Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cover Snark: Who is this woman?

Kim Harrison is easily one of my favourite authors in the urban fantasy genre.  There are elements in The Hollows series that honestly do get on my nerves like the way that Ivy's bisexuality is handled, Pierce (honestly, who really likes Pierce) and of course the ever popular use of fantastic prejudice.  There is also only so much of Tink's panties I can take without wanting to flip the page.  That said, when Ever After, the latest book in the series comes out next January, I will be locking myself in a room alone until it's finished.  Harrison recently took to twitter to unveil the latest cover to fans.

As covers go, I have certainly seen worse but it made me wonder if the publishing company and the cover artist has read a single book in this series.  Who is this blonde woman with lightening shooting from her hands?  It's certainly not Rachel. From the first book Rachel has been described as having a mop of frizzy red hair and she wears a ring to hide her freckles.  I have no idea who this woman on the cover is.  Did Harrison suddenly change who the protagonist is?  Did Rachel decide to dye her hair?  What's up?  Perhaps what we are looking at is Ceri on the cover.  

Book covers are meant to draw readers in and excite people who already fans.  The cover of Ever After might be fine for someone who is new to The Hollows, but as someone who has been a fan from the beginning, I find it decidedly lacking. I shouldn't have to look at a cover and immediately start to guess who is on it. I should be able to instantly relate and have a feeling excitement about the upcoming release of the novel in question but that is not the case with this book. 

If this werethe first book of a brand new series? I'd buy it and get it home eagerly to read. If I was looking for the latest in the Hollows series? I'd flick past it without realising