Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Continuum Season One, Episode Seven: The Politics of Time

Once again, this episode begins with a flash forward.  In the bathroom, Kiera is hit on by her husband's best friend.

In the present, Kiera and Carlos are leaving work and he offers her a ride home. Carlos' phone rings and he steps away, so Alec takes the opportunity to suggest that Kiera should ask Carlos to get together. When Kiera reminds Alec that she is married, he tells her to ask him out as friends socially.  Before this conversation, I had never really thought about how isolated Kiera truly is. When Carlos returns however, he tells her that he has to go because a friend needs him. 

Carlos drives his friend home and learns that she had a fight with a mutual friend named Jim. It seems she tried to interrogate Jim and he didn't take it well. When Carlos asks for more details, Alicia tells him that he wouldn't understand and then makes a move on him, which he doesn't do much to resist.

The next morning, Kellog approaches Kiera with the news that he has acquired the access codes which will allow her to track down Liber8.  Kiera points out that Kellog needs relief from them as well.  Before he can finish, Carlos pulls up and the conversation ends.

On the way to a murder scene, they make chit chat but when Kiera tells Carlos the address he, realises that it is the home of the woman he made love to last night. Carlos calls the chief and asks to be primary on the case and then walks around touching things without wearing any gloves, until Kiera hands him a set.  Obviously, he is doing this to hide the fact that he was there the night before.  When Kiera checks his heart rate, she notices that it is elevated.

Carlos leaves to confront Jim about Alicia's death and he learns that Alica was looking into election financing irregularities.  Jim is concerned that he is going to lose his bid for union president and Carlos promises to keep him out of limelight for a few days.

At the station, Carlos hands out assignments but the chief thinks that Kiera should not be pulled off of Liber8.  Kiera responds that the gang is highly interested in unions and that there may be a connection.  The chief allows her to stay on the case until they can find out for sure if her hypothesis is correct.

On her way out to the car, Alec contacts Kiera with an update regarding her suit. He says that he is running some tests and that it should be running soon.  Kiera the ungrateful says to keep her updated and instructs him not to break it. Why is it so hard for her to say thank you, or at least admit that without Alec, she would have no hope of getting her suit fixed?

Back in the car, Carlos admits that he knew Alicia and thanks Kiera for staying the case. For her part, Kiera admits that she fudged the truth a bit but "that's what girlfriends do".  What the hell does she mean by that and how come Carlos doesn't even bother to acknowledge that she used the term girlfriend?

They head to Jim's opponent Mr. Barnes' office, where he denies any wrong doing and suggests that they should be investigating Jim.  He says that no one gets up to the top without a little grease.  Barnes goes on to state that Jim got a big campaign contributor who gave money that grassroots cannot provide, though he was selling himself as the candidate who cannot be bought. Carlos suggests that a man in Barnes position knows people who can get things done and Barnes ends the conversation.

In the meantime, Betty found footage of someone driving Alicia home and promises that she will have better resolution tomorrow.  Using the suit to get a better image, Alec sends Kiera a picture of Carlos.   Kiera immediately refuses to believe Carlos's involvement.  She goes back to Alicia's apartment and scans the apartment for fingerprints. She finds a trail which leads to the bedroom.  Carlos' prints are all over the headboard and another set of prints are on the table with no ID. Kiera then breaks into Carlos' car and learns from the car's computer that he saw Jim the night before.

As soon as Kiera gets back to the police station, she confronts Carlos and he is surprised that she has learned this.  Kiera makes sure to point out that Carlos was the last person to see Alicia alive and that he slept with her. Carlos says that if he admits to seeing her that they will focus on him and stop looking for the real criminal. Carlos further goes on to defend Jim and says that he believes in what Jim is doing and because Jim is a friend, he is trying to keep him out of it.  When Carlos admits that he trusts Jim, Kiera says that someone could have framed Jim.  Carlos asks Kiera to keep him and Jim out of it for now.

That promise didn't last long because she heads straight over to Jim's apartment. Alec immediately says that he does not trust either Jim or his wife. Jim says he doesn't remember the last time that he saw Alicia, but that they have talked on the phone a few times.  Kiera counters with the fact that Alicia visited him the night before.

We get another flashforward and Kiera tells her friend Vicki, that her husband Trevor made a pass at her.  Vicki is nonplussed by the information and points out that Kiera didn't let what happened between her and Greg bother her. Kiera is shocked to learn that her friend Vicki had an affair with her husband Greg before the wedding.  Vicki is surprised to learn that Kiera didn't use her tech to spy on Greg.  Kiera believes that Jim had an affair with Alicia and that Heather, Jim's wife knows.

At the station, Betty has gotten better resolution of the image.  Carlos says that it's not what it looks like and Betty offers to cover it up.  Carlos says no and then goes to see the chief where he hands over the picture that Betty had and admits that he knew the victim and was with her that night. The chief promptly loses his shit and demands that Carlos hands over his badge and his gun.

Back at Kiera's, Alec tells her that Heather made several hang up calls to Alicia.  In the bathroom, Kiera discovers that the piece of the time travel device is missing. Alec and Kiera work out a plan to get visuals of what happened in Alicia's home but to do that, she needs Kellog's help.

Jim goes on television and admits that he knows both Alicia and Carlos, but does not believe that Carlos is guilty of anything. At Alicia's, Kiera and Alec watch and image of Carlos leaving the apartment and then minutes later, a woman enters the apartment.  At Carlos' he is the shower when a woman breaks into his apartment. At Alicia's they watch as an unknown assailant murders her.

Kiera shows up at Carlos' apartment just after he fights off the woman who tried to kill him. Kiera believes that it was Heather who killed Alicia and tried to kill Carlos.  The car that the killer drove is sitting in Jim's driveway when they arrive.  Kiera asks Heather to roll up her sleeve and points out that her prints are at Alicia's apartment. Heather admits that Jim had an affair with Alicia.  When Heather's arm does not have a cut, they turn to Sarah.  Sarah tells Jim that she dealt with a large contributor and Alicia found out and assumed that Jim knew.  Apparently, Sarah didn't know that they were going to kill Alicia, but she refuses to say a name because she fears for her own life and asks to speak to her attorney.

Carlos is pissed that Jim lied about his affair with Alicia and tells him that they are done.  When Alec asks if Sarah gave up who the donor was, Kiera says no and that she won't because they don't have any proof tying her to the murder. Carlos has been reinstated and is upset that Jim won the election.

In another flashforward, Kiera confronts David about the affair and asks what other secrets he's keeping. Kiera says that if you really loved someone that you shouldn't have to rely on tech.  David says that he was afraid if he told her that she would never agree to marry him and that he loves her.  He promises to make it right and never keep a secret from her again.

Kiera assures Carlos that he was just being a good friend to Jim.  Kiera and Carlos make a pact to keep no more secrets from each other and Kiera says, "that's how we got into trouble. I would rather keep a secret from you, than break a promise to you." Kiera points out that they still don't know who the killer is and now that Jim has won the election, he controls everything that goes in and out of the ports.

Jim and Heather get into a car with Edouard Kagame and a wounded Jasmine. Edouard congratulates Jim on his win and says that they need to talk about the future.

Well, that's it for the week.  Obviously Liber8 is stepping up their plans to influence the future.