Monday, August 20, 2012

True Blood Season Five, Episode Eleven: Sunset

The season opens with Bill hearing a female voice calling to him.  The door to the sanctuary where Lilith's blood is held opens.  Lilith appears covered in blood and says, "only one can lead us. I choose you." She then instructs him to drink all of the blood, but he shakes his no and walks away.  I don't know about you but I am getting tired of seeing Lilith covered in blood.

Nora is sitting by herself and she is remembering what Godric had to say and what Lilith did to Godric.  Her thoughts are interrupted by Salome, who asks if she has changed, but Nora turns the conversation to Russel.  Salome assures her that this is part of Lilith's plan and that Russel is inconsequential.  The two women share a kiss and Nora leaves to let the others know their plans.

Jessica grabs Bill's phone and she says that she wants to warn Jason because Russel is on the loose.  Bill says no and that part of accepting the word of Lilith is distancing themselves from the concerns of human.  He believes that the inhabitants of Bon Temps, including Jason and Sookie are little more than food.  Jessica asks about making Jason a vampire and Bill wants to know if she wants to be a maker. Jessica suggests that she loves Jason and that if she made him a vampire that they could be together and be blessed by Lilith.  Bill does not fall for it and points out that she is manipulating him.  Bill calls in two men to make sure that Jessica turns Jason and demands that they not let her out of their sight.

Eric is locked in a room and is pacing when Nora enters.  They begin to make love and she says repeatedly forgive me and asks what they are going to do.  Eric swears to get them out of there.  I wasn't fooled one minute by Eric's so called appeasement last week.

At the fae bar, Sookie is reflecting on the fact that she was sold over 300 years ago.  Sookie tells Jason that she believes that the vampire her ancestor sold her to came for her.  Jason reminds Sookie that Marella said that talking to an elder could give them some answers.  Jason tells her that he has to leave because of the vampire attacks and instructs her to stay where it's safe.

Limos pull up outside of the vampire authority and they are filled with military personnel. Salome welcomes a General and he demands immediately to see Roman.  The General demands to know what is going on because they bombed the true blood factories.  He reminds them about the arrangement that the U.S. government has with the authority and suggests that this time they have gone too far.  Apparently, there are talks at the pentagon about eradicating all vampires.  They tell him that they are sanguinist regime now.  The general calls them psychotic bloodsuckers. The general says that they have videos of Newlin and Edgington killing a sorority and reveals that the government are prepared and have weapons which the vampires have never heard of.  He makes it clear that humans own the day and that vampires don't have a chance.  As the general goes to leave, Eric breaks his neck.  I like this scene because it reminds everyone exactly how dangerous vampires are.

Jessica is waiting for Jason and she tells him that they can trust each other, clearly trying to send a message.  One guard starts pushing Jessica and threatens to turn Jason himself.  Back at the authority compound, the vampires are arguing about what their next move is. Eric says that he will go on a glamouring campaign and Nora says that if they act quickly they can handle the situation.  As they leave, Bill suggests that they take a security detail for backup. Clearly, he doesn't want to give either Nora or Eric the chance to do their own thing.

Jason and Jessica are being buried alive and says that she is sorry.  Jason sits up suddenly and shoots the guards.  Jessica tells him that Russel Edginton is after Sookie and that Bill and Eric aren't going to save her this time. Of course, Jason appoints himself Sookie's rescuer because heaven forbid we have an episode without a man Sookie's life running to protect her.

At Fangtasia, Pam tells her Tara that killing a sheriff is going to go up the chain to the authority.  Tara says fuck the authority and Pam commands her never to speak about Elijah again.  Pam is clearly scared and Tara has no idea about the force they are dealing with.  Jessica enters and asks Pam to hide her, but Pam says no.  Jessica tells Pam that she knows where Eric is and promises to tell if Pam agrees to hide her.

With dawn approaching, Eric and Nora make their escape and Sookie is taken to see the elder.  It turns out that the elder has difficulty focusing and operates on many frequencies.  The elder tells her that their destinies are entwined and that a dark time is coming.  She warns that as long as fairies control their light they will be free. Jason shows up and tells Sookie about Russel and Steve and this freaks out the elder. 

