Sunday, August 19, 2012

Autumn Line Up on Fangs for the Fantasy

Another Autumn season is with us folks. That means all our Summer shows are tucking up waiting for the Sun again and a lot of our old favourites are returning. Renee and I are discussing our Autumn line up, looking at what new shows we’re going to follow and add to our big list – we’ve already got our eyes on 666 Park Avenue and Revolution as well as a few others

But it’s hard to keep track of what is being released – especially in different countries (we missed Almighty Johnsons when it first appeared in New Zealand – and we love that show) so we’re turning to the readers.

What do you want us to watch? What’s coming up that you intend to watch? What shows should we know about?

Remember, we just need an element of the fantastic – sci-fi, fantasy, urban fantasy, dystopia – and it’s on our list.

We’re looking for shows that are current – but if you’ve got a show that’s been cancelled you think might be worth us looking at then chip in as well.

We will, of course, continue to watch the shows we’ve started that are returning this Autumn: