Sunday, December 18, 2011

Being Human U.K. Season One, Episode Six: Bad Moon Rising

This episode begins with a flashback. George is working as a bus boy in a restaurant in which Seth and the other vampires happen to be having a bite to eat.  When he clears their table, they recognize him for exactly what he is.  When George takes the garbage outside, the vampires attack him in the alley. Mitchell comes out of the shadows and stops the vampires before they can beat George to death.  To convince them to stop, he tells them that killing George is a risk, because they have already been seen. When George asks why they were going to kill him, Mitchell answers, "people like us can recognize people like you".   Mitchell then informs George that he is going to have to leave, and George replies, "I can't keep, I've lost everything. I have had this for six months and now there are vampires. So I have to leave again and then what?"

In the present day day, George and Annie rush Mitchell to the emergency room   As they hook him up the monitors, the hospital staff realize that they cannot get a reading. Nina meets George in the hospital halls and wants to know what is going on. She tells him that she can't do this anymore.

In the hospital room, Mitchell is unconscious and Annie and George are watching over him.  George realizes that they have to get Mitchell out there, because he is raising too many questions, and because he is healing impossibly fast. The staff are confused with the way his heartbeat does not seem to want to register no matter which machine they use. Though his wound is healing quickly, and he is receiving copious amounts of blood, Annie does not understand why Mitchell is still unconscious. George changes the subject, and asks why Annie did not go through her door, because if he had the chance to be free from his curse he would take it, but Annie simply replies that she couldn't leave Mitchell like this.  They decide to take turns watching over Mitchell and Annie zips back home.

At the house she realizes that her door has disappeared.  As she wonders what to do now, a weird sensation touches her.

Back at the hospital, a priest enters Mitchell's room.  George confronts the priest and learns that the vicar had plans to pray over Mitchell, realizing that this would not be a good idea, George tells him that Mitchell is complicated and that he is Jewish.  The priest asks if he would like to engage in some silent complication, because he has seen Yentl and knows that Jewish people pray. Mitchell starts to stir in the hospital bed and he suddenly wakes and tells George that the vampires are coming.  When he starts making plans to move Mitchell, the vicar tells him that Mitchell should not be moved and that they should just call security.  When George resists, the vicar offers to talk to the vampires, completely unaware of what he is getting into.  They go into the hall and George grabs his star of David and tells the vicar to say something religious.  When the vicar stumbles, George suggests he say a passage from his most recent sermon. Later in the bathroom the vicar throws up.

In the morning, George brings Josie in to watch over Mitchell. When Mitchell wakes, he tells her that his body cannot make new blood.  Josie says, "George told me what happened. I don't understand, I thought you were vampire employee of the month.  My condition let's just say it wouldn't be worth me starting any new books.  In fact think of it like organ donation."  Mitchell responds, "Every time I do this, the gap between me and humanity gets worse. You saved me once so let me save you to."  Josie rejects his offer, saying that she is tired, but is worried about what will happen to him and then she gets into bed and cuddles Mitchell as they chat about how they first met.

In the cafeteria, attempting to get a coffee, the woman at the counter says to George, "do you want to see my tits little doggie?"  He turns and sees Herrick sitting by himself at a table.  Herrick tells George "that this is Darwinism and not a thing can stop it, not you or your friendly ghost.  I will chase you to end of the earth. You shouldn't have done for him." They begin a pushing match, and George pushes Herrick onto a table choking him.  Herrick taunts him saying you can take me now, you can end this whole thing.  You know your whole problem George, you're just a human."

In his hospital room, Mitchell is sitting up crying because Josie has died. Back at the house, Mitchell tells George and Annie that the hospital was all to happy to release him.  Annie tries to comfort him by saying that he does not need to worry about her, because Herrick cannot hurt her, but Mitchell tells her that he can because she is tied to the house and to him and George.  All Herrick needs to do is to kill Mitchell and George, and burn the house to the ground and Annie will cease to exist. Annie says "it won't come to that, because we will stop him.  You will get better and we will look after each other."

Nina approaches George in the hospital and tells him that she accepts that there are things about him that she will never know, but she needs something nice and normal.  George answers, "you need me to choose between you and him."  Annie rejects that begging him not to pin that on her.  "I want to be happy, I want you.  That's not unreasonable.  My world and your world with all of those secrets, I don't know, do you think that they can exist together?"

Outside of the police station, Mitchell is waiting for Herrick. When Herrick comes out, he says, "you and me, we finish this tomorrow, just you and me." Herrick tells him that he will have his ass back on a plate and starts to walk away.  Mitchell stops him saying there are conditions, "you let George and Annie go."  Herrick tells him that afterwards, George and Annie have 24 hours to get away and that he was going to give him South America. 

When Mitchell tells George his plans, George is visibly upset and asks why he put himself in this situation.  At this point, all Mitchell wants is to stop Herrick and keep his friends safe. Mitchell says if this work, if I beat him then this whole things falls tomorrow.  George is upset that Mitchell chose tomorrow because it means that he won't be able to be there.  Mitchell tells him that this is why he chose tomorrow and tells Annie to stick with George and she will be fine.