Andy shows up at Merlott's to flirt with Holly and she brings him to her boys.  Andy promises to do right by Holly for as long she will have him and though reluctant, the boys shake his hand but resist a pound and a high five.

Alcide is chopping woods and another wolf tells him that baby vamps are hunting in packs.  Before leaving, he warns Alcide not to let his old man drag him down. Alcide confronts his father about stealing money from the pack and his father is not impressed with Alcide passing judgement.

Sookie says that she is tired of running from Russel and that they need to fight him.  The elder says that they must fight as well.  Outside, Sookie asks if Jason is clear on the plan and Jason answers, "the best defense is a good offense."  Before he leaves, Sookie tells him that she loves him and she hugs him. I have to admit that I am shocked that in the last two episodes Sookie has managed to show concern for someone other than herself, but I still don't like her.  If this is an attempt to absolve or change Sookie's character, it's too little too late.

At Merlott's, Andy asks how Arlene and Terry how they make it last.  Marella, who is visibly pregnant interrupts the conversation and says that Andy swore on the light to protect her and the fruit of her womb.  Andy wants to know how she could be this pregnant because he only saw her a week ago.  Andy says that he is not stupid and Marella reminds him that he swore upon the light. Andy answers he has a good thing with Holly and would feel more comfortable with someone who is the same species.  Marella counters that ignoring the light pact is an act of war.  So much for Andy settling down into a sort of comfortable relationship.

Jessica says that she has never seen Bill so cruel and Pam tells her that this is nest behaviour. Pam suggests that Lilith's blood is making them into a nest on steroids.  Tara and Jessica share a moment.  Jessica wants to know if Tara is into Pam and brings up that Tara is of a "gay persuasion".  Really?  Right so to women who are sexually attracted to women must naturally feel for each other.  There is a part of me that wants to believe that this conversation is about lampooning the relationship between Steve and Russel but given True Blood's history, I don't trust it. Jessica says that she likes talking to Tara and says that she doesn't have any friends.  Tara promises to try and bring her a fangbanger later.  Elijah's maker shows up and wants to know who killed him.  Pam says that it was her and that she did it because he was getting on her nerves.  Pam is arrested and marched out in handcuffs but before the woman leaves, she smells Jessica and drags her back to the authority compound.  I really like that Pam took the blame for Tara and believe that we are beginning to see some progress in their relationship, I simply wish that it had happened earlier. 

Bill is walking the hallways again and hears a voice calling him.  Lilith is waiting covered in blood and again says, "only one can lead us, I choose you." Bill goes down on one knee and says that he is not worthy.  Lilith disappears and when Bill touches his lips he finds blood.

Baby vamps are show up at Alcide's dad. When they can't get in the vampires head over to the neighbours and Alcide follows with his gun.  Alcide begins to fight but it's three on one.  His father shoots one of the vamps with an arrow killing him.  I suppose we have just witnessed the redemption of Herveaux Sr. Steve and Russel show up at Jason's and  Russel glamors Jason to learn where Sookie is.  At the compound, Sam and Luna are caught trying to save Emma, and when Sam hears that Bill is requesting his breakfast, he volunteers to go.

Jessica is brought back to the compound and tells Bill that Jason was not into it.  Bill wants to know why she chose a human over two vampires.  Jessica tells him that Pam says that they are in a nest and it is making him crazy. Bill flies into a rage and slaps Jessica so hard she ends up across the room.  I know that Bill has changed but I am so sorry to see the violence between them.  Their relationship had last season had gotten to the point where it was really sweet and more like father and daughter. 

It seems that Lilith is appearing to all of the vampires telling them to drink all of her blood. This time she appears to Salome.  I am just sick and tired of her appearing like this. 

Russell and Steve arrive at the field and they are overcome with the smell but cannot see the fairies. The elder tells the other fairies that the plan has changed and so Russel grabs Jason and threatens to kill him.  Russel kills the elders and with her death, all of the other fairies suddenly become visible. The whole time I found myself thinking, why oh why, couldn't Russel have eaten Sookie.

I think that the last two episodes have been the best of the season so far.  This fifth season has felt so scattered and it is only now that they are winding up the storyline that we are seeing any kind of cohesion.  It really feels as if these last two episodes should have happened much earlier.  Far too much time has been wasted on things like the ifrit.