Monday, July 16, 2012

Alphas Season One, Episode Five: Never Let Me Go

 Rachel actually has her first date ever now that she is no longer under her parents control.  They begin to kiss but the sensations quickly overwhelms Rachel and she is forced to ask her date to leave. At the office, Nina tries to get Rachel to talk about her date but she refuses.  Lee gives them all badges for DCIS [defense criminal investigative services] to make it easier for them to investigate.  When Rachel goes into her office to make a phone call, Lee immediately dives head first into her business asking about her date.  Once again, we see that Rachel is denied any kind of privacy or respect.

This episode begins with two teenagers horsing around on a football field. One of their teachers approaches them and collapses in front of them. It turns out that this is the fourth death in a small town in just three weeks. Rachel and Lee head out to investigate the deaths when the CDC is unable to figure out why people are dying.  Rachel can smell the fear in the town and listens in as people in the town speculate on why people are dying.

When they walk into the office and Zelanski, the coach of the local football team is yelling. They learn that the first death was Chris Elkhart in a car accident which Chief Handel believes is unrelated, but Lee wants to exhume the body anyway. They go and see Jessica Elkhart, Chris' mother and Rachel is instantly drawn to her.  As Jessica talks about her loss and the fact that though he tried very hard that Chris did not fit into the small town football culture, Rachel becomes overwhelmed and starts to cry.  She promises Jessica that they will get to the bottom of this.  Though Rachel did apologize for her unprofessional behaviour, Lee takes the opportunity to once again dig into her private business, forcing Rachel to admit that her parents will not return her phone calls and hearing about the loving relationship between Jessica and Chris just showed her how abnormal her relationship with her parents is.

When the return to the police station Rachel immediately smells decay.  Chief Handel is in the back and it is clear that he has become the latest victim.  The next day, the rest of the team arrives.  Lee admits that he is way out of his depth and Bill reminds him that he is FBI and will lead the investigation.  I think it is necessary for Bill to keep bringing up his experience in order for his character not to be overwhelmed by Hicks whose skills are actually perfect for a team leader.

They head to the local high school where Gary reads peoples texts. Hicks is irritated with Gary's lack of focus.  Gary learns about all of he bullying going on at the school. In the meantime, Bill and Nina go and talk to the coach who is extremely hostile.  In frustration, Nina has to give him a push so that they can have a conversation with him.  Later talking to Lee, Bill says that the chief is not an alpha.  Gary is wandering the halls by himself when he runs into Dave Burton.  Burton call him a retard and Gary tells him that he should not use that word and that he is autistic and should not use that word. I like that Gary called out the ableist language but once again, we have yet another scene where the disabled person is forced to speak out while the able bodied stay silent.  When Burton gets physical with Gary, Hicks shows up.  They attempt to punch him but he evades Burton's shot as well as those of his teammates. When Burton runs away, Hicks stops him by throwing a book. When they reach Burton it becomes clear that he is not the alpha but a victim.

In the hospital nothing they do for Burton is helping him. By his bedside, Dr. Vanessa Calder takes his hand and this calms him. They realize that Burton is addicted to a person and what he is suffering from is withdrawal. Lee realizes that Burton needs Oxycocin.

Rachel goes back to see Jessica who tells her in detail exactly how bullied her son was. It turns out that Jessica is the Alpha and she uses her power to overtake Jessica.  They get in the car and Jessica says that they have one more stop to make before leaving. In the meantime, Bill and Hitch go to the crime scene where he uses his abilities to discover that Chris' death was no accident.  When they tell Lee that Chris actually committed suicide they realize that the report was doctored and that Jessica tried to help but no one did anything about it.  They realize that Rachel is at Jessica's house.

Lee, Hicks and Bill all move to try and intercept Rachel and Jessica.  When she realizes that the team is getting close, she pulls over and tells Rachel that she does not love her anymore.  This causes Rachel to go into immediate withdrawl.  Lee injects her but it is not working and so he tells Rachel to focus on him and that he loves her like a daughter. Rachel fights and comes back.

The team then heads to Zelanski's house where Jessica has just finished telling him that she wants him to die alone.  Bill puts her in handcuffs. The next day Lee tells Rachel that he told the town that Jessica poisoned her victims and that she is headed for Bingingtam. I am not at all pleased with this considering who knows about the lobotomies that happen there.  It leads me to believe that his conflict with what is happening is very false.