George goes to see the vicar from the hospital. The vicar asks if he still believes, and George says that he does, but it has all become elastic over the last few years.  He tells him that he no longer participates, because he does not feel worthy. When the vicar questions what he saw at the hospital, George tells him that they were just men, bad menm and that he should not start to doubt what he's got.

At the house, Annie is starting to formulate a plan of attack.  She tells Mitchell that they need to stick to crowded areas because the vampires will not want to create a scene. Mitchell tells him that he is meeting Herrick and that he is going to end this.  When Annie argues back, George tells her that Mitchell has made his decision, and that he has to think about his future and Nina now.  He tells her that he won't live forever and that he is scared.  "I am sorry Annie, I have a chance, I'm so sorry." Mitchell tells him that he's fine and that this is what he wants him to do."  George suggests that he should tell  Herrick about the plan to meet up and that this is the one thing that he can do for Mitchell. When Annie gets upset, Mitchell tells her, "it's not like I was drunk, and I didn't know what I was doing.  I can tell you their names, who cried and who fought back.  Others have tried to quit before me and they didn't last long. I just thought that the need for blood got too much, but it was this, 'cause when the craving stops, it all comes back, everything you did.  It's just you in that room with that person and it's just so much easier to go back, to lose yourself again, so you don't have to face it."

At the funeral home, George tells Herrick that he has a message to him from Mitchell about where they are going to meet. Herrick answers, "Mitchell is a profoundly dangerous man, more so than he realizes. He had the blackest heart of us all, and yet he found something else.  It is all about symbolism. I need to eradicate a thousand years of fear and shame, and Mitchell's skepticism, it suggests a kind of alternative and he becomes a rallying point." George responds, "so we run away and we disappear forever. You don't actually have to kill him, you can just say that you did. No one will ever know."  Herrick tells him that he will know and that he will not let sympathy defeat him, and that it was brave for George to come to the funeral home, but things have been set in motion and nothing can be changed now.

As Herrick gets ready to leave, he tells the vampires that they will attack George in the morning when he is weakened after his transformation and then burn the house down.  As George goes to leave the house, he tells Annie that he will meet her at the station and he hugs Mitchell good bye.

Mitchell leaves the house and Annie is rolling around on the floor in pain.  A ghost suddenly appears and tells her that they won't stop coming and he thinks they're angry.   Annie tells him that he is dead and asks who won't coming and the ghost responds, the vampires. Annie walks into the funeral home pushing vampires aside and frees the captured humans. Annie then has a confrontation with the canteen girl, and learns that Herrick is not headed to the roof top to meet Mitchell.

As Mitchell stands on top of the roof, he watches Herrick enter to the hospital.  Annie appears on the roof and warns Mitchell that Herrick is not coming to meet him.  Mitchell and Annie go running through the hospital, and Nina stops him saying that George has left her a letter dumping her.  Mitchell tells her to shut up and stay there where it is safe and then rushes off with Annie.

In the basement, Herrick and George are trapped in a room.  George uses his star of David to keep Herrick away from him. George asks Herrick why Mitchell can handle his star of David, and Herrick tells him that it is because of George's affection for him.  When they get in the basement, Annie and Mitchell beg George to leave the room, but George tells him that he is the weapon.  Annie gets into the room and opens the door for Mitchell. Mitchell begs him to leave because once George does this he cannot come back.  Mitchell says, "don't you see, he wants to make you something bad like him", but George says he knows what he is doing and that he owes him. They leave the room and George begins the change.  Nina comes downstairs and looks through the window after he she hears George scream.  She runs into the room screaming George, but he knocks her away.  George says, "humanity is about love and sacrifice, this doesn't rob me of my humanity it proves it", as Mitchell takes Nina out of the room. Nina watches through the window as George transforms and kills Herrick.

George charges the door and attempts to get out, but Annie and Mitchell block the way.  He calms down when he sees Nina watching through the door.  In the morning Nina says, "you tried to protect me from it all didn't you?" She asks him how he got the disease, and he tells her that the scar on his shoulder is where he was scratched by a werewolf.

Downstairs, Mitchell and Annie are discussing George's reaction and both are shocked that he seems to have no reaction to killing Herrick. When George comes downstairs, they ask him how Nina is doing, and he tells them that she is a bit freaked out. George says that he believes that there was something about her he recognized that calmed him. Upstairs in the bathroom, Nina lifts up her sleeve and we see that she was scratched by George when he pushed her away the night before.

Alone in a room, Annie's ex Owen is talking to a man about his experiences with Annie, George, and Mitchell.  He is clearly manic.  Owen says that he wonders at night if he is safe, and the man assures him that he is in a secure unit but that that he will be perfectly safe. When the man leaves the prison he makes a phone and call and says, "we have got them now".

I loved this episode and thought it was the perfect season finale.  I cannot wait to find out what happens next.  Does Nina become a werewolf and what does this strange man want with George, Annie and Mitchell?