I don't know how I feel about this or about you."  Mitchell tells her that things are going to be different for her, because unlike the rest of them, she has company right from the start.  A man knocks at the door and claims to be from the gas company, and tells them that they all have to vacate the premises.  Inside the house, the same people from the lab come in, and they bring in a prisoner.  The prisoner says that there is a presence in the house, but it is not there now.  The man then proceeds to walk through the house quoting the bible